The Living Being (Truth with our world)

Your “Re(-)source” with.. “REALITY” (Let Alone “Basic Reality”) with.. Tobin Michael Alland

with hawk &.. egret &.. egret not visible white &.. duck (&.. “dove” &.. “goose” &.. “falcon” &..

“hen” &.. “rooster” &.. “un(-)known bird” &.. “vulture” &.. white “bird”) with.. “Word(-)Press”

&.. hawk with flight with brief left (with.. “some height&.. “certaindistance) to.. right &.. later baby hawk with flight left to right with.. “treeto.. abovestreet” &.. then withintree

&.. “now” I have.. “help” (&/or “re(-)member” the further “help”) with.. this life (“black bird” &.. “butter(-)fly” &.. “cat” &.. “cow” &.. “goat” &.. “puppy dog” &.. “squirrel” &.. “turtle”), &.. people

&.. hawk with center (with.. Tobin Michael Alland) to.. right with flight above &/or behind &.. with thattreewith.. further right with.. above, behind, &/or withtree2 withinthird yard

You “going” to “go through” life with(-)out “knowing” that.. “flowers” &.. “trees” have.. “faces”

(visible with.. “knowledge” &.. simple “observation”), &/or evidence of.. “non-human” possible

“extra(-)special Great Turtle” could be “found” with “land mass” (with space &.. with angle, &..

“in(-)volving green tree features” &.. “rugged terrain com(-)plexion”), &/or with further “facts”

we have.. “new planetary body” communicating with.. “Observing” life would be.. with you

(each “face” with.. “home”), &.. be you (&.. your “face” would be.. the “enveloping” with.. the

light energy being &.. The open awareness – “galaxies” – &.. life would be within &.. “real”)?

Each “branch” &.. “leaf” &.. “twig place(-)ment” with.. this “tree” would be.. about The open awareness (with.. each “half face” &.. each side &.. “opposite”) – the standing form would be..

like “animal” &/or “humanoid” form – “though” we “think” we “only” view the “green, leafy, upper body” with.. “barky-laden trunk” – look with.. “huge face” (with.. “face multiple”) with..

large “hand” (with.. “palm up” &.. “big fingers”) with.. open “eyes” &..”smiling” (the “absolute, un(-)de(-)niable, reality,” being as.. life with people all the “time”), &.. this would simply be..

one “tree” (let “alone” within the “next yard” &.. behind the “house” &.. each visible “tree”), &..

&.. this would be.. “massive land mass” – from what is.. “termed California coast” to.. “Rocky

Mountains” – with &/or as.. “face” of.. possible “[being]” (&.. then could be.. the “new planetary

visitor” &/or “nat(-)ive” &.. “Loc(-)al” with.. “truncated icosahedral” form within space – visible

beside “truncated icosahedral” Sun – as of.. right “Now”truth is.. what “Really happens”)

&.. hawk with center with flight within distance with.. “height with.. “curve aroundto.. angle with.. latergoing aroundwith right then.. that hawk visible within distance with.. “briefleft

&..dark puppy dog walkwith right withinyard, en(-)closure,” &.. facing my direction

&.. “cow” – that possible 5 – with right with.. standing up(-)on landwith.. “en(-)closure

My “understanding” to “find” previous “name” with “America” would be.. “the New World” – yes, possibly – then.. I “read” what the “native” people would.. say with.. “Great Turtle” (&.. I “remember” that) – 1 “professor” said that “proves” their people “knew” the “shape” &.. I say “astral travel” (&.. look from above) would be.. “way” (&/or possible.. “person” from.. “ship”)

1 “quiet” day – from.. “shelf” – I brought “(..)Analytical Concordance” forth &.. there were these

“Aramaic” &.. “Hebrew” &.. “Greek words” having been.. “printed” – written – before “English”

word to(-)day (“AL” & “EL” & “OM” & “ON” & “PHI” & “PI” & “RA” – I view – were “root” word with

sound vibration “making” word &.. “phrase” – with.. the “dictionary” I.. “re(-)view” each “root”

word &.. “phrase” &.. “realize” true “meaning” with “describing” our true light energy), &.. this

would be my “work” (&.. each “picture-plate”) &.. “credit goes” to.. each person with.. “picture”

“Hey” – You “sweet, sunny disposition” – what is this above?  Egg of.. light energy with “face” (with.. “picture” evidencethis would be.. what each being has form with before “biological energetic” form &.. “astral-physical” form &.. what you have inside the “head” &.. brain), You

“Bible wordage” like.. “church” (&/or “churches”) &.. “gospel” would seem to be in “place” of.. EKKLESIA (EK KLAIO SEIO AEI with EK KLEIS I AEI) &.. EUAGGELION (EU AG GE L AEI OON)

with energy (&/or wave) vibrate always with.. with energy I always &.. waves bring forth

(&/or carry) world energy always egg – &.. hadn’t “explained” light energy with.. The open

awareness with.. “orb” (“Good news” your “real” form isn’t.. “human”) – You’ve “understood”

that each true you with energy field (egg “orb”) would be from.. The Living Being &/or The

open awareness &/or True you (&/or from Sun “civilization” would be.. light “ball” being)

* “Lamb” &.. “lamb” &.. “lambs” &.. light energy &.. “Omega” have.. “mention”“few”

Within the energy state, long ago, beyondhearing the loud rushingvibration within my

brain (likedeafeningwater roar“), standing, energy form wasbroughtto.. “gradual, slow,

rise in(-)to vast light blue open skyring multiplewas, then, seen 1.) “ring at left then..

2.) possible sevenringswithin middle (each aligning with like center) then.. 3.) “identical

rings (like.. with broken pieces“) at right (“shrinkingin with.. thatdisappearingwith.. no

more), &.. I could never understand, then, what I was.. viewing &/or why, like.. possible egg

(yeah, &.. like.. door” &..tunnel” &/or “passage way” &.. “closing” –fe(-)malekinda view)

Understand that with(-)out energy state awareness &/or “techn(-)ological help” the existence as would be would not be.. “noticeable” &.. each “fact” – “element” – was, then, put to.. “story”

(“hexagonal” &.. “pentagonal” – 6 “sides” &.. 5 “sides” – “faces” would be.. with each “truncated icosahedral” form – 32 with.. 20 “hexagonal” &.. 12 “pentagonal faces” – with.. “33” the “face”

– open awareness) – look with the “orb picture” &.. “low” right side (&.. that is the “shape” with “miniature” – “relatively speaking” – “orb” existence life &.. being that.. has “multiple faces”)

ARNION would be air energy egg &/or clear-whitish energy egg (form existence) with the

wave energy “expansion” as.. “ring” to.. “curve” with.. spiral “going around” &.. that “multiple”

egg “group” (“notice” the “truncated icosahedral” – 32 “sides” – form “elongated” &.. “evident

side-ways”“notice” that “half face” being &.. “realize” that.. true “creation” would be.. The

open awareness with.. vibration &/or each “face” expression) – 1 “whitish pure non-human

move(-)ment little” being would be.. each “nebula” &.. “star” &.. “planet” &.. “land mass” &..

“element” (&.. “human” &.. “animal” being “said” the “LAMB” this.. “creation” each “face”)?

