AGAPE – bring always mouth/word “love” 

AGAPE – bring always [opening expression] “love” 

AGAPE – bring always [(..)circle/ring/sphere/orb] “love” 

AGAPE – bring always [(..)circle/ring/sphere/orb wave] “love” 

AGAPE – bring always [(..)circle/ring/sphere/orb energy] “love” 

AGAPE – bring always [(..)circle/ring/sphere/orb (&) wave] “love” 

AGAPE – bring always [(..)circle/ring/sphere/orb energy wave] “love” 

AGAPE – bring always [(..)circle/ring/sphere/orb (&) energy wave] “love” 

AGAPE – bring always [(..)circle/ring/sphere/orb (&) energy (or) wave] “love” 

AGAPE – bring always [(..)circle/ring/sphere/orb (&) energy wave (or) wave] “love”  

&.. white egret – possible 9 – with.. “cow” – possible 10 – each with right within field


AGAPE – bring always [wave (..)circle/ring/sphere/orb] “love”  

AGAPE – bring always [energy (..)circle/ring/sphere/orb] “love”  

AGAPE – bring always [wave (& ..)circle/ring/sphere/orb] “love”  

AGAPE – bring always [energy wave (..)circle/ring/sphere/orb] “love”  

AGAPE – bring always [energy wave (& ..)circle/ring/sphere/orb] “love”  

AGAPE – bring always [energy (or) wave (& ..)circle/ring/sphere/orb] “love”  

AGAPE – bring always [energy wave (or) wave (& ..)circle/ring/sphere/orb] “love”  

&.. “cow” – 7 – with right within field


AGGELOS – bring/bring forth [sphere/orb/field] el[ectric (or) energized] open “angel”  

&.. white egret with right within center/midst water with ditch with.. facing my direction  


AGGELOS HEPTA EKKLESIA – bring/bring forth [sphere/orb/field (&) life] el[ectric (or) energized] open “of the” seven with key [wave] always “angels of the seven churches”  

AGGELOS HEPTA EKKLESIA – bring/bring forth [sphere/orb/field (&) life] el[ectric (or) energized] open “of(..)” seven with [energy wave] always “angels of(..) seven churches”  

&.. hawk with “unseen” left to right with flight with.. above “street” &/or with.. “trees”  


AGORAZO – bring ra[diant] – [light/sun (&) vibrant/energetic] – life/field “redeem”  

AGORAZO – bring ra[diant] – [light/sun] – life/existence/being/field/energy “redeem”  

AGORAZO – bring ra[diant] – [vibrant/energetic] – life/existence/being/field “redeem”  

&.. large white egret with right with “stand” within field with.. look with.. right “angle”   


AIONIOS ZOE – always egg I open life/being/sphere/field/energy “ever(-)lasting life”  

&.. baby duck – possible 15 (the possible 2 “groups”) – with left to right with flight  


AKOUO – hearing Omega “hear”

AKOUO – hearing [energy] I always/ever “hear”

AKOUO – hearing [vibration] I always/ever “hear”

&.. hawk with right flight &.. facing direction I go


AKOUO – always/ever where Omega “hear”

AKOUO – always where [energy] I ever “hear”

AKOUO – ever where [energy] I always “hear”

AKOUO – always where [vibration] I ever “hear”

AKOUO – ever where [vibration] I always “hear”

&.. baby hawk with right flight &.. “going” forth


ALETHEIA – (sphere-field) [(..)of accompanying light (..)energy] 

ALLELOUIA – All el(ectric) “expressing surprise(..), sudden realization(..)” 

ALPHA – with side-corner-quarter (with “each of four equal parts(..)”

