The Living Being (Truth With Our World)

Life would be.. with you (each “face” with.. “home”), &.. be you (&.. your “face” would be.. the “ENVELOPING” with.. the light energy being &.. The open) life would be.. within &.. “real”

&.. baby hawk with right with flight with.. slight angle &.. with further/more &.. flight right

&.. hawk with flight right within distance beside 1 light polevisible &.. above trees with.. latergoingfurther right with flight then.. “going aroundbeing abovetrees&.. free(-)way” (& buildingwas visible withinfront” – below&.. laterfacedwith that direction)

I am.. “spiritual person” – from.. being the baby – &.. my first “memory” would be.. within “crib” &.. looking up(-)on “green plant” – “planter” up(-)on “window sill” – with “quiet” being – all was “quiet day” light – then (within “midst” of.. “vibrant green” leaves) I saw large, long, “teeth” within wide(-)grinnish” mouth (“bodiless smiling” could have been.. with or.. within “plant” &.. then “voracious, emotive, stretch” of.. its mouth was.. visible “near(-)by”) &.. my arm was.. taken inside (“putting” its mouth “around” my.. “fore(-)arm” I.. “cried” for.. “help” – “terrified” of.. “such happening – &.. was brought.. Into her arms – this “next wonderful” life with.. me – walking with.. me &.. carrying me with her), &.. that was “first” of.. “multiple” energy state awakenings with awareness within life to – “pretty much” – Our “present day”)

&.. littledark bird with right with.. lower level within not fardistance &.. standing up(-)on fixturewithin possible water basinnot large” &.. “not quitefacing my direction..

Then.. when “older” – within the energy state – I “found” my walking quiet within “garden” – with.. “green growth” &.. “shade” very “pervasive” with.. “trees” – with.. “thin wire gate” &.. “ordinary, low, fence” (simple – “white” – like me) quiet “heart” just moved forward in the love that I am – &.. later, within possible “round, tube, enclosure,” there was.. “table” with.. “stacks” of.. ‘zines, what I have “collected” this life (&.. when reviewing that – later within life – within the energy state, too, I.. “found” that.. “advertising poster, print-up,” with.. “Frances” &.. “1919” &.. “sewing machine” – I love simple life &.. could “help” people – &.. I could feel “brief emoting” with.. “heart”) – I asked about the “name” &.. “parent” said that she would be “grand(-)father’s sister” (&.. “ol’ Jim” must have.. “found beauty” with.. “German ancestry”)

&.. duck (possiblegoose“) – that groupwith.. right with.. standing withingreen grass(besidebuildings” &.. “cars” &.. “parking lot&/or with.. “walk(-)way&.. water basin) within variousplacespair” &.. “few &.. possible 1 or.. 2 &/or couplewalking (&.. like that)..

&.. that “good heredity” would be.. from this life with.. my “grand(-)father” &.. the 1800s “migration” from “ol’ Europe” (&.. “Germany”) to.. “Texas” (&.. possible “Tejas” that “good” energy – “pronunciation” te-Hahs) – we (&/or that.. “group”) could have been.. leaving from what later be(-)came “driven group” in that.. “next century” &.. their 1940s, &/or “Roman” &.. “military build-up” Not “sitting right” for us (this “fe(-)male” side would be from “Little Elm”) – yet, “similar” with.. simple “trees” (like.. “brains” with.. the simple “mind”), Jimmy could have.. “enjoyed” an.. “humble French girl” (“based” up(-)on my “name”), &.. I have seen him (within the energy state) with.. that “god-d*** big gun” resting up(-)on his “shoulder” (he was a.. “scary sight, unpleasant,” eyes “animalistic” – with.. “teeth bearing” like.. that “plant”)..

&.. hawk with high flight center with.. Tobin Michael Alland (with.. right with.. car going aroundwithcurvy street &..straighteningwith.. further right) with.. 1 moving forward (aftergoing around“) with.. direction I go &.. 1 moving forward with.. direction Im facing!

&.. later large white egret with right up(-)ongrasswith water with.. facing direction I go..

&.. when young I would be.. resting within bed &.. feel this body (&/or the awareness) “falling out” of.. physical form within bed (&, then, I had no “idea” of.. “astral travel” &.. energy body except, later, this energy being appeared standing right beside “huge reddish-brown rock wall,” so.. I would “jump up” &.. “flowingly ascend straight up” like.. within vast water &/or space – “noted” was.. that “vast barren plane” – &.. I would “descend” in “slow release back down” “quiet” &.. “serene” – then.. “up” very high, viewing “top surface” with.. “rocky bits,” then.. “back down” that.. “slow glide”), &.. within the energy state I would appear standing &.. “run” forward to.. “hand-spring” – “around” &.. “around” with(-)out “doubt” with.. “knowing” not “thought” (“Spirit” does “heal” the “mind” of.. a “young boy” from.. previous life with.. J.S.)

&.. duck (possiblegoose“) – eachwith right with.. standing up(-)on &.. sitting withingreen grass&.. later head feather egret not visible white with right within field with.. facing away

&.. within the day – up(-)on “play(-)ground” with.. “day(-)care center” – there was.. the brown “epidermis” woman with “glasses” &.. long “mid(-)night” hair (&.. under the oak she would sit, looking quiet, &.. hold “color pencils,” &.. “manila folders” with.. the “children” were.. drawn up(-)on with.. her “decorative artistry” &.. probable “knowing” – I simply asked to look with.. “mine” &.. she gave me that – &.. colorful “angular lines” with.. expansive spiral were.. seen expressive &.. having form of.. “bird” – her “creative” awareness &.. energy “understanding” would be, I say, the “Rain(-)bow Electric Bird”), &.. later within “elder” life (with.. energy state awakening) was.. this circle-ring with.. standing “elder” (having “whole head(-)dress”) with.. people sitting “around outer edge” &.. watching &.. “listening” (I went to sit with the people)

&.. egret with right with.. standing up(-)onedge&.. water with.. waterretention&.. large egret with.. feather mix with.. right with.. standing within side bank with.. water retention

* I said, sitting with.. this “person” sitting“This is real church” – &.. I was “leaning” in to.. express that &.. this “person” beside me kept looking forward (&.. I had been standing &.. looking within that distance &.. had seen the “elder” within “circle” on ground – “street” to 3 up), &.. that would be “present” within the “astral” (&/or distance beyond distance with.. my look within this energy state &.. within the “neighbor(-)hood” from “porch” with “front door”)

&.. duckgroupwith right with standing &/or sitting (in theirgroup“) up(-)ongreen grass

1 quiet day – from.. “shelf” – I brought “(..)Analytical Concordance” forth &.. there were these “Aramaic” &.. “Hebrew” &.. “Greek words” having been.. “printed” – written – before “English” word today (“AL” & “EL” & “OM” & “ON” & “PHI” & “PI” & “RA” – I view – were “root” word with sound vibration “making words” &.. phrases – with “dictionary” I have “reviewed” each “root” word & phrase & “realize” their true meaning with “describing” Our true light energy), &.. this would be my work (&.. each “picture-plate”) &.. credit goes to each person with each picture

&.. that hawk with left (with.. the long progressionabovestreet“) to right with flight &.. on

I’m not saying the “Greek” word “research” I have “collected” with “reviewing” the “root” word of.. “discovered original” (“recognize” within period of.. 2[5] years) would be.. “best” – we have actual Open Awareness &.. multi-form light energy wave “understanding” of.. “creation” that “seems” to have been “covered over” with “Bible” &.. “Christmas” (their “Roman empire control operation” – what about.. having awareness now instead of.. “year-end sentimentalities?”)