You are, with truth, being with energy “body” within “phy(-)sical” form “body” &.. you have

actual “tree-form” – within the BRAIN the “spiralling” energy form exists, BRAIN “vessels”

that.. “branch” forth “just” like a.. “planetary tree body” (&.. in 1995 “National Geographic

presented pic” of.. the “human brain scan re(-)vealing likeness” of.. 1 “planetary tree” – brain

central “tree”) – &.. with “meditation” we “ac(-)cess” the true “inner” living being within brain

“organ” (&.. that “happens” with “un(-)conscious rest”) &.. we “realize” light energy (&.. we re-

charge” &.. “re-energize” with.. “spine” – with.. brain – &.. We have.. true “beauty”), &.. within

would be you with form of.. actual egg of.. light energy “orb” (like.. “nebula” with.. “face”)

* 1 would be.. awareness &.. later with.. egg &.. “astral” form &.. “ph(i)-(cy)c(le)” form

Our “tree” brain (&.. our “ancestry knew”)!  Our Sun has.. “face” (I’ve viewed “satellite picture

image showing” each wave “forming feature” with.. “face”), the “eyes” &.. “heart” &.. “nose” &..

“mouth” with.. “real smile” – that sun “vibrance” – wave (obvious If.. we look &.. “realize”), &..

this “picture-plate” – each – “proves” each “face” existence (each “discovery” with the “face”

– “re(-)peating” – with “feature”) “whether” one “realizes” or not (“face” energy “multiple”), &..

that would be.. true with.. “nebula” &.. “planet” &.. “star group” (&/or each.. “living galaxy”)

Understand the “ancient” spiral “carving” on “rock” (“picture” we “drew” &.. “looked” at.. being

“children”) &/or “sun face” (“art” we view &.. “pottery, wood piece” – you “know”)?  The “tree”

with true “branches” would be true brain “stem” &.. true brain “vessels” with open awareness

with.. each “face” (&.. understand how.. form “occurs” within existence &.. understand that

word KRANION “skull” “Specified” that with.. possible KAIO RA NE OON “meaning” the

“light” &.. [vibrant] with [our energy] that.. “egg” with.. that being “inner” to.. “outer” form)..

Even then with energy form laterI.. simply looked up withindarkof.. closed eyes &..

later would see quiet presentation of.. spiral within brainwith.. natural look, expansion inmultiple curves– “round” (with.. “tailish outer curvewith.. “little wavey tapervisible), &..

the softwhite light began to.. appear (each little pointappearing with “Slow move(-)mentenergy from each side &.. “gradually goingcentral), &.. “quietlightgrew in one whole (&..

soon after spiral I was viewingfourth ringwithtri(-)angle with extension beyond rim“)

Our “en(-)tire Uni(-)verse” would be.. “re(-)peating pattern” with.. light energy of.. The open

awareness (With.. each “face” &/or “half face multiple” &/or “figure”), &/or “reading things”

like..God(from.. GODEL “given” as.. “greatness” &/or possible “Good” &.. “power, force”

energy – &/or “Good” energy) &/or “Jesus Christwould be.. mere word-borrowing” from

“language” with.. previous communication with that.. reality with.. Awareness with the light

energy &/or the brain “energized” &/or “energizing” (The truth would be.. about your true

being with.. brain – [from.. energy spiral with brain “tree” to.. “root-work” within “body”] – to

“arms” with.. “fingers” &.. “legs” with.. “toes”), So.. communicate the truth with the evidence

&.. “cattle” – possible 5with right with.. stand up(-)on thatlandwith.. thatfencing

&.. hawk (possiblefalcon“) with flight left with.. “curve/arc(h)” to.. right abovestreet

&.. baby white egret with right with.. look below withingrass with.. right side with ditch 

&.. “catwith right within distance within previousneighbor(-)hood with.. up(-)onstreetwith.. “walkwith.. facing my direction possible

[&.. white egret2with center to right with flight abovestreet&.. possiblebuilding“]

&.. (possible) baby hawk with flight left abovestreet to farright beyond with distance

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What if.. we had a.. “world” that would be.. existence from.. The open awareness (energy &..

light “vibratory”), with.. “flower” &.. “tree” having “faces” (with.. you being “able” to look within

the distance &.. see that “fact”), with.. “land mass” that would be “found” as.. that with.. “face”

&/or “figure” form (with.. “half face multiple” – each – having form “humanoid” with “animal”),

with.. “cloud beings” look up(-)on &/or with.. people (with.. “dis(-)covering” the “world” was..

&/or would be.. “truncated icosahedrallike.. diamond Sun &.. livingnebulalife &/or that

ourflatEarththeory&.. our round” – “spherical” – Earth wouldbothbe.. true with that)

&.. that “visit” to.. &/or with.. energy state “group” with.. energy state “vehicle” was.. “common

occurrence” (&.. that awareness of.. this would simply be.. “maturity”) we have this “now”

* Understand the.. “pre-Earth spherical “truncated icosahedral– with.. “space(-)craft picture” – that “top” of..Africa &..Antarctica&..Australia(“truncated icosahedral“)..

&.. Beautiful” (“black &.. white cat that.. doeshisown thing &.. goes where(-)ever hepleases“) with right with.. distance (“hardly” visible) with.. “quietsitting up(-)onstreet

15 or.. “so years” before.. I had “awakening” with.. this truth yet.. had not “realized” then..

that [the existence] could be.. “truncated icosahedral” form “orb” beyond the “astral” form

&.. large whitepuppy dogwith.. “per(-)sonwith.. right with.. distance up(-)on [angle]..

Within the energy state my energybodywas.. broughtup withinairspace (within the middleroom“) &.. I could see fast move(-)ment of.. “specksappearing &.. “disappearing” –

re(-)placingwithhigh speed (“timewave view with.. “boxes“) – &.. could understand each thingwould be.. brief(&.. my energy form was.. “brought up through house, room,” &/or

window” &.. up withinair out(-)side, &.. I could seeblack electric wires rise” &.. “de(-)scend

in possible wave tension&.. “settle” – within the day” – &.. the energybodywas.. “brought

near” &/or up &/or forward to be.. with &/orfacethat.. Sun with.. longtrib(-)utarieslike

solar roots” &/or “branches winding around” – like.. that would be.. “creation“) – in one later

energy state view Iwatchedenergy (“cars&.. light &.. people) out(-)siderun opposite

You could understand this.. within the energy state (this “years” &/or “dec(-)ades” before), &..

one “day” the truth I had “read” about (“knew” with “given” visual) was “found” true with Me

energy with.. energybody chestwent.. opening up (possible..pointto..ring growing

larger &.. Larger Open expansionwith.. “rotating”) to.. circle/ring” the size of.. dinner

plate” (“heft” &/or “strengthof.. tight edge wedgewasfelt” –roundwith outer rim”)

As.. the high energy with.. “meditative” awakening would “happen” then.. I would “rest” &..

one “time” – up(-)on the “sofa” – I could.. hearthesound with.. theback of.. head &/or

neck, re(-)sonationRAOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM&.. that “re(-)sounding

kept happening,” then.. parts of.. the innerbodypossibleorgans&.. I “kept laying”

where I was (“listening, feel, mind tired,” yet.. brain active with new(-)foundnatural truth)

Yogihas.. givenpeoplehelpthe trueyoga workwith.. meditationwith that..

understanding to.. quieten breathing &.. “seehow Innervibration would be with this

egg of.. light energyorb &/or that.. brain central eye (&.. up(-)onlaying downwith.. then

lightfountbeyondcrownwithastralform, then.. thenextenergy state move(-)ment I

rememberwasgoing around roomwith..stretchinglike.. “Reed Richardsfromcomic

book” – like awarenessreadyfor release fromastralbeing &.. brain, &.. then Ifeltthat

astral(-)physicality bunchingup in 4 folds” – like.. “coat” – &.. “fear roseas.. “leanforward

like.. “pour outwas.. about tohappen, occur,” then awareness went forth &.. Ah, that was

like diving&.. open space, &.. bright light allaround&..wholelovegratitudeme)..