AMEN – (Om) – [Sound-Tone-Resonance-Expression] – (in) 

ANABAINO – by-in (sphere) [sound-tone-resonance-expression] (egg) [always]

ANASTASIS – in [wave] 

APOKALUPSIS – of-with light [energy] (wave) in-on

ARCHE – “a curved structure(..)” always [a light-clear “release(..) electric(..)” always] 

ARCHE LOGOS(-) PROS THEOS – “a curved structure(..)” always [a light-clear “release(..) electric(..)” always].. [Expression-Appearance-Resonance-Spirit].. with The Opening

ARCHE TELOS – “a curved structure(..)” always [a light-clear “release(..) electric(..)” always].. perfect-fulfil(l)-accomplish opening

ARNION – Air – [Energy] – [Sound-Tone-Resonance-Expression] Egg

ARNION BIBLION ZOE – [Energy Resonance-Expression] Egg creation.. life 

ASTRAPE – star always (..)circle-ring-band or star-luminous-radiant-bright ra(diation) – “(..)emission of energy as electro(-)magnetic waves” – (..)circle-ring-band-sphere-orb 

ASTRAPE BRONTE PHONE – star always (..)circle-round-orb.. thunder-reverberation.. voice-expression or star-luminous-radiant ra(diation) – “(..)the emission of energy as electro(-)magnetic waves” – (..)circle.. thunder-reverberation.. voice-expression 

BAPTIZO EN HAGION PNEUMA – (absorb) life with.. (Pure) Egg Spirit-Consciousness-Essence 

BASILEIA – (field wave great-huge-enormous)

BASILEUS – (field wave) smooth-unbroken-calm-serene

BASILEUS(..) DIKAIOSUNE – (Field Wave Unbroken-Calm).. (&) light with that

CHAIRO – light [energy] Omega

CHARIS – light [energy-power-spirit] in

CHRIO – “expressing(..)” Omega [Om egg always]

CHROS – bod(y) 

DENDRON – tree [dendrite – “a branching process of a nerve cell(..)”]

DEOMAI – now-then [tone-resonance-expression] always

DIAGNOSIS – by-for-with (k)no(wing wave) in

DIKAIOSUNE – for light with that

DODEKA PULON – twelve gate egg

DODEKAPHULON  – twelve (like-related) egg

DUNAMIS – set-put [tone-resonance] in-on

EGEIRO – eg say-speak (egg state-power-energy)

EGERSIS – (egg) [energy wave] in-upon

EIRENE – that [energy expression] [energy expression]

EKKLESIA – of key-indication that always

EKSTASIS – of-on-in [wave] 

ELEUTHEROS – el(ectric) good [wave] opening

ELPIS – el(ectric ring-band-sphere-orb)s

EUAGGELION – good (e)gg el(ectric) if egg-sphere(..)

GENNAO ANOTHEN – earth-[sphere] in truth-fact Omega from above

GENNAO EK(..) PNEUMA – earth-world in truth Omega of.. Spirit-Nature-Mind

GENESIS – earth-world [sound-tone-resonance-expression] (wave) on

GENNESIS – earth-world-creation in [sound-tone-resonance-expression] (wave) on

GNOSIS – (k)no(w wave) upon

HAGION PNEUMA – “Expressing(..)” Egg-Sphere(..) Spirit-Life-Nature

HAGIOS – “expressing(..)” earth-world-cosmos-sphere opening

HAIMA ARNION – [liquid Energy Resonance-Expression] (Sphere..)

HAIMA IESOUS KHRISTOS – [liquid] If-that inward ear Use is opening

HAIMA KAINOS DIATHEKE – [liquid] light-radiance mind in [tissue]

HELIOS – [“tail end”] – [“a spiral curve”] – that opening

HEPTA ASTER – seven (“extending radial” – “radiant point”)

HEPTA CHRUSEOS LUCHNIA – seven (individual waves) opening (bulb) light [(..)vibration-energy] always

HEPTA LAMPAS PUR KAIOMAI ENOPION – seven (bulb energy) light [sound-tone] always within “(..)portion of space” – “(..)proper or natural position” – egg-sphere(..)