&.. the hawk with left (with.. that lengthy&.. low flight abovehouse“) to.. right with flight

Richard C. Hoagland & Drunvalo Melchizedek have given people their work – with help – with “understanding” of.. “graphic depiction” – D.M. (above) – I have brought forward with “review” with.. “realizing” this “reality”“mirroring” &.. what I have termed “picture-plate” (& above would be the “identical” found with.. “public picture” search with “internet” – with.. “Nature”)

&.. egret not visible white with right with.. almost facing Tobin Michael Alland &.. little white egret with.. standing distance up(-)on bank with water basin &.. facing Tobin Michael Alland

* “Melchisedec” would not be “limited” to “English language” word &.. “gender” &.. would be “understandable” with “Greek” – “Hellene” – MELI – “honey” – &.. CHION – “snow” – &.. SEIO – “shake” – &.. DE – “now” – &.. EK – “in” – &/or [me energy] &.. [light] &.. “vibrate” &.. “now” &.. “in” &.. “[me energy light] vibrate now in,” &.. I have “seen” life within energy state – within “chair” – with.. light energy wave being &/or within his entire energy state form (&.. I would be.. “unable” to “describe” it with(-)out being “fresh-from-memory” &/or “root” word – each)..

&.. unknown bird2with right with flight abovebuilding” &.. “parking lot(1 above thebuilding&.. 1 above theparking lot&..much closer“) with.. facing Tobin Michael Alland

“Hey” – You “sweet, sunny disposition” – what is this above?  Egg of.. light energy with “face” (with.. “picture” evidence – this would be what each being has form with.. before “biological energetic” form &.. “astral-physical” form &.. what you have inside your brain &.. head, you)

&.. large hawk with flight left with.. center middlewith Tobin Michael Allandwith.. the brief wait(you) – &.. straightwith.. Tobin Michael Alland to.. right &.. with further right

“Bible wordage” like.. “church” (&/or “churches”) &.. “gospel” would seem to be in “place” of.. EKKLESIA (EK KLAIO SEIO AEI &/or EK KLEIS I AEI) &.. EUAGGELION (EU AG GE L AEI OON) – with energy (&/or wave) vibrate always &/or with energy I always &.. waves bring forth (&/or carry) world energy always egg &.. hasn’t “explained” light energy with.. The open awareness with.. “orb” (“Good news” your real form isn’t “human”) – you’ve.. “understood” that each true you with energy field (egg “orb”) would be from.. The Living Being &/or The open awareness &/or True you (&/or from sun “civilization” would be light “ball” being)..

&.. hawk with right with flight with.. mini curving abovehouses&..trees” &.. later hawk with flight right withgoing aroundwith.. Tobin Michael Alland &.. later hawk with left with flight to.. (“lambs” &.. “Lamb” &.. “lamb” &.. light energy &.. “Omega” have “mention” – “few”) &.. later large white egret with right with standing within water with ditch with.. facing away &.. previoushawk with right with flight then.. toward &.. to level straight/true with Tobin Michael Alland &.. forward toward &.. near Tobin Michael Alland (with.. being above field)

&.. hawk with center with.. distance with.. Tobin Michael Alland with.. lightcurvingright

Understand that.. with(-)out energy state awareness &/or “technological help” that existence as would be would not be.. “noticeable” &.. each “fact” – “element” – was, then, put to.. “story” (“hexagonal” &.. “pentagonal” – 6 “sides” &.. 5 “sides” each – “faces” would be with.. “truncated icosahedral” form – 32 with.. 12 “pentagonal” &.. 20 “hexagonal faces” – with.. “33” this “face” – open awareness) – look with the “orb” picture &.. low right side (&.. that is the “shape” with.. “miniature” – “relatively speaking” – “orb” existence life &.. being that has “multiple faces”)

&.. hawk with some distant flight left to right then.. forth &.. “curvywith.. direction I face &.. laterbrown tone Birdwith right with.. standing within water with.. facing direction I go &.. thus distant white egret with right with.. standing within water with.. facing my direction &.. later then unknown bird with right with flight with this going around – &.. nearer

ARNION would be air energy egg &/or clear-whitish energy egg (form existence) with the wave energy expansion as.. “ring” to.. “curve” with.. spiral “going around” &.. then “multiple” egg “group” (“notice” the “truncated icosahedral”32 “sides” – form “elongated” &.. “evident side-ways”“notice” that “half face” being &.. “realize” that.. true “creation” would be.. The open awareness with.. vibration &/or each “face” expression) – 1 whitish “pure non-human movement” little being would be.. each “nebula” &.. “star” &.. “planet” &.. “land mass” &.. “element” (&.. “human” &.. “animal” being “said” the “LAMB” this “creation” each “face”)?

&.. hawk with flight justright with.. high with.. distance with..staying then.. further right &.. “previouslittle white bird with right with.. right side with ditch &.. facing my direction &.. later hawk with flight just left to.. center with little ring to.. right &.. further right (The open awareness with.. energy “ring” expression within open space – like “drop” expansion within open field of.. water – would be.. “creation” with this each egg of.. light &.. “orb face”)

&.. “dark” &.. white duck2with left to right with flight above trees” &.. “wire” &.. “street

* Within the energy state, long ago, beyond “hearing” the “loud rushing” vibration within my brain (like “deafening” water “roar”), standing, energy form was “brought” to.. “gradual, slow, rise” in(-)to “vast” light blue &.. the possible open sky – “ring multiple” was, then, seen 1.) “ring” at left then.. 2.) possible seven “rings” within middle (each “aligning” with like center) then.. 3.) “identical rings” (like.. with “broken pieces”) at right (“shrinking” in with.. “disappearing” with.. no more), &.. I could never understand, then, what I was viewing or.. why, like.. possible egg (yeah, &.. like.. “door” &.. “tunnel” &/or “passage-way” &.. “closing” – “fe(-)male” kinda view)

&.. baby hawk with distance with center to right with.. long flight aboveneighbor(-)hood

* Even thus with energy form – later – I.. simply looked up within “dark” of.. “closed eyes” &.. later could see “quiet presentation” of.. spiralwithin brain – with Natural look, expansion in “multiple curves” – “round” (with.. “tailish outer curve” with.. little wavey “taper” visible), &.. the “soft” white light began to appear (with each little “point” appearing as.. “slow movement” energy from each side &.. “gradually going” central), &.. “quiet” light “grew” in one “whole” (&.. soon after spiral I was viewing “fourth ring” with 1″tri(-)angle” with extending beyond “rim”)

&.. “unknown birdcenter with Tobin Michael Alland &.. right &..U to.. right behindtree” 

&.. each “nebula” has that “truncated icosahedral pattern” truth [“elongated” &/or not] – with “hexagonal” &.. “pentagonal” – like.. the “orb” (with.. each “half face” with.. The open awareness), each living being “whole” [&.. that could be.. the way each living planet would be – each “face multiple”before their “so(u)lidification” to.. what could be.. “land mass”]