* “En(-)com(-)passy” bright light “sur(-)rounding” open awareness with “re(-)leasing astral” form – “re(-)leasing” that “physical” field – &.. “realizing” central being that.. “truncated icosahedral” sun (“original” form) with “appearance” &.. being being light &.. “gratitude”

&.. what would you “think” about each “land mass” having “face” with.. “half face multiple” (this could be.. “element sur(-)rounding face” of.. The open awareness) – each “place” has &..

would be.. that (“realize” that each “face” with “feature” could be.. “found” with that.. “mirror image” – “ear” &.. eye &.. “mouth” &.. “nose” with.. “huge face”&.. each “little face” could be “noted” with.. central “stack” – one “face settle” up(-)on “next” with.. “cosmic spring” forth &..

“sed(-)imentizing” in(-)to what is.. “thought hard, solid, ground”) – &.. that this could be what.. actual “world” existence would form – “energetic” – as.. “creation” (with.. “human, tree,” life)?

Energy that.. “be(-)comes” that.. “planetary” experience that.. we have would be.. from open

awareness with wave “be(-)coming” egg “bubble” &.. “multiple” with.. later “understandable

ge(-)o(-)metric” vari(-)ety (The Earth would be.. “truncated icosahedral” being having.. “face”

&.. “half face multiple” having.. “seeming con(-)tin(-)ents” of.. form with.. “land mass” light),

so.. “be(-)sides labeling” &/or “naming names” &/or “terms” with.. the “country” (“land” &/or

people “brought” with.. “ships”  water &/or space we “know” would be.. that energy), what

“does” that.. “exotic” – “non(-)native” – “alien” “extra(-)terrestrial”“face” form “Seem” like?

&.. white egret with right &.. stand up(-)on left side bank with.. ditch &.. facing my direction

&.. butter(-)flywith right within distance with.. behind &/or beside signswith.. forwardarrowthen.. rightarrow&.. beside &/or “near free(-)way yet.. above &/or with.. “street

&.. “per(-)sonwith.. that “little” whitefluffy puppy dog with.. “leashwith right with.. up(-)ongrass

&.. large duck (possiblegoose“) with right with.. sitting up(-)ongrass &.. beside large brickish&/or brick&/or possible stonish– “hard, sturdy” –neighbor(-)hood sign

&.. “cattlewith right 3 to.. 5with.. stand up(-)onland” &/or behindbrush” &/or “trees

&.. that true wave energy of.. The open awareness could be.. “thought” &/or “feeling” that

“allows” form to.. exist – with.. “truncated icosahedral” &/or “icosahedron” – &.. “re(-)leases

how(-)ever” that “takes” shape (we have no true “dif(-)ference” with.. each being as, with, egg

of.. light energy with.. “face” &/or “half face multiple” not “dif(-)ferent” than the “creation”

so.. What would.. “so-termed grays” &/or “so-termed Israelis” &/or “so(-)termed Jews” from..

their possible planet &/or “Mus(-)lims” &/or “na(-z)is” &/or possibleOr(-)i(-)on group” &/or

reptilians” &/or “Roman religion horde” &/or “U.S. party” &/or possibleV.P.-led Rus(-)sia”

– each with.. “control operation attempt” yet.. not the “Good hearts” – really be “do(-)ing

ex(-)cept ab(-)using” the “di(-)versity” we have as.. “world play”)?  Communicate the truth

&.. white egret with right with.. sitting up(-)onmetallic thingwithin water with.. ditchend

&.. possiblehen” (possible.. “rooster“) with.. possiblechick” – 2with right with.. stand up(-)ongreen grasswith.. ditch with.. “land

&.. “cow” – 1 with.. besidefence” &.. 5with.. right &.. stand up(-)onland with.. “fence

&.. white little birdwith right with.. distance &.. up(-)on bank with.. large water basin

&.. “turtlewith right with.. sitting up(-)on bank with water basin with.. facing direction I go

&.. little dark birdwith right with sitting up(-)onfixturewithin water with.. large water basin with.. thatfount” &.. with facing my direction &.. withheadfacing sparing right

&.. “littlewhite egret with right with.. looking away with.. standing within that.. ditch

&.. “cat” (“Beautiful” – “black” &.. white with.. 1 eye &.. “who stays away for long time“) within darkwith.. center of.. view within corner behindfence” &.. up(-)onfence rail

You “know” – that “entire surface” of.. a “planet” would be.. &/or be with.. “face” (“half face”

&/or “half face multiple” – each – be(-)cause this would be, or was, of.. living being) with The

open awareness (&.. that was “first noticed” when I was “re(-)viewing” the “Martian planetary

surface” – “different pictures” with “black” &.. white “tone” – &.. “huge face” the “entire length”

of.. “section” of.. “plane” was obvious – “faint” &/or distant &.. “evident” – with further “faces”)

The open awareness (with “half face multiple”) could be what “ion ge(-)o(-)metries” express

from (possible “Greek”“Hellene” – with AEI OON &.. “always egg” energy being) with later

appearing” to be.. what we “think” we “see” as.. “ground/land” (with.. the being “risen” from

that.. “mass” beyond “shell, cover,” &/or “casing” – as.. “ghost” &/or “spirit through wall”)

&.. with simply “noticing” we could.. view “half face” &.. “half face multiple” with “tree” (from distance &.. within “pictures”) – look with each “huge face” like.. “male” &.. “fe(-)male” – &.. the open awareness &.. living being could be.. “found” to be.. “busy” &.. viewing “humanoid” life that would be.. “surrounding” (&.. that “extends” to.. “branches” – like the leaves &.. I have

“Given” true “picture” evidencebefore – with this, with.. possible “male” being “face” with, as, the “branches” &.. “leaves” of.. “tree” – Natural “naked beauties” with.. “fe(-)male” being life would be.. “appreciated” &.. “observed” &/or “guarded” &.. “watched”) – truth is.. I have “seen ethereal face” looking from “trunk” of.. “oak” (within the energy state), could be that..

&.. this would be from “tree” with “picture” that I have “found” before, not with “presentation”

until “now” (the previous “picture” I was.. not “able” to “find” – I had.. “removed” that from the

previous “version” with “site” up(-)on “thinking” the “features” were “faint” – &.. this “new one”

with “soft” light energy would be above &.. beyond) – “branches” with leaves have eye &.. eye

“lid” (&.. “pupil”) &.. look with that.. possible “squirrel face” within center, &.. below that this

“fellow chip(-)munk face” with “nose” (eye &/or “nostril” with “face”) &.. “mouth” &.. “cheek”

(actual “chin” &.. eye “brow” would be.. visible, too, with.. the “face” with central “fore(-)head,

crown” with the larger “face” with this, &.. each visible “face” with “reverse”), &.. I have “seen”

each “art” with that (“older” W.D. &.. “King’s X’ Gretchen Goes To Nebraska” &.. “Pocahontas”)

* Look with.. “hexagonal” – this “whole tree” (“branches” &.. leaves) could be.. “truncated icosahedral” (with “seed”egg the energy has.. spiral forth &.. would be “geo(-)metrical” truth – that.. “tree” – like.. “cranium/skull” &.. brain with.. “channels” with.. brain “stem”)

with.. obvious “(s)ciuridae half face multiple” visible – the “huge face” (&.. the “family” has..