HEPTA PNEUMA THEOS – seven [wave energy].. The Opening

HODOS ALETHEIA ZOE – the things “a natural (power..)” on-with if-that goddess – [accompanying light energy] – (existence-soul-sphere-field-freshness-spirit) that

HORA – the “(..)energy as electro(-)magnetic waves”

HORAO – the [“electro(-)magnetic waves”] Omega

IAOMAI – if-that [sound-tone] always

IASIS – if-whether always (wave) within

IESOUS – If inner ear or Into-In ear

IESOUS KHRISTOS – If within-inward ear Use is opening

KAINOS DIATHEKE – light mind in (..tissue)

KAINOS ODE – light mind [sound-tone-resonance-expression egg always] also

KAINOS ONOMA – light mind-brain-head egg-(sphere..) eye

KALOS SPERMA – [tone-resonance] opening (egg)

KARDIA – light air-sense-current in-within

KATHORAO – as [“electro(-)magnetic waves”] Omega [Om egg always]

KHRISTIANOS – Necessity-Use is in-each opening

KITHARIZO – light that of [“electro(-)magnetic waves”] (energy-spirit-power)

KRANION – light [“electro(-)magnetic waves” expression] egg

KURIOS – Sun – [“Energy(..) Electro(-)magnetic Waves”] – If Opening

KURIOS SOTER – Sun – [“Electro(-)magnetic Waves”] – If-That Opening (wave mind)

LEUKAINO – white light-glow mind-brain or white light-glow within Omega

LEUKOS PSEPHOS – white opening [brain(-)wave] light or white [brain(-)wave] light

LOGOS – [Expression-Resonance-Energy] or [Spirit-Life-Consciousness-Nature-Energy]

LOGOS GINOMAI SARX – [Spirit-Consciousness].. earth-people-cosmos-life-time-sphere with-on-as-within (om) – [sound-tone-resonance-expression] – [wave-current energy] on

MATHETES – learn of or [field] further within

MEGAS POLIS – (large) [assembly]

MELETAO – care-responsibility that for Omega

METAMORPHOOM – with the form Omega [energy] 

MONOGENES – [one energy]

NEOS OINOS – [tone] opening Omega if with opening

ONAR – egg air or [sphere energy]

OURANOS – ah ra(diance) in-within opening

PANTOKRATOR – (Light) in the Omega [“energy (..)waves”] the [sphere-people-cosmos]

PARADEISOS E(K) THEOS – (light) [energy] now equal within The Opening

PARAKLETOS – (Light) [Energy Circle..-Band..-Frequency..-Wave(-)length..]

PERISTERA – (band movement form) “(..)energy as (..)waves”

PISTEUO – (band)s (& ..sound-tone-resonance-expression egg) [always]

PISTIS – (..)circle-ring-bands (positive-clear)

PNEUMA – [wave energy]

PNEUMA(..) THEOS – [wave energy].. The Opening

POTAMOS – [energy] of [ring-band-frequency] opening

POTAMOS(..) HUDOR(..) ZOE – [energy] of [ring] opening.. [wave].. life-sphere

PRESBUTEROS – (information-essence) reserve opening

PROINOS ASTER – morning with star or [dawning-awakening] with [light]

PROPHET(E)S – (beyond) with more-further in

PROSKUN – with [“(..)electric current”] (energy)

PROTON – (opening) egg-(sphere..)

SALPISTES – (wave) [ring-band-sphere]s (positive-clear)

SALPIZO – (wave ..)circle-ring-band-sphere (energy)

SEMEION – notice egg or [energy sphere]

SINAPI – (wave) to [ring-band]

SOPHIA – (wave) [“a spiral curve(..)”] always or [wave ring-band-sphere-orb] always

SOZO – (wave) life(-)time-sphere-field-circle-ring-band-frequency-wave(-)length

STAUROS – [distress] opening – [column – “spinal column”] 

STEPHANOO – at (light) Omega [Om egg always]

SUNEGEIRO – with (egg) if-that [wave] or with (egg) [energy]

SUNEIDESIS – with that (view) in on

TETRAGONOS – (4 angle-side) opening – (4) [energy-spirit]

THEOS – The Opening

ZAO – life-energy

ZAO HUDOR – life-energy-field [wave-movement]

ZOON – life (sphere..) 

(24) PRESBUTEROS KATHEMAI, PERIBALLO EN LEUKOS HIMATION – 24 [resonance-expression field] opening as me always, with [form with light energy] the egg-sphere..

“Sion” – (Wave) egg