[hawk2with right with flight with.. “going aroundwith.. 1 facing Tobin Michael Alland]

&.. white egret with right &.. stand within field &.. water with.. facing Tobin Michael Alland

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&.. possible.. “half face pair” (“faint” &/or “rough” with.. look) within “front” with the “fourth” planet would exist – yet.. “cosmological etching” with.. “rotation” at.. 90° has.. quite the view (“brown epidermis” being with look up &.. open “eyes” to.. central “alien” &/or their “littleness” of.. “sorry spirit” with.. “great fear coming” from.. “around crown” – then.. “around” 7 “faces” with.. that) – &.. if ya re(-)move “junk advertising, be(-)littling, suggestive, cluttering historic site” &.. “Service” then I, possibly, could “bring” the “half face pair” forward so we could view

&.. duck (possiblegoose“) “groupwith right with.. standing (distance) up(-)ongreen grass

&.. largeroosterstanding with right with.. “lifting headup abovegreen” &.. “ground

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&.. understand the Sun has.. “proven” to be with “hexagonal” (first egg side with each egg side “around” – 1 &.. 6 – &.. 1 of.. 32 “hexagon” to.. “pentagon sides”) – this “means” existing “truncated icosahedron” form (with.. “round” look that “outer corona”), &.. what is “thought” active “plasma” energy “plumes” have.. each “half face multiple” &/or each “face” with.. this “reality” being what obvious “creation” would be (with The open awareness &.. “ring” energy “summary” I.. “realize” with.. this “Greek”“Hellene” “research” &.. “picture” evidence &.. energy state awakening) – &.. “latent truncated icosahedron” would be visible with “picture”

&.. duckgroup” – 5with flight right with.. that long forward to.. further curving &.. right

* 2016 would be.. the “given year” with.. “hexagonal” visible with.. “satellite technology”

&.. large white egret with right with standing with right sideat that edge” – with ditch

* I’m “saying” that would be.. “hexagonal” (with.. sun wave energy with each “edge” not visible “straight edges”) &.. “truncated icosahedron” (&.. each “hexagon” &.. “pentagon”) be(-)cause this could be visible (each “outer edge”) with “graphic” energy “key” – “twelfth picture” – above

&.. duck2with right with sitting with right side with greenbank with ditch (“just visible)

“NIBIRU” would not be “belief/ideology, myth(..),” &.. could be like “letter” 24 “X” (24 “sides” with “truncated icosahedral” shape later) – this “describes” our “basic entire process” that would be “creation” – so.. understand what we “read” (&.. “behold” our evidence “provided”) – “Planet X” would be.. “extra given term” that could be.. “best” understood with.. the “first” 8 “ova” with.. “star tetra(-)hedral alignment” (2 “inter(-)merging tetra(-)hedrons” that.. [wave] energy [“up(-)welling” – R.C.H. – egg “group”] “allowing” the “dodeca(-)hedral” form &.. later “truncated icosa(-)hedral” form), &.. the “star tetra(-)hedron” has 24 “faces” (that 24 “sides”)

&.. hawk with.. hawk with.. hawk with each right (with.. their flight within distance) &.. high &.. laterunknown birdwith flight right (abovetrees” &.. “houses“) &.. within wave &.. forth (&.. each move” – “back” &.. forth in windywave) &.. further right with in my direction &.. later large hawk with flight right &/orhover above &.. besidetreewith.. “movebehind..

* (24) PRESBUTEROS KATHEMAI PERIBALLO LEUKOS HIMATION & “four (&) twenty elders sitting(..) clothed in white raiment” would be.. “Greek” “Hellene” – “record” with.. “English”

&.. duck (possible.. “goose“) grouppossible.. 5with right (withingreen grassdistance)..

* One day – with.. D.M. “research” &.. P.Y. with.. “meditative Help” – I awoke within the energy state – after “Yoga meditation” – &.. “found” energy body, form, standing, &.. with “quiet” I.. “experienced INCOMPREHENSIBLE” &/or “watched spinning/rotating” before.. energy body – clear-whitish form that “seemed” to.. “merge” with “it(-)self” (like.. “wave line wavery” I wasn’t “realizing” each “diagonal” &.. “horizontal”) – so.. from within center (me) was TETRAGONOS “existent” – 2 (the 4 “corners” &/or “quarters” open – each – like.. wavey “inter(-)sect” – with.. that “rotation”) – &.. No “words” were &.. No “moving” was from “my(-)self” being with.. awe

&.. possible baby hawk withbriefleft “lesson” to right with.. flight above (beyond) “trees

&.. white egret with right with.. standing withingrasswith.. that field &.. facing direction I go

* With 1 more energy state awakening – with my “quiet” standing – was.. “vast” open space – viewable – &.. form of.. clear-whitish DODEKA form (12 with.. “sides”), look to “brief” left side

&.. hawk (possibleunknown bird“) with flight to possible center with.. “goingleft then.. right

Our “outer solar system” has “visit” with.. their “similar” existence (&.. we have evidence now), &.. their “system” forms have that “geometrical” shape “truncated icosahedral” &.. have each – would be with each life “just” like.. sun &.. planet &.. “nebula” waves (&.. the “root” word “research” has.. “description” with the truth) – I’m not “sure” if.. this would still be here or.. I “wonder” if their “planetary system” has “passed” with their “re(-)ported rotational orbit” now “happening” (“just” 1 “astral visit” or.. space flight “re(-)moved”), &.. S.C. “found” more

&.. white egret with right with right side theretention” – “keeping/guardian(-)ship” – “pond” &.. “quieton thegreen grasswith.. “slow walk” – in my directionwith facing my direction &.. hawk (possible unknown bird“)2with right with flight with.. above ditch with.. theirbothfacing Tobin Michael Alland &.. with 1 thus..moving with.. “curvature with.. right

We may.. understand 1.) “ANUNNAKI” 2.) “NEPHILIM” 3.) “NIBIRU” – Not with.. their “basic English” word “translation” – with “language” like “Aramaic” &.. “Hebrew” (with “root” word with true “English equivalent”), possible NI BI=BE RUA – “disturbance of spiral with vibration in(-)to sound &.. solid as ring” – &.. NIB IR RUA – “egg (& fruit) generation creation form inner vibration in(-)to solid as ring” (&.. that later “truncated icosahedral”), &.. NI PHI=PEH LI IM“expression (of) open vibration me energy” (like.. “human” being with.. the “physical living” state existence) – &.. ANU EN=AYIN NA KI – “We (are) presence (of) natural light-energizing”

&.. “unknown bird” – 2each with.. big round flight with left with.. later then.. “justright

NI BI=BE RUA would be the “electro(-)magnetic wave(..)” expression (of) vibrat(ory) “ring” energy &/or NIB IR RUA would be.. this “fruit” (“truncated icosahedral”) “field” (of) energy

&.. hawk (possible unknown bird“) with right with flight with.. later slightdiagonalaway