“energetic relationship” with.. “tree” – that could be.. “spirit” &/or “physical” expression of..

being &/or “tree spirits” – &/or this.. “tree” [w]ould be.. “acknowledging” their “presence”)

&.. with “picture” with water with the “ocean” &/or beside “beach” would be the “standing”

wavewe would “think” that that would be what that would be, yet.. I have “started noticin’

faces” like.. “riding” the wave (like “surfer”) – &.. with looking, lo’ &.. behold, the “little figure”

at.. “top” &.. “half face multiple” “puppy dog-sorta half face” &.. “almost human half face”

below that (the “crown” &.. “fore(-)head” with.. “huge face” with awareness) with.. “(c)reature

from(.. l)agoon-sorta” with large “figure” (with “re(-)verse” – “half face multiple” with possible

large “figure” with.. being like.. “James Allen” with.. “little figure” below – &/or “potent” being

actuality – beyond &.. with “dark dad” &.. “mom world-wearied” – Could be.. “drink” of.. water

– “per(-)haps” – “re(-)freshing” as.. 1 “positive” &.. “feeling” this.. “feeling” with.. “positivity”)

* Within the energy state I have “found” him &.. he “writes” like.. “Gypsy Sun (&) Rain(-)bows,” with.. color pens,” &.. he has “electric guitar,” with “drums” &.. “studio-kinda practice room”

(having “written” that “whole” song I have with him in “mind” – I “enjoy” the way he sings with

each “note” &.. I have that, with “Alex de Grassi” &/or “Segovia finger-picking,” &.. “cosm(-)ic”

awareness – &.. not having “recording” with that yet “wondering” if.. he “heard” this, he “gave

mention” with song he has – “Can’t remember” what that would Be – with communication

“(..)you might have heard that” or.. “it”&.. he has that.. “cool breeze move” that standing

on the side of.. that “bass drum, horizontal” having been..harassedby.. “ghost entity,”

understand that I have, then, left with this &.. could “record” what I have, later, if.. possible)

&.. this would be.. actual evidence that I have “found” with viewing “video” that.. S.C. would

“present” (look with.. the “big round eyes” of.. open awareness communicating this “reality”

of, with, &.. as existence &/or what “seems” to be.. “cloud/vapor” Yet.. would be.. being with..

“elemental” &/or “denser” energy “surrounding” that.. wave energy “reality” with the “face”)

You “see” – the “puppy dog” eye would be “truncated icosahedral” (with “hexagonal pupil”),

&.. “body” of.. “fish” (“truncated icosahedral” with.. “hexagonal” below), &.. then “truncated

icosahedral fe(-)male breast” (&.. “hexagonal areola”) – obvious “energetic force” &.. “feeling”

that “drives” the “physical” form &.. experience, &.. what “creation” of.. “world” would.. be) –

Our “solar system” (the “planets” &.. “moons”) would have that like.. “stars” &.. “nebulas”

&.. “most” obvious would be egg “multiple” light &.. energy with.. The open awareness that

One energy state “visit” their was.. “older man” with.. “glasses” &.. “cap” (if.. I “remember” that right) having “visited” – “parked” on the “drive(-)way” – within what “seemed” like that “yellow box,” like.. “ski lift cab” &/or “ferris wheel standing cab” (&.. he had that.. “dis(-)pleased” look like I “knew” what is “up”), &.. he would “board” that, later, &.. “shot”“rising” – “straight” up

(“around” 2 “seconds” that.. “cabin” about “barely visible” – like.. sky high “speck” – &.. “gone” within no “time” – possible “anti-gravity reality”) he was.. holding that “clip(-)board” (within “different” energy state “visit”) &.. he was “found” standing “near(-)by” their “stacks” of.. “wood crates” within “fencing” (with.. possible “astral” view within space – 5 obvious “von Braun-like double ring” space “stations” were visible &.. “close cords hung down” from within “dark” sky)

* “M(-)el(-)chi(-)zed(-)ek” communicated existence of.. mer kab a (my “spacing” &.. “lower case lettering”) – I “think” he “re(-)ceived” the “science” of.. that existence with.. possible (light) “cab” always (that “Greek” word MER &.. “English” word “cab” &.. “Greek” word AEI) from or with..

“Thoth” – &.. this is what, I think, we look like on the high “level” of.. existence (I’ve seen what he has communicated, too, would be “star tetrahedron”) – I had no “idea” this existed, except one word in.. their “Encylopædia Britannica” (I simply “read” their “description” &.. had “yoga meditation” then.. one “day” stood within the energy state with energy “body”), &.. we “realize exactly” what that “movie” (“2001: A Space Odyssey”) was communicating (Life with.. “calling” the “Bow(-)man” – to.. view true “ge(-)o(-)metria” – with “male, fe(-)male,” vibrational “Voices”)

&.. the being we “think” we “term” with “word-name Mercury” could be.. actual living being having.. “face” (with.. ear &.. eye &.. “mouth” &.. “nose” obvious with.. “mirroring”), &.. each “animal” &.. “humanoid” form would be.. “different” with.. central “stack” with.. each “face” visible (like “com(-)plex” or “simplicity” of.. “multiple” life forms &/or possible previous “lives” experience), &.. we could “ask Our(-)self” why we have.. existence up(-)on the “geo(-)metrical” being within space or.. simply understand the natural truth like.. “parent” with “child” &/or “elder” &.. “little-bitty-truncated-icosahedral-form-awareness playing, learning, growing,” experiencing with.. “bio(-)logical” form within.. the “wonder” of.. true “order/organization”

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&.. with “noticing face” with.. “planet” – a “few” (Awareness with.. “re(-)peating pattern”) – I “found” the “pic” with.. space with.. planet Earth (&.. with no “cloud cover” with.. “land mass” – as.. before – would be.. that “huge” possible “face” with.. that “size” of.. “essentially half” of..

the United States of America &/or what the “Nibiru planetary body research” had “provided” previous – I have been “wondering” if.. each “face” could have “flat plane surface” or could be actual “face pro(-)longation,” with.. the being looking beyond with each “feature” &/or with..

“truncated icosahedral” form, &.. thus, within the energy state, I’m “given help” seeing this)

* Looks “alien/exotic” &/or “off-planetary” (“humans” didn’t “create” the “human race”)

You “know” what the “entire land mass” of.. the “west coast” &/or “western sea(-)board” of..

“North America” (from.. “Alaska” with.. “Alaska Range” to.. “Rocky Mountains” with.. “Coast Mountains” to.. “Baja”) would be?  “Rooster” (&/or “Cocky”) with.. “lion bird” (&/or “camel-like creature”) “cat face collective” (with.. possible “aged humanoid” &.. “wide” possible “rodent”) “half face multiple” (&.. “basically” that “fourth” of.. America) with energy vibration of.. The open awareness (&/or what “appears” to be.. the “face” of.. the “Song(-)bird” that would be..

the “harmonious” vibrational &/or “organized structural sound” wave of.. high Awareness)

* Not.. “camel-like creature” &.. was “thinking” that could be.. “Os(-)cine” thus.. open wave)

You have.. the “Gi(-)za land plat(-)eau” (GE would be.. “world” &.. ZAO would be.. “lively” &/or

“energetic/vibrant” with.. “Greek, Hellene”) having.. “half face multiple” with.. that “diamond

pyr(-)am(-)id” (&/or “octahedron”) – “pur(-)am(-)is” (light energy) – “crown” (with.. high being

awareness with.. angle within “truncated icocashedral orb” form with.. egg “multiple” with..

egg with.. wave energy with.. The open awareness), &.. “op(-)posite” that would be.. possible

life with.. possible “military bent, pro(-)tective head(-)gear, spect(-)acle, tiring” (or “sad” eye &..