&.. not “only” would this be.. real “science” (with the energy body within the energy state), this would be.. real “Star Trek” – within the energy state each “elder” would be: J.D.K. would be with.. “haggard, sweatish,” hair &.. on a.. kind-of “tear, hastening,” he is.. “good demonstrating involvement, early morning,” then, &.. L.S.N. would be.. within bed &.. with “cool, normal,” hair light with “sweat” &.. kind-of long with “back” of neck (he has natural “presence” his “rest”), &.. inside his heart he communicates the open heart (his love) with.. “Dee” &.. he speaks with the “good warm Smile” with “eyes” with open being (he would be “happy”), &.. the “good doctor” has to.. “free” from.. possible loving “clasp” &.. “does” look to.. right side like.. he doesn’t know that I would know (I think he knows that), his left, &.. “Leo” (eye “down” with “humble” release)

&.. hawk (possibleunknown bird“) with flight right with.. L shape with.. “veer to.. right side

&.. the 2 have “perspiration” with(-)out this possible.. “air conditioning” – “classic guys” with.. their “mere presence” – &.. look with each “face” within energy “found” with “visiting” planet above (that “chartreuse” kind-of.. “spirit” look with the obvious “face” – with that large &.. long side “face” with “eyes” – &.. each “angular face” with right within “green” &.. “blue” at right side – then.. the “green tone pair” &/or each “observer” with.. open “eyes” looking within space, &.. “elder face” view within space, &.. “telling face” &.. “lion face”), true “news” (each.. “episode”)..

&.. whitebird” – possible.. 5with right with field (with.. 4 with.. cows with.. 1 not.. “close“)

&.. before that, with one previous “visit” (“around” 6), D.K. was quiet, standing, &.. within that “pretty nice place” – like.. “spiffy, brand new, digs” with.. “road vehicle” or.. “ship cabin” – &.. he simply brought hands up as if to say – “be(-)hold” (with.. that look to.. right side, his left) all the “neat, un(-)packed, stuff,” &.. “pretty crowded within here, don’t you think?” – &.. that “smile” with open “eyes” with open heart (&.. yes – “stacked, futuristic-looking, things” within “entire” open “bay door” kinda view), &.. before this he was being “washed” – “sudsy” – within real (“quaint, tried” &.. true) “wood tub round,” &.. before this he was, within the energy state, too, walking out(-)side with bright heart (open eyes looking) &.. I had brought my arms up &.. “held” him within “grasp, hold” (“harassed” here) – I had said, before, he’s the real “captain”

&.. duckgroup” – 5with right within water basin (3 with.. slight angle with.. going up from my direction &.. 2 with.. slight angle with.. going away – “parent” &.. “youth” &.. “young pair“)

&.. with “Leonard” first “visiting” he appeared within the “bath(-)room” &.. had that look with.. his “young self” (with.. open &.. possibly “pained” yet.. “energetic eyes”), &.. he brought hand up &.. “placed” then.. that “firm enough” &/or “serious/weighty” up(-)on “wall” &.. simply “gave” that (“ominous looking” – I “felt dread” &.. “said NO” &.. couldn’t “bare” he “unhappy”), so, later (within the energy state), I found him walking “out(-)side” &.. “comic book stand” (the “extra” long – “extended” – “wood box(-)car size-type place”) was.. “present” (he would be very “good” with “the arts” – “movie” – &.. “appreciated youth” with.. “camera” &.. “great, heavy-set, girls” – like.. his feeling – yet “felt” former “site comic” or “comical” – went with.. “quiet” walk) – then.. I “wrote typey” about previous 2000 “site” that.. “lead” to.. “Atlantean King movie role”

&.. largebirdwith right with.. sitting up(-)onelectric wirethen.. flight

&.. egret not visible white (&/or withinshade“) with right within middle water ditch with facing my direction

&.. hawk with flight right with.. littlecurveforward then.. “wide curve aroundfurther right

&.. large hawk2with center with flight with.. Tobin Michael Alland

&.. little white egret3with right (with.. “closestone facing my direction &.. 2 facing Tobin Michael Alland) – with standing then.. first with flight &.. “next” &.. “next

&.. duck with right with.. stand on bank with.. “nuzzlingwithinfeathers” &.. beside water

&.. duck3with right within water with.. water basin with.. facing Tobin Michael Alland

&.. little white egret with right with right side withingreenbankbeside ditch

&.. little possible duck with right within water with.. ditch with.. “goingwith.. slight angle with.. facing my direction

&.. with “visit” I simply appeared standing &/or moving within that “room” &.. he was.. now within that white “t-shirt” – he standing – &.. walking forward with.. the “eyes” observing &.. “interested” (we simply “knew” &.. that is how, then, we appeared each.. “time”), &.. then “next” appearance was up(-)on possible “ship” (or.. “facility” or “under(-)ground base”) &.. he went with.. “running dash” in(-)to “arms” of.. 2 standing “males” (plenty were standing within open “room wide”) that.. now “held” him “side(-)ways” – laying &.. looking with.. “smile” with.. most “good heart” (the sort-of “mild-tired” look &.. “accepting” within “eyes”) – the “hilarious amusement” (with truth if I wasn’t – or was – standing with open, quiet, look with.. feel) – &.. now the “boys” could have been “Showing” him “around” that “new(-)found” energy “reality”

&.. large egret not visible white with standing right then.. flight left to.. beyondpartitionwith.. standing facing my direction (I simply “knew”) &.. large white egret standing with right with.. climbingup bank &.. on very topstanding with.. facing away – &.. white egret with right with.. possibly, too, at top with possiblecrouchbehindrock” &.. facing my direction

&.. with my standing with.. looking forward then.. I was able to see – “opposite” where I would be &.. right in center – “reptilian” being with 2 “different” standing “males” (both with.. hands up(-)on “fore(-)arms” – 1 on.. each side with.. that being with center) – “across” the “room” &.. simply with “eyes” open &.. looking (with each – their “whole” large “group” of.. “personnel”) – that being “bristled” with Inner “emotive up(-)set” &.. “crescendoed” with communicating (&.. looking with me viewing).. “SATHIS” (“head vibrationally shaken” &.. then visual appearance, energy, of.. 2 “similar heads,” 1 on each side, at center “resolute negativity, glower, noggin”) – &.. “Leonard” would love “performance, show” (after “visit” 3 &.. “around” 3 days after that.. “news” his “Passing”), &.. my “wish” Earth “cleared” of.. “reptilian controlwas.. “reflected”

&.. unknown birdwith right with flight (with.. “Some curving“) aboveschool playing field

&.. within the energy state he would be.. within that “seat” &.. quiet with look with.. “groups” (each “crew member” with.. that previous “ship” &/or – I “think” – possibly each “male” that.. could have been “reading” the previous 2013 “site version”), now he would be.. “delight” (light open heart), &.. he would be this.. way – “friend” – with.. this very “few” within “seats” (1 with.. look to &/or with.. right), &.. he &.. “Alda” would be “visiting” (standing within “early morning” or.. evening “dark”) – 1 “tall” woman (having look with.. “evaluation” &.. possible “worry”) then “got” that.. “mind-runny worrier” &.. “placed” his form within “near(-)by rock” (“energetic” yet “effective” from.. standing to.. “fast” &.. within her “whole” light white “night(-)gown”), &.. L.N. would be.. left standing with.. my quiet &.. standing “observation” from.. distance

&.. duckgroupwith right with.. “fewstanding up(-)on bank beside water with.. water basin

&.. brown duck2 withfastflight with brief right (&.. beyond) with.. facing my direction

&.. with “visit” 7 we have.. standing “out(-)side” – like.. before – &.. L.N. has.. view up(-)on Tobin Michael Alland with.. my look with.. him (He would be.. kind-of “serious” &.. “such” would Not be.. my “thing” – I had not “picked up” what he communicated, yet.. the “tone” in(-)stead) – we have “day” light “sensitivity” yet he would be “more” the “commander” &.. love could be “more” the true “science officer” (&/or with “Show(-)man” &.. “schau(-)man” – “interestingly enough” – I have “heard, read,” it “said”) – &.. we “both” have that.. lovable giving “tenderness” like “tribble” (&.. with possible “reflecting early visit” with J. &.. with not having to look – this would be “helping” to.. understand my(-)self yet.. “revealing” him &.. that would be “why” I have “said” – later – to “give” him “captaincy”), &.. ST:TVH &.. “score”

&.. egret not of visible white with right with.. “crouching down” &.. facing my direction &.. white egret with right with.. left side bank with ditch (D.K. “reflection” of.. what he “thinks” could “reference” Tobin Michael Alland) &.. possible whitebirdwith right with right side

&.. brown duck2with flight right abovebuilding(&..street“) &.. facing my direction

&.. we “realize” the NI BI RU energy wave expression &/or possible egg (&.. “fruit”) planetary form has.. “multi(-)color” – “vibrant” – &.. “numerous” waves of.. communication with 1.) the egg “head” (with.. first “face multiple”) –  with.. “top” – the “primary” (“head” of.. the “half face multiple”) form with.. “surrounding geometric” &.. “animal” life form 2.) the “male” form with.. awareness being open (with “external eyes”) &.. “different” kind of.. “berth” 3.) the above 90° look with “youth” 4.) the “below” 270° look with.. “different” kind of.. being (“note” that “huge” existence – “mantis” form “rising” from.. “crown” &/or “fore(-)head” of.. yellow-green “male”)

&.. hawk (possibleunknown bird“) – 2with right with flight (1 with centralringform with most obvious circlingas to.. have attentionthen.. further to waiting1 &.. each right)

&.. our “world” has.. “experienced” being “affected” by.. “scared” – “sick, decaying” – “envious” being with “carnal taste” (“trying” to “fill” inner “empty”) – “it” would be “preying” (&.. probably “reflects” what “it” has “experienced”) – &.. we see “such group” within “news” (&.. “it” would be of.. “inexperienced external fixation” with.. “vagina” – “pointy” with.. inner “strength leonine” – that would Not be.. “young” people yet.. “immaturity” – “vulnerable group” has &/or “needs energetic head cover” like.. natural “hair growth” &/or “motor(-)cycle helmet thrill ride” with.. “religious head(-)dress” or.. “sports helmet,” each “un(-)natural” like.. “war” &/or “braids,” &.. “such” would be from.. “huge male group” with “externalized fixation” with.. “nest egg” &/or “race” for “cache” – “military term” – or.. “hoard” or.. “stock(-)pile” – “military history” – ego“)

&.. “black” (&/or “dark“) “bird groupwith right &.. standing under treeswith.. “green grass

&.. what about “huge half face” above – possible “male” – with “half face multiple” below &.. what about “huge reverse half face” – possible “fe(-)male” – with “half face multiple” (“him” their possible “muscle”“buff”with energy wave “pattern” – &.. possible “big/enormous hair” with.. “reverse” view – “her”), &.. is “her face” actual “half” form “figure” (“arm” extension “down” – like above with “arm extension “down” – &.. would that be.. “huge half face” below)?

&.. hawk with right with flight above with.. “different neighbor(-)hood” &.. facing my direction

Our “entire” true “creation” (“observable” existence) would be The open awareness &.. light energy with.. each “face multiple” (look within the open space &.. wave “surrounding” that living planet “some(-)where” within) – what this would be would be.. the “strong” &.. “creative world” like.. the “native totem” existence (that “presents” how &.. what “reality” would be)

hawk2with.. 1 right with flight (&.. 1 with center to right) &.. “back leftsometocurvethen.. right (&.. baby hawk with.. previous hawk 2 – “gave helpwith.. previous version“)..

We “rise” above “established artificial lack-of-true-intelligence” with.. obvious ACTUAL EVIDENCEwhy does.. evidence (above) look.. “cosmos bear facey” within space?  Are we “tired” of.. “Christian” &.. “Jewish” &.. “Muslim” – each – “patriarchal half(-)a**” (“lacking” the “matriarchal”) “Atlantean karma clown show” with “constant fake news programming” (&.. with “pondering” the “question” let us “re(-)view” each word “translation” with “Allah” & “God” &.. “elohim” – “All” & “ah” being possible “Al” (e)l “ah” would be.. possible “on high” or “the” or “with” & “el(ectric)” & “realization/awareness” with.. GAD being “translated” as “coriander” & GODEL being “translated” as “greatness” & “description” of.. EL O HEM being “El(ectric)” & “circle/orb/ring/sphere” & “them/these/they” &/or “beings” with, as, light energy Being)?

&.. hawk with left with right to U &..  flight aboveKIDS WORLD” &.. facing My direction to above head &.. “just right (You have “quit/le(ft)” their “junior” &/or “juvenile (..)institutions”)

&.. little white egret with.. right with.. center/middle with standing within water with ditch

* “God” would be.. obvious “word-borrow” &/or their “word-shortening” – “Bible wordage” – “written/recorded” &/or “printed” in “surface place” of.. actual previous “language” word “el” (“electric” &/or “electro(-)magnetic”) &.. “elah” (“electric” &/or “electro(-)magnetic” ah &/or “electro(-)magnetic” awareness) &.. “eloah” (“electric” &/or “electro(-)magnetic ring” ah &/or “electro(-)magnetic ring” (..)awareness) &.. “elohim” (“electric” &/or “electro(-)magnetic ring beings”) &.. “(j)ehovah” (possible ah egg or.. (t)he egg or.. “planet” or.. “projection” or.. “ship”) &.. not simply “Lord” &.. “lord” &.. “master” &.. Master” &.. “sir” yet “kurios” (sun energy open) &.. “theos” (the open) &.. “tsur” (one thee, thou – you – energy) – we have.. light energy being with The open awareness that would be “evident” with “brain” energy awakening &/or “orb”

&.. hawk with flight right with.. large wing expansion with.. forward to smooth curveright

&.. we have “cosmic, inter(-)stellar, outer space” communication happening (their right – left – “half face” with previous “cosmic bear face” – my “term” with the evidence – has their “animal” form – obvious – being “canine” or.. “primate” with.. “reverse” having actual “bear half face” with.. “fore(-)head” with possible “animalistic humanoid half face bulky” &.. there would be “tired” eye &.. “harsh” eye – “ghoul(-)like”“half face” visible with “reverse” having “different half face” – possible “fe(-)male” – with each with “half face multiple”) – the “whole, entire, creation” would be.. “Great/Huge/Immense/Tremendous/Vast” communication)..

&.. large hawk above road – “near” &/or with Tobin Michael Allandwith flight right with.. later slight anglebeing above fieldwith.. latergoingforward with.. direction I’m going..