“breast(-)plate” &/or “hard” (“lack” of) true open “heart” &/or true life (the “cat/fe(-)line/lion”

energy beside “both”“up(-)right” &.. “down(-)cast”) – “Wee star” with.. possible “Or(-)i(-)on”

3 has.. “re(-)ported re(-)presentation” (&.. the light energy being has.. true communication)


The “reddish-orange” &.. “blue” (&.. “yellow-green”) planet would not be.. “red” &/or “war

like” (the living form would be.. “fruit” with.. egg “multiple” with.. egg with.. wave &/or open

awareness) – “thinking” like.. “base mort(-)al” (like.. S.C. with “graphic” &.. “t-shirt merch”) yet..

with awareness beyond.. “vis(-)ualize children” &/or “kids” with.. white “t-shirts” with.. “face”

&/or “half face multiple” with.. each planet &.. Sun &.. each “nebula” (&.. “full color joy” with

[“back(-)ground color” &/or space with.. white “borders” with.. each “plate”] &.. “happiness”)

&.. gold&.. “dark mark puppy dogwith.. stand withinstreetto.. “walkright &.. up(-)on

&.. “littlewhite egret with right within green grass with.. ditch with.. facing my direction

&.. white possible egret with right within distance with.. stand &..wing flap up(-)on bank beside water with.. “hugewater basin with.. facing away from.. that &.. facing my direction

[&.. hawk with flight left to right with.. abovebuilding, struct(-)ure,” to.. forward toward]

This would be.. the high “re(-)solution” with “picture” with.. this “termed” the “Fort” on “Mars” (look with “rotation” then.. view obvious eye “socket” with “pupil” with “ball”) – I have “found” at least 3 “re(-)ferences” with.. “cranium/skull” with.. evidence (possible “Martian humanoid” &.. possible “primate” &.. “head” with “wet” with eye) yet.. would not be able to “provide” that with(-)out previous “computer” the “way” I have, before, with “ad(-)justment” with “degree” (&..

obvious “mouth” with.. “lips” – below – &.. eye “socket” with.. “littler head” to.. side – that one was.. “found” not.. “happy, sadness,” possible “re(-)ference” to what could have.. “happened”)

* “Littler head” has.. what “looks” like.. 3 “watery places” with that.. “lower lid” with.. eye

&.. what could that.. “anatomical reference” with.. “structure” be (possible “primate skull”

doesn’t look too “humanoid” – with.. “length” of.. “mouth” &.. “lip flaps”) – with.. “face” with “fore(-)head” &.. “Face” with “fore(-)head” with that (like.. within each “primate body” form

could be.. the “astral” form each has with.. “inner(-)most” form within “head” with that, like..

“cute hidden little orb” with.. what could possibly be.. all these “little truncated icosahedral

orb beings” simply “growing” within “worlds” with.. “different animalistic” &/or “humanoid”

form – “playful” &.. not “bored” – &.. I’ve seen “Negroid group” with white look – “bone” form

with obvious “reference” looks “equivalent” to what I have seen with.. their “flatter low-nose

mask-like stretch,” each side, to.. &/or as.. “cheek-rise” to.. “ear” – within the energy state)

* Would be.. “animal” – not “humanoid” – &.. had “thought” that could be “reptoid” form

* “Lower cheek bone” would be.. that “length” with.. the “bone ridges” or.. the “teeth”

* “Animalistic” form could be.. for “little spirit entity” &.. “truncated icosahedral” being with.. “human” form – evidence would be.. with “structure” above &.. within, as, the “uni(-)verse”

&.. possible “half face pair” (“clear” with.. “edit” – “lighting”) – within “front” with.. the “fourth planet” – with “rotation” at.. 90° would exist with.. “cosm(-)ological etching” with quite a view (light “epidermis” being with.. open “eyes” &.. look up to.. central “alien” &/or their “littleness” of.. “spirit” with.. “sorry great fear coming” from.. “around crown” – with.. “around” 7 “faces” – &.. possible “wo(-)man cradling” baby within “arms” each “head” visible – &/or “couple”

“man” sitting with.. “arm” with “hand” up(-)on her “hip” &/or “thigh” &.. “wo(-)man” standing with.. “arm” with “hand” up(-)on his “shoulder” – of.. “looking” within “eyes” of.. “significance” &/or “other” would be visible in or on the “surface” of.. “Mars”) – that could be “thought” form (&/or “memory”) of.. “former truncated icosahedral” being we “think” would be “planetary”

With that.. “5-sided pyr(-)am(-)id struct(-)ure” having been “found” up(-)on planet “termed

Mars” we have that.. “D&M” (“first letter” with.. each “last name” of.. later “Vincent D.” &/or

“Gregory M.”), &.. with B.H. having “re(-)cent post” with his later “re(-)view” we (&/or I with his

previous “help”) “found” that.. “half face multiple” within that “struct(-)ural” form (with later

“ad(-)just(-)ment” we “find” the “cat/fe(-)line/lion whole face” with each “half face” with that),

&.. that [actual “half”] form &/or “cat/fe(-)line/lion” would be.. with “on(-)ly” 1 of.. 5 “sides”

&.. egret not with the visible white with right with.. stand up(-)ongrasswith.. facing

&.. possible puppy dog with right &.. sitting up(-)on table withinyardwithinfencing

&.. hawk with flight right with.. above &/or beside a(-)part(-)ments &.. possiblegrass land

&.. duckgroupwith right with.. sitting up(-)ongrasswith.. beside black met(-)al gate

&..darkduck with that left with flight within the distance then (with.. my “turnleft) right with.. facing direction I go

&.. “cat” (possible..stripey“) with right up(-)ongrassor.. “drivewith.. sitting with.. facing

&.. with the “pyramids” &.. “multiple” with.. true “planetary thought” form wave with.. The open awareness we see that has “both”each side – “left” &.. right – that.. “huge half face” with.. “cat/fe(-)line/lion” (“top hair” like “can(-)ine”) with.. “half face multiple” (with.. “figure”) central has.. possible “froggy” form of.. “little” possible “king” (with.. “its big nose”) sitting, &..

“half face multiple” with.. side has.. “lion face” like possible “Viking” with obvious long “hair” (a.. “fun time, sea travel,” life &/or “space(-)farer” up(-)on “waves” of.. living “cosm(-)os”) &..

“per(-)haps seeming” life within “first de(-)cades” of.. 2000 wasn’t.. real &.. truth “pre(-)vails”)

&.. largeblack&.. whitepuppy dogwithbriefright &.. facingstat(-)ionary veh(-)i(-)clewith.. 4 people &/or “group” &/or theirfamily

&.. “per(-)sonwith.. big ol brown (&.. white) puppy dogwith.. “leashwith right with.. up(-)onside(-)walk

&.. whiteibis”  (with.. longorange bill“) with right with.. stand up(-)on bank with water with water basin with.. “fount

&.. whitebird” (&/or egret) with flight left to right above &/or beyondwires, street, trees

&..reddishbrowncowwith right within distance (with.. possible eatingfrom &/or with.. obvioustroughwith.. what was.. “putbefore that) with.. stand up(-)onlandwith “fencing

Within the energy state I have seen (&.. among other available pictures” we have) “base” on our “moon surface” – “building, struct(-)ure” (with.. long “rect(-)angular shape” within “dark”)

with.. “astronaut suit-like material” (light “fabric/texture color”) for “walls” – &.. that was after viewing bright white “moon rock” within the light of.. the sun (later – viewing within “dark” of..

open space – a.. “ship” was visible with “disk” with “elongated span” – that “low-rise craft hull” with extension the “length” of.. “middle hull” &.. “half” that, or.. “sleek” – &.. “corbel curves” held to “hull” &.. “span” – not of.. “regular U.F.O. disk-shape” look – &.. with view inside were 2

actual “humanoid male beings”“middle(-)weight class” – with their “identical body(-)suits” with.. sitting at that.. “ship cont(-)rol panel” with.. “flat desk-like surface” with.. long “stretch”)

We could see “pretty good half face multiple” obvious with this “colorful sat(-)ellite termed

Europa” (the being &.. “peri(-)pheral” planet of.. “Jupiter” being with.. “face” with.. “half face

multiple”) – “re(-)ported found” by.. “Galileo di Vincenzo Bonaiuti de Galilei” – &/or “book”

open with.. “hand holding” that, with.. “face” with that &.. “face” above that &.. “face” above

that (&.. so on) – he could be.. “known” the “Aqua(-)ri(-)us poly(-)mathes” &.. “why” the “cool,

energetic,” planet (like.. “ruddy study not-really-fuddy-duddy buddy”) would be.. “known”

&.. “cattle” – 3 (2 possibledarkwith.. 1 possible reddishbrown or.. brown) – with right with.. sitting &/or standing under &/or beside treewith.. up(-)onlandwith.. “fencing

&.. white egret with right with.. sitting within middle ditch with.. facing direction I go..

&.. large white egret with right with flight in(-)to.. &/or with.. ditch &.. facing direction I go

&.. white egret with right withcrouch” &/or sitting with.. left side bank with ditch &.. facing my direction (“Galileo” could have “found” this true living form yet.. would, possibly, not be.. “why” &.. “ruddy not-really-fuddy-duddy buddy” would, possibly, not be.. “best de(-)scription” with this being not with.. “flush cheek” yet.. possibly 1 “hell” of.. a “wondrous fuddy-duddy”)

(&.. white possible egret with right within that.. “fardistance with.. right side with ditch)

(&.. baby white egret (possible 2) with right with.. “green grasswith that ditch with.. facing)

&.. we have.. “faint” visibility with.. possible “half face multiple” with.. that “di(-)git(-)ization” above, with.. prob(-)able “nept une” (“net one”), &.. eye &/or “mouth” with “low lip” would be..

visible with possible “nostril” within “green” variety “band” (&.. “fore(-)head” &/or “crown” has “ex(-)ample” of.. possible “prim(-)ate” with.. that, &.. “fore(-)head” &/or “crown” with that has..

“glee” with “joy” with.. open heart with.. “face”) – You “sciences, re(-)ligions, net(-)works,” could

open up to &/or with “fact” that.. “planet” has.. “face” &/or “half face multiple” with.. “animal”

(our “fellow” being we Love) with.. the “humanoid” (We would be.. “better” than.. your “dark

drive/press(-)ure” with(-)out true love &.. creative being – “lack” of.. true “motive” you have)

&..bird” – that large group with right &.. stand up(-)onlandwith.. water (afterrain“)

&..turtlewith right &.. up(-)onstruct(-)ure” (with.. angle) with.. facing up, away from, ditch

&.. “per(-)sonwith.. largedark gray” &/or brownpuppy dog” (with.. standing) with.. “leashwith right withingreen grasswith.. facing

&.. large puppy dog within middleseatwith.. “veh(-)i(-)cle” &.. “per(-)son driveleft to right

&.. hawk with center with flight within distance to right with.. circling2 with.. “curving around

&.. “black &.. gold speckle catwith right up(-)on drive&/or behind parked veh(-)i(-)cle

&.. [true being like.. living planet with.. “face” &.. “half face multiple” could..] “strength(-)en

lives” with each “nation” beyond “death &/or “wish” of..over(-)ly pro(-)creative de(-)sire”

(“in(-)timate” being with awareness) “Why” has “CNN, Discover, National Geographic,” the

“ven(-)erable New York Times,” R.C.H., the “re(-)sident” of.. the United States of.. America (&..

each “land”), Time ‘zine, Today show,” not “given news” of.. “Highest, never(-)ending, rating?”

[&.. “per(-)sonwith largegold” &.. whitepuppy dogwith.. “leashwith right with.. “walkup(-)onside(-)walkwith.. facing my direction]

&.. “black hen” – 2with right &.. stand &/or within different section, yard,” with.. “fence

&.. white egret with right within distance &.. stand within ditch &.. facing direction I go

&.. whitebird” – 2with flight left to right abovestreet” &.. behind &/or beyondwires

* Not to.. “mention books, movie, t-shirts” (“Big bucks, cash money, rolling in the dough,” ya wouldn’t be.. “able” to.. “hold back viewer(-)ship,” or.. “did” ya “kill off your.. “audience”)?

& catwith.. “goldwith.. right withinyardwith.. lookdownup(-)on with.. facing..

&.. “dark duck2with.. flight left to right within distance beyondwires” &.. “building

Have you “seen” that.. “picture plate” with.. “Pluto” “smiling” with.. bright open eye look

above?  We have, per(-)haps, this “best” evidence with.. “half face multiple” (with.. “different

picture”) – we understand living “planet” with “noticing” the “different” look that would be..

“present” &.. that this being has.. “face” – with.. each “feature” visible – not “different” from..

You &.. each “per(-)son” we “think” we “know” at.. “present” (&.. that could be.. “Awesome”)

&.. each “moon” has.. “vestige” – “sign” – of.. former “original” egg with.. “hexagonal” (like..

each “orb” &.. planet &.. sun &.. “nebula”) within “truncated icosahedral” “(..)on” – form

* Their “Uranus moon” has.. “half face multiple” – each side – visible (&.. with “opposite”) –

each “feature” with “seeming marking In(-)volves” that.. “face” &/or “multiple” (would be “why”

each “solar system” form – “sun” &.. “planet” &.. “moon”looks so) – &.. they could be.. true

living “beings” no “different” than what you would be.. within brain with “head” (then.. your

“body” would be “cool ride, wonderful vehicle,” you as.. “orb” would be.. “taking” for.. “time”

experience with.. “planet/world,” &.. “while” that life would be.. with(-)out “humanoid” &/or

“animal” form – spiral like &/or as.. “radiance” &/or wave of.. the “sun” – they have their “cool

collective” &/or “family group”) – we could.. “suppose extra-planetaries” as.. forms within a..

“happening science book” yet.. “note” possible “puppy dog face” &.. “multiple feline faces”

&.. life would simply Not be.. what we could be “led” to.. “believe” with.. “schools” of.. “lack” of.. true “thought” &/or “seeming official sources” – we could “see” that truth with.. simple “observing” – &.. the “space-faring group” that “built” (&/or awareness with “expressing”) that..

obvious (as.. would be “re(-)ported”) “Moon dome structure” has.. “known” (&/or would be) of.. the existing “reality” as would be with.. each “half face multiple” with “feature” (&.. “close observation” would “find” that the “entire surface” &.. possible “structure” &/or true “thought” – open &.. “creative” – would be.. with “faces” at.. each angle &.. “direction” – “multiple” – &..

this true “creation” would be.. The open awareness &.. energy “ringing out face” &.. spiral – of.. “course” – in(-)to “whole figure” – what we “think” would be “animal” &.. “humanoid” life)

We have a.. people with their “dome technology” &/or “thought” with The open awareness “knowing” &/or being the truth with.. that possible “orb face” (with awareness) &.. possible “astral face” then.. obvious “physical” form with.. “arm” (that “bent extending) &.. “chest” &..