&.. we have “puppy dog potent” with.. kind-of “anthro(-)poid/hominid/humanoid half face” (“God-source” within “humanity”) with.. “great feline half face” (“great Spirit”) &.. we have our possible “kerub half face figure” with.. “feline chest” with.. “ram/sheep half face” below (“creator” with.. “spirit” energy) each with.. “edge/side/tip” of.. “nebula”&.. “reverse”


&.. new planetary body being with “truncated icosahedral” form with.. Being &/or “group” with that has.. “reflected” up(-)on “recent events” within Our “world” (“Cob e taken down” &.. “alive” with “original” form &.. “dark” & light existence &.. observingU.S. explosiveness” &.. “dark” form “beast-like” &.. “spirit” within &.. “noting” that “darkness tries” to “win” by “force”)

&.. hawk2with 1 center withclosewith flight abovetreeswith.. Tobin Michael Alland with.. brief right &.. 1 with brief right with flight with (having gone) distance (my “summary”)

&.. hawk with right with.. electric wire &.. right with.. then that curvature someback in..


* We have “witnessed” their “sucker(-)punch” – I have “read” – &.. I have “experienced” their “sucker(-)striking” (within the energy state) &.. “sucker(-)suggesting(“bad advertising“)


“Beauty” with.. the “plate pictures” – like.. “paintings” (I have.. “read”) – would be.. the being &.. wave form within space with.. my “finding specific features” to.. “edit” &.. bring forward “picture” with (I have “degree” with “Arts” &.. could “appreciate presentation”) – I simply “give” S.C. “picture credit, initial,” with.. being “fair” to.. his “work” of.. “tracking” &.. “accessing”

&.. hawk with left withlingeringwithin wavewindto.. center with.. Tobin Michael Alland with.. “goingforward not too brief” &/or withlengthinesswith.. then laterlengthyright

&.. S.C. kind-of “lost” his “mind” (“fear&.. “resort” toattack– his.. within the energy state – “occurred” after his “providing” that “raw data” &.. then my “discovering” the communication – If I had not “presented” the further evidence (with.. “meaning”), that would not be.. “known” within “public awareness” (he was.. “(a)sleep” – “unaware” – &..with(-)holding” evidence)..

&.. large egret not visible white with right with.. left with standing hunkeredin beside water with ditch with.. facing my direction (He isn’t “presenting” the “whole” evidence that would be.. “available” &.. isn’t “publically reviewing” communication as “valid” as.. his “facts (&) figure”)

&.. hawk with flight right with.. slight angle right toward, away from, Tobin Michael Alland

&.. we have “extra” with.. that new planetary body communicating.. you would not be.. “humanoid” (&.. would be “truncated icosahedral”) – “human” – &.. you would be “baby”

&.. brown duck with swiftflight left to right (slight angle upabove trees” &.. “street“)

&.. S.C. has “found” (with “help” with.. “satellite feed”) this “fellow” form “group” with.. the “huge truncated icosahedral” form he has evidence with (&.. we have “repeating pattern” with.. the previous evidence “showing” that similar “truncated icosahedral” form as.. “red” with.. each “white” form “surrounding”4 to 7 (or.. more) – &.. that “multi(-)color world” –  “truncated icosahedral” form – evidence – above – seeable with.. this “documentation”)..

&.. white egret with right with.. standing within ditch water &.. facing my direction &.. laterunknown birdwith right with flight with.. “circlewith.. forward with big circlethen.. to infrontof (with.. higher above) with.. Tobin Michael Alland (form within space &.. “unknown” truth with.. “huge truncated icosahedral” form like.. previous large 1 “knowable” with.. this)

&.. unknown bird” – 2with.. 1 with.. “center with.. Tobin Michael Alland &..bothright

&.. “I love you this much” – says this “truncated icosahedral” form being (with.. possibility “reflecting” up(-)on life) – &.. “note” the possible “badger face” &.. the possible “fox face” (&.. each “half face multiple” – loving “animal eyes” above &.. “reverse” with.. “brown” being &.. “afro” with.. possible “primate” energy “surrounding” with.. “genetics” with their “race” – &.. could we understand “physical epidermis” people are not that “black” or “white” &.. that to have “such color labelshas kept “mental slavery&.. inner “struggle” going, &.. we could understand all of.. this would be.. One &.. the “same” Living Being energy?) &.. could we “sense” Our “cosmic” being communicating (&.. how “wide” is this – S.C. – would you say)?

&.. large egret not visible white with flight left to right (&.. with slight angle) above houses

“Meaning/spirit” would be what Life has (&.. you would not be.. “black” &/or “white” with.. “epidermis” – “using” each “color label suggestive” of.. “dark causes separativenesswithin “mind” with possible later “bad effect” up(-)on “body” with “fear” &.. “fail”) – have truth being each life awareness “orb” with.. the clear-whitish living energy with The open awareness

&.. unknown birdfrom behind with left to somefurther left then.. “some lengthto right to.. “downbehindtree” &.. up &.. right &.. “down” &.. unknown birdright within distance

Actual evidence would be.. what this “writing”“typing”“site” would be.. about with.. “presenting” truth with.. the Actual World Existence – not.. “artificial intelligence” &.. not their “new world order” their “old world order” &.. Notforgingorlyingortracing(I’m “real”we have been experiencing “centuries” of.. “lack” of.. the “correct” &/or true &/or “understandable translation” with each “so(-)termed scripture” with “English language”)

&.. “unknown birdwith.. U to right with.. slight anglegoingfrom Tobin Michael Alland

* I’m “putting” each “piece” with “puzzle together” – with.. our “discernable Whole” – with.. My “work” being with.. 1.) available “resource” like with “dictionary” &.. “thesaurus” &.. “life-revealing, wonderful, picture” evidence “found” with.. our “public Internet” &.. 2.) energy state awakening &.. 3.) “Greek” – “Hellene” – “research” &.. 4.) “picture-plate” &.. 5.) “help” – “real”

&.. hawk with right with flight with.. “curveto.. “goingdirection I go (with being above field)

&.. “credit” goes to.. “orb” (“current” word“found” with.. “internet picture search” – with.. People) &.. “Planet X” (“Percival Lowell” &.. “Gabriel Dallet” by.. M.G.) &.. “star tetra(-)hedron” (“word-name phrase first heard” &/or “read” with.. Drunvalo Melchizedek) &.. “Bible wordage”

&.. hawk with not too distant right pretty good” – with flight with.. curveabove trees

AGAPE – bring always mouth/word “love” 

AGAPE – bring always [opening expression] “love” 

AGAPE – bring always [(..)circle/ring/sphere/orb] “love” 

AGAPE – bring always [(..)circle/ring/sphere/orb wave] “love” 

AGAPE – bring always [(..)circle/ring/sphere/orb energy] “love” 

AGAPE – bring always [(..)circle/ring/sphere/orb (&) wave] “love” 

AGAPE – bring always [(..)circle/ring/sphere/orb energy wave] “love” 

AGAPE – bring always [(..)circle/ring/sphere/orb (&) energy wave] “love” 

AGAPE – bring always [(..)circle/ring/sphere/orb (&) energy (or) wave] “love” 

AGAPE – bring always [(..)circle/ring/sphere/orb (&) energy wave (or) wave] “love”  

&.. white egretpossible 9with.. “cow” – possible 10each with right within field  

AGAPE – bring always [wave (..)circle/ring/sphere/orb] “love”  

AGAPE – bring always [energy (..)circle/ring/sphere/orb] “love”  

AGAPE – bring always [wave (& ..)circle/ring/sphere/orb] “love”  

AGAPE – bring always [energy wave (..)circle/ring/sphere/orb] “love”  

AGAPE – bring always [energy wave (& ..)circle/ring/sphere/orb] “love”  

AGAPE – bring always [energy (or) wave (& ..)circle/ring/sphere/orb] “love”  

AGAPE – bring always [energy wave (or) wave (& ..)circle/ring/sphere/orb] “love”  

&.. “cow” – 7with right within field  

AGGELOS – bring/bring forth [sphere/orb/field] el[ectric (or) energized] open “angel”  

&.. white egret with right within center/midst water with ditch with.. facing my direction  

AGGELOS HEPTA EKKLESIA – bring/bring forth [sphere/orb/field (&) life] el[ectric (or) energized] open “of the” seven with key [wave] always “angels of the seven churches” 

AGGELOS HEPTA EKKLESIA – bring/bring forth [sphere/orb/field (&) life] el[ectric (or) energized] open “of(..)” seven with [energy wave] always “angels of(..) seven churches”  

&.. hawk withunseenleft to right with flight with.. abovestreet” &/or with.. “trees”  

AGORAZO – bring ra[diant] – [light/sun (&) vibrant/energetic] – life/field “redeem”  

AGORAZO – bring ra[diant] – [light/sun] – life/existence/being/field/energy “redeem”  

AGORAZO – bring ra[diant] – [vibrant/energetic] – life/existence/being/field “redeem”  

&.. large white egret with right with.. standing within field with.. look with.. right angle  

AIONIOS ZOE – always I [(..)circle/ring/sphere/orb great wave] open life “ever(-)lasting life”  

&.. white egret with right with.. standing within water with ditch &.. facing my direction  

AIONIOS ZOE – always I omega [energy] open life/existence/being “ever(-)lasting life”  

AIONIOS ZOE – always I [(..)circle/ring/sphere/orb great energy] open life “ever(-)lasting life”  

&.. beautiful duck (2 white)possible 9 (10)with right stand &/or sit up(-)ongrass”  

AKOUO – hearing Omega “hear”  

AKOUO – hearing [energy] I always/ever “hear”  

AKOUO – hearing [vibration] I always/ever “hear”  

&.. hawk with flight right &.. facing direction I go  

ALETHEIA – with [space/life] that always “truth”  

ALETHEIA – [electric(..) energy] that always “truth”  

ALETHEIA – [electric current(..) energy] that always “truth” 

&.. hawk with right with flight with.. “Uwith.. later angle  

ALLELOUIA – above with that [wave] I always “Alleluia”  

ALLELOUIA – above with el[ectric (or) energized] ah I always “Alleluia” 

ALLELOUIA – above with el[ectric expressing(..) realization] I always “Alleluia” 

&.. hawk with flight right to behindtrees” &.. hawk with flight right &.. “circle twice  

ALPHA – with side-corner-quarter (with “each of four equal parts(..)”  AMEN – (Om) – [Sound-Tone-Resonance-Expression] – (in)  ANABAINO – by-in (sphere) [sound-tone-resonance-expression] (egg) [always]  ANASTASIS – in [wave]  APOKALUPSIS – of-with light [energy] (wave) in-on  ARCHE – “a curved structure(..)” always [a light-clear “release(..) electric(..)” always]  ARCHE LOGOS(-) PROS THEOS – “a curved structure(..)” always [a light-clear “release(..) electric(..)” always].. [Expression-Appearance-Resonance-Spirit].. with The Opening  ARCHE TELOS – “a curved structure(..)” always [a light-clear “release(..) electric(..)” always].. perfect-fulfil(l)-accomplish opening

ARNION – air – Air – [energy] egg “lamb” &/or “Lamb” &/or “lambs”  

ARNION – [clear] – [Clear] – [energy] egg “lamb” &/or “Lamb” &/or “lambs”  

ARNION – [clear-whitish] – [Clear-whitish] – [energy] egg “lamb” &/or “Lamb” &/or “lambs”

&.. large white egret with right with.. standing within water with ditch &.. facing my direction

ARNION BIBLION ZOE – [Energy Resonance-Expression] Egg creation.. life  ASTRAPE – star always (..)circle-ring-band or star-luminous-radiant-bright ra(diation) – “(..)emission of energy as electro(-)magnetic waves” – (..)circle-ring-band-sphere-orb  ASTRAPE BRONTE PHONE – star always (..)circle-round-orb.. thunder-reverberation.. voice-expression or star-luminous-radiant ra(diation) – “(..)the emission of energy as electro(-)magnetic waves” – (..)circle.. thunder-reverberation.. voice-expression  BAPTIZO EN HAGION PNEUMA – (absorb) life with.. (Pure) Egg Spirit-Consciousness-Essence  BASILEIA – (field wave great-huge-enormous)  BASILEUS – (field wave) smooth-unbroken-calm-serene  BASILEUS(..) DIKAIOSUNE – (Field Wave Unbroken-Calm).. (&) light with that  CHAIRO – light [energy] Omega  CHARIS – light [energy-power-spirit] in  CHRIO – “expressing(..)” Omega [Om egg always]  CHROS – bod(y)  DENDRON – tree [dendrite – “a branching process of a nerve cell(..)”]  DEOMAI – now-then [tone-resonance-expression] always  DIAGNOSIS – by-for-with (k)no(wing wave) in  DIKAIOSUNE – for light with that  DODEKA PULON – twelve gate egg  DODEKAPHULON  – twelve (like-related) egg  DUNAMIS – set-put [tone-resonance] in-on  EGEIRO – eg say-speak (egg state-power-energy)  EGERSIS – (egg) [energy wave] in-upon  EIRENE – that [energy expression] [energy expression]

EKKLESIA – of energy [(&/or) resonance] I always “church” &/or “churches”  

EKKLESIA – with energy [(&/or) resonance] I always “church” &/or “churches”  

EKKLESIA – from energy [(&/or) resonance] I always “church” &/or “churches”  

EKKLESIA – of energy [(&/or) wave] vibrate always “church” &/or “churches”  

EKKLESIA – with energy [(&/or) wave] vibrate always “church” &/or “churches”  

EKKLESIA – from energy [(&/or) wave] vibrate always “church” &/or “churches”  

&.. hawk with flight right abovehouses” – slight angle in – &.. facing direction I go

EKSTASIS – of-on-in [wave]  ELEUTHEROS – el(ectric) good [wave] opening  ELPIS – el(ectric ring-band-sphere-orb)s

EUAGGELION – waves bring forth (&/or) carry world (&/or) people (&/or) star (&/or) planet (&/or) moon (&/or) existence/life (&/or) time (&/or) orb (e)l(ectric) always egg “gospel”  

&.. large white egret with right within field with.. facing direction I’m going  

EUAGGELION – waves bring forth (&/or) carry world [energy] always egg “gospel”  

EUAGGELION – waves bring forth (&/or) carry world (e)l(ectric) always egg “gospel” 

&.. white egret with right with.. standing within that water with.. facing my direction  

EUAGGELION – waves support world [energy] always egg “gospel”  

EUAGGELION – waves support world (e)l(ectric) always egg “gospel”  

&.. beautiful duck2with right with.. sitting up(-)onmulchwithtrees”  