“shoulder” (“half face multiple” with 6 to.. 12 “animal” &.. “humanoid faces” – “up(-)right”) –

“shorter whole figure” &.. “little figure” would be.. “found” (“opposite” &.. “half face multiple involving” their possible 6 to.. 12 “animal” &.. “humanoid faces”) &.. that would simply be “observing” the “top half” (this “entire structure” or “thought bubble” has.. “multiple faces”)

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&.. understand the Sun has.. “proven” to be with “hexagonal” (first egg side with each egg side “around” – 1 &.. 6 – &.. 1 of.. 32 “hexagon” to.. “pentagon sides”) – this “means” existing “truncated icosahedron” form (with.. “round” look that “outer corona”), &.. what is “thought” active “plasma” energy “plumes” have.. each “half face multiple” &/or each “face” with.. this “reality” being what obvious “creation” would be (with The open awareness &.. “ring” energy “summary” I.. “realize” with.. this “Greek”“Hellene” “research” &.. “picture” evidence &..

energy state awakening) – &.. “latent truncated icosahedron” would be visible with “picture”

* 2016 would be.. the “given year” with.. “hexagonal” visible with.. “satellite techno(-)logy”

You “know” – 2 “dark hair males,” not.. “smiling” &.. with “black robes,” were “seen” within the energy state with my “visit” (I “guess both” had.. “called” with.. possible previous “reading”), &..

having “mentioned both” with.. Previous “site” (their standing – “watching” – &.. later sitting) I..

“experienced such likeness mimicked” (“Holly(-)woodified, Wachowskied, pair”) with.. “second movie termed The(ir) Matrix(..)” (he &.. he – “dark hairy dudes” – had.. “taken” the true “Initial Stories” &.. “put” that within histheir – “movie, mixed” with.. his “club experiences” – “get a load” of.. their “half(-)way watch(-)able Thomas Anderson” with “The Architect” with.. their having “copied, mimicked,” my “initials” &.. “Greek” word “research” &.. the “office job” with that “cubicle” &.. “grand(-)parents’ orange sofa chair” &.. “…s” then &/or “Trinity” &.. “temple”)

&.. standing within that energy state – [with what I had “thought” was] the “drive(-)way” – I..

could see what could be.. possible opening &/or “door(-)way” of.. “ship” &/or possible “craft” (with.. later view of.. “blond” hair being – open “eyes hard” &.. “tight”  [“harsh”] with.. look), &.. “day” or.. so later, or within a week, there I was – within the energy state – within “foyer” –

looking – with “risen stark dread” (yet.. “determined” quiet “presence”) – “blond” hair being with “huge, round,” form &.. [“interest”] was.. looking in.. “down(-)ward [slant” &.. up(-)on] the window (&.. later, with.. having “returned” to.. “physical” form “resting” within my bed – that..

“dark” &.. “early morning” or.. “next day” – I could “feel” the energy state form “taken UP” &.. off the bed &.. being moved out(-)side – within “arms” – &.. I “ran” – “fast” – to.. “check” on..)

You “know” – he was.. “good enough” to.. “visit” (I had.. “given” kind-of.. “vocal challenge-of-sorts”), &.. each “time” I would.. “pull back” &.. simply not “get involved” (I “pair” up, not “team up” &/or “go gun(-)crazy” as.. was “pro(-)jected” with “movie” – “years” before.. I had “found” 5

“beings” with.. “black clothing,” within the energy state, &.. had left after “negative attitude” toward their “ominous-yet-not-violent drab presencewith.. their “group pro(-)jecting hitwith what “felt” their “negative beam” right in(-)to my “chest, heart,” &.. “they” were “movied” in(-)to “humanoid-like agents,” &.. 1 “day” I had “noticed brilliant ball” with “blinding” light &..

“non-stop powerful” wave, thus “ship” – &.. I was “writing” my truth on “forum” in ’98 to.. ’99)

* 1 “red booth-looking carriage” was actually (within open air) “lowered” from that, this..

could have been where that “phone booth idea” was from (if not previous K.R. “show”) – I had “opened” the “sliding back door” with previous previous previous “house” (&.. previous “story” was within previous previous “house”), went out(-)side, &.. later went “back-ward back” in – &..

MY “friend” with his “brothers” (with their “mother”) were “referenced” (previous “stories”) as..

“crew” (&.. “Oracle” – her “help”), &.. I had “written” of.. “meditation” (not “red, blue, pills”), the 2 “spinning bar tech(-)no things” be(-)came.. their “squiggly technology thing” with.. 2 “scenes” (had “re(-)ported” their “entries”), &.. white &/or “metal rabbit” (their “tattoo”) &.. the “Yogi”)

&.. “days” (or “weeks”) thus I was.. standing within the energy state &.. “rolling green” field vast with.. “lushness” would be.. far as the eye could see (&.. there is.. “Eilleen Regina” with..

her leaning forward &.. looking upon the “rich hue” &.. beauty I would be), &.. “Puppy” would be here, &.. I view that opening with “structure” &.. went within (&.. then the “tall” – “huge” –

“blond” hair “female” with.. plain brown cloth would be.. visible with.. Her “dance”), &.. then after experiencing that possible “fellow” human being with.. “dark” hair with.. “inter(-)loping,

meddl(ing),” there was the “group” with.. each “male” standing – “tall” with “variety” &.. with “Viking” kinda-like “clothing” – with.. “elder male” with sitting “quiet” – within their midst –

&.. HIS communication“Don’t Do That” – would.. be with.. “Tenderness” &.. “GRAVITY”

&.. we have.. “Disney’s Atlantis(..)” with.. my word “research” (&.. “Michael” with.. bright light

“sphere”), &.. “Disney’s” (&.. “Pixar’s”) “Monsters, Inc.(,)” with “brainy” eye “Mik(..),” &.. “Disney’s

Lilo & Stitch” – “piecing together” – &.. “Sky(-)dolphin” (“ship”/”internet name”) &.. “single” eye

(&.. “Michael”) – with.. my “No(-)body gets left behind” &.. VH “ship” – &.. “Universal Picture’s

Bruce Al(-)mighty” &.. “Eye(-)witness News” (&.. “place of birth” in.. “New York”), &.. “Universal

Picture’s The 40 Year-old Virgin” &/or my “Sun” in.. “Virgo” (&.. “Venus” in.. “Leo”), &.. “Disney’s”

(&.. “Pixar’s”) “Ratatouille” &.. MY “cooking” &.. “L(eo)” &.. “finding rodent” (&.. “care” with that),

&.. “Disney’s” (&.. “Pixar’s”) “Wall•E” &.. “boxes/para(-)graphs” (&.. T.), &.. “20th Century Fox’s

Avatar” (my “story” with “blue Krishna” &.. “Greek” – HODOS ALETHEIA ZOE – with.. “Zoe”)

* “Krishna” later “brought” me to be with Him (He looks “just” like the “paintings” with Him

with.. “gold hat crown” &.. simple “dark hair” &.. “quiet eyes” &.. “blue epidermis” with.. “vast out(-)door scenery” with Him) – I “appeared” sitting with him sitting with.. my Open “eyes”

with.. Him viewing me &.. later communicating “brief tone” (He could “tell” that.. I – sitting “opposite” at.. “table” – would be within my “heart” then.. His “blue color evaporated” from His “humanoid” form &.. the Natural “India male” form was the “color” with.. look He has I

understand His communication would be.. “HUMANITY” &.. “good” energy “just shrinking,

melting,” the way I would be &/or was &/or could be.. possibly sorta “over(-)whelmed, now” away, with..  possible “focus” on that “gone, disappeared,” &.. we “rest” with “heart release”)

&.. “Dream(-)Work’s How To Train Your Dragon” with my.. “hand movements” with my “Bear” (with “color” with.. “eyes” with “intelligence”), &.. “Disney’s” (&.. “Pixar’s”) “Brave” with “bear” &..

“blue” &/or “El(..)” with &/or as.. “spirit” with.. “RED HEAD” (with “picture found” at.. that “time”) – you have these within your “computer” &/or “digital” or.. “DVD” or.. “video collection,” right?

* “Movies” were “star vehicle(“lacking relatable story”) – “waned” – at the “time” &.. I “felt” I would “provide” my “stories” with.. having energy state awakening (from ’96 &.. “wonderful” –

“interesting/compelling” – “discoveries” with.. “meditation” &.. “release” with the energy form)

We “realize” the Sun has “faces” (the “truncated icosahedral orb” &/or form would be with..

The Open awareness with.. each awareness with this) – the being “face multiple” &.. “elder” &.. “exotic” – &.. this “prominence” has.. each “face” with &/or as.. that “whole, entire,” space field &/or light wave (&.. we understand, then, what “creation” would be) – I “think” this kinda looks “similar” to.. what that “Face on Mars” could be (obvious “face multiple” with.. the open awareness) with.. “reflecting cosmic” truth &/or “referencing” with “re(-)plicating” that (with..

possible “builders” as.. R.C.H. would communicate) – &.. the space right beside that has that

&.. each being has.. “gear” like “sword” &.. “shield” (with.. central being with, also.. brown “hat”) &/or possible.. “leather clothing” with.. “straps” &.. simple “cloth” – that would be.. view before what I “heard” (1 “fellow” has, also, brown “dark curl hair” with light “epidermis” &.. he has look to.. “left” – with my view – with.. his possible look “straight” forward to opening with..

“ship”) – &.. then I “felt huge, trem(-)endous, force” vibrating like.. “voluminous body” that..

“must” be.. “huge craft” (&.. “rising fast,” with.. me looking up(-)on ‘Gina &.. “Pup”she had..

been walking forward with.. looking up(-)on that “grass” &.. was now standing right beside the “craft” with him with.. “rising” up &.. “down” &.. up &.. “down” with.. “front paws” – I could Not “go” with(-)out – each look at, with, Tobin Michael Alland Love &.. “re(-)turned” here)

&.. Eilley &.. W’up’ had.. both been looking up – open “eyes” &.. “enlivened” expression – at &/or with the “powerful mass” of.. that “ship” (they “must know” with the out(-)side view of..

“hull” – I.. “wonder” what that “looks” like) “rising” (I.. “wonder” what that “looks” like, too), &..

later, within the energy state &.. within “room” – Wupperton had.. “eyes” open &.. was under

the blue “laundry basket[,]” [he “near” the bed with.. that “up(-)side down,”] with.. heart open

with.. “happiness” &.. his “rise” with.. “front paws” (“going” up he “wished” to go, be, like me

&.. I couldn’t leave with(-)out love), &.. he is.. my “Good boy” (‘Leen could have been looking

“up” &.. “around” when I wasn’t, [she “care(-)ful” with.. “land” the “hill-valley terrain,”] &.. this

would be.. the “things” with.. true Nature [with.. my “presence” with.. their “humanity”])..

&.. I’m not “sure” if.. that “group” would be.. “Anunnaki” &/or “Nephilim” (I have “root” word “description” below) – the “Elder” simply “gave” possible.. “summary” to.. “help” each beyond what I was “en(-)countering pro(-)jected” toward my existence, before, &.. her “dance” was..

“reflective” of.. “woman” experiencing my “release” (with.. “phi(-)male”) from “such” or.. that, with her each “grunt” with “head turned” to.. side &.. each “hand” (“snaps” with “fingers”) &..

“arms raised” (I’m.. remembering what I have seen – can’t “relate” the “exact occurrence” – &..

have “presented” so much more, actually, to.. what I have before with this – “equal” ‘RE, too)..

* “Beautiful” B.E. “appeared” &/or “gave” her 1 “little dance move” with standing &.. open “eyes” (up(-)on “reading” that) &.. my standing viewing (her “husband” wasn’t too “happy”)

We could now understand this.. “existing humanoid face reality” with.. sun wave – simply “recognize” our lives &.. the way each egg of.. light being life form “soul” has.. life – &.. what about the “cat”“feline” – or “lion half face” with “fore(-)head” (&.. “half face up(-)side down,

present” above the “crown”)?  Would that, too, be.. “half face multiple” with.. “equal size” (5 – possible 6 “faces” with “half face fore(-)head”) &.. how “cool” – not “ignorance” – would we be?  Why in “helios” would you be with.. “group” not “describing” true being (light &.. love)?

&.. the “reason” why “media” with “U.S. group” would be “talking” energy state “vehicle” &/or

“U.F.O.” – of.. “recent” – would be be(-)cause of.. this true communication – with previous &/or

“present site” I have (I am “understood” with.. simple truth &.. “helping” &.. “exciting” – this I

have “received” with each “witness” communication before Tobin Michael Alland – &.. with my

energy state “visit” – each – &.. true “witness” – each “real ship”) – &.. previous “group” – with

“media” – with true evidence before (“Ancient Aliens” would be “production” that “began after”

previous “site” – with middle 2000 – &.. this “after” each “movie” you “probably” have within

“[adequate] DVD collection” – their “creative” has “picked” up truth &.. put this within “show”),

&.. understand “Buck Rogers” &.. “(..)Trek” &.. “(..w)ars” (below, is that.. “Nibiru mantis face”)?

“NIBIRU” would not be “belief/ideology” &/or “myth(..)” – this.. “describes” the “basic entire process” that could be “creation” &.. we have “letter” 24 “X” (2 “inter(-)merged tetra(-)hedrons allow” &/or would be with.. “dodeca(-)hedral” form &.. “truncated icosa(-)hedral” form like..

the above “dodeca(-)hedral” form &.. “truncated icosa(-)hedral” form we have with evidence “happening”) – &.. “Planet X” would be.. “extra given term” that could “best” be “understood” with.. “star tetra(-)hedron” (24 “sides”) “alignment” with.. each egg &.. “geo(-)metrical” form

* MEGAS POLIS &.. TETRAGONOS &.. DODEKA PULON“great city” &.. “four(-)square” &.. “twelve gates” – would be “large assembly” with 4 “sides” &.. 12 “gate” (12 “pentagonal”) egg –

&.. 24 PRESBUTEROS KATHEMAI PERIBALLO LEUKOS HIMATION would be “four (&) twenty elders sitting, clothed in white raiment” &/or 24 side “information keep” as me(..) “array[ed” with]in [clear/translucent] white “array” (“Picture Graphic” &.. “Meditation gave” me “Help”)

What is “happening” would be.. that S.C. would “mention” his “favored phrase” – “Planet X” –

&.. “try dis(-)missing” the “given word-name” that would be “NIBIRU