GENNAO ANOTHEN – earth-[sphere] in truth-fact Omega from above  GENNAO EK(..) PNEUMA – earth-world in truth Omega of.. Spirit-Nature-Mind  GENESIS – earth-world [sound-tone-resonance-expression] (wave) on  GENNESIS – earth-world-creation in [sound-tone-resonance-expression] (wave) on  GNOSIS – (k)no(w wave) upon  HAGION PNEUMA – “Expressing(..)” Egg-Sphere(..) Spirit-Life-Nature  HAGIOS – “expressing(..)” earth-world-cosmos-sphere opening  HAIMA ARNION – [liquid Energy Resonance-Expression] (Sphere..)  HAIMA IESOUS KHRISTOS – [liquid] If-that inward ear Use is opening  HAIMA KAINOS DIATHEKE – [liquid] light-radiance mind in [tissue]  HELIOS – [“tail end”] – [“a spiral curve”] – that opening  HEPTA ASTER – seven (“extending radial” – “radiant point”)  HEPTA CHRUSEOS LUCHNIA – seven (individual waves) opening (bulb) light [(..)vibration-energy] always  HEPTA LAMPAS PUR KAIOMAI ENOPION – seven (bulb energy) light [sound-tone] always within “(..)portion of space” – “(..)proper or natural position” – egg-sphere(..)  HEPTA PNEUMA THEOS – seven [wave energy].. The Opening  HODOS ALETHEIA ZOE – the things “a natural (power..)” on-with if-that goddess – [accompanying light energy] – (existence-soul-sphere-field-freshness-spirit) that  HORA – the “(..)energy as electro(-)magnetic waves”  HORAO – the [“electro(-)magnetic waves”] Omega  IAOMAI – if-that [sound-tone] always  IASIS – if-whether always (wave) within

IESOUS – I in-inner ear “Jesus”  

&.. “goat” – possible 3with right  

IESOUS – I within-in [brain] “Jesus”  

&.. white egret (with.. cow) – 3with right  

IESOUS – If inner ear (or) Into-In ear “Jesus”  

IESOUS – Inner ear (or) Inner [brain] (or) Inner [wave brain] “Jesus”  

&.. whitebirdwith right with further right bywires” &.. abovestreet”  

IESOUS KHRISTOS – I within-inner [brain]  Light energy always is open  “Jesus Christ”  

IESOUS KHRISTOS – E[gg o] within-in [brain]  Light energy always is open  “Jesus Christ” 

IESOUS KHRISTOS – E(gg omega] within [brain]  Light energy always is open  “Jesus Christ”  

IESOUS KHRISTOS – E[gg orb great] within [brain]  Light energy always is open  “Jesus Christ”  

IESOUS KHRISTOS – E[gg orb expansive] in [brain]  Light energy always is open  “Jesus Christ”  

IESOUS KHRISTOS – E[gg o] within-in [brain]  Light energy e[gg o] is open  “Jesus Christ”  

IESOUS KHRISTOS – E[gg omega] within [brain]  Light energy e[gg omega] is open  “Jesus Christ”  

IESOUS KHRISTOS – E[gg orb great] within [brain]  Light energy e[gg orb great] is open  “Jesus Christ”  

IESOUS KHRISTOS – E[gg orb expansive] in [brain]  Light energy e[gg orb expansive] is open  “Jesus Christ”  

&.. hawk with right with flight with.. later slight angle with.. “lengthgoing my direction  

KAINOS DIATHEKE – light mind in (..tissue)  KAINOS ODE – light mind [sound-tone-resonance-expression egg always] also  KAINOS ONOMA – light mind-brain-head egg-(sphere..) eye  KALOS SPERMA – [tone-resonance] opening (egg)  KARDIA – light air-sense-current in-within  KATHORAO – as [“electro(-)magnetic waves”] Omega [Om egg always]  KHRISTIANOS – Necessity-Use is in-each opening  KITHARIZO – light that of [“electro(-)magnetic waves”] (energy-spirit-power)  KRANION – light [“electro(-)magnetic waves” expression] egg  KURIOS – Sun – [“Energy(..) Electro(-)magnetic Waves”] – If Opening  KURIOS SOTER – Sun – [“Electro(-)magnetic Waves”] – If-That Opening (wave mind)  LEUKAINO – white light-glow mind-brain or white light-glow within Omega  LEUKOS PSEPHOS – white opening [brain(-)wave] light or white [brain(-)wave] light  LOGOS – [Expression-Resonance-Energy] or [Spirit-Life-Consciousness-Nature-Energy]  LOGOS GINOMAI SARX – [Spirit-Consciousness].. earth-people-cosmos-life-time-sphere with-on-as-within (om) – [sound-tone-resonance-expression] – [wave-current energy] on  MATHETES – learn of or [field] further within  MEGAS POLIS – (large) [assembly]  MELETAO – care-responsibility that for Omega  METAMORPHOOM – with the form Omega [energy]  MONOGENES – [one energy]  NEOS OINOS – [tone] opening Omega if with opening  ONAR – egg air or [sphere energy]  OURANOS – ah ra(diance) in-within opening  PANTOKRATOR – (Light) in the Omega [“energy (..)waves”] the [sphere-people-cosmos]  PARADEISOS E(K) THEOS – (light) [energy] now equal within The Opening  PARAKLETOS – (Light) [Energy Circle..-Band..-Frequency..-Wave(-)length..]  PERISTERA – (band movement form) “(..)energy as (..)waves”  PISTEUO – (band)s (& ..sound-tone-resonance-expression egg) [always]  PISTIS – (..)circle-ring-bands (positive-clear)  PNEUMA – [wave energy]  PNEUMA(..) THEOS – [wave energy].. The Opening  POTAMOS – [energy] of [ring-band-frequency] opening  POTAMOS(..) HUDOR(..) ZOE – [energy] of [ring] opening.. [wave].. life-sphere  PRESBUTEROS – (information-essence) reserve opening  PROINOS ASTER – morning with star or [dawning-awakening] with [light]  PROPHET(E)S – (beyond) with more-further in  PROSKUN – with [“(..)electric current”] (energy)  PROTON – (opening) egg-(sphere..)  SALPISTES – (wave) [ring-band-sphere]s (positive-clear)  SALPIZO – (wave ..)circle-ring-band-sphere (energy)  SEMEION – notice egg or [energy sphere]  SINAPI – (wave) to [ring-band]  SOPHIA – (wave) [“a spiral curve(..)”] always or [wave ring-band-sphere-orb] always  SOZO – (wave) life(-)time-sphere-field-circle-ring-band-frequency-wave(-)length  STAUROS – [distress] opening – [column – “spinal column”]  STEPHANOO – at (light) Omega [Om egg always]  SUNEGEIRO – with (egg) if-that [wave] or with (egg) [energy]  SUNEIDESIS – with that (view) in on  TETRAGONOS – (4 angle-side) opening – (4) [energy-spirit]  THEOS – The Opening  ZAO – life-energy  ZAO HUDOR – life-energy-field [wave-movement]  ZOON – life (sphere..)  (24) PRESBUTEROS KATHEMAI, PERIBALLO EN LEUKOS HIMATION – 24 [resonance-expression field] opening as me always, with [form with light energy] the egg-sphere.. “Sion” – (Wave) egg


The Living Being (Truth With Our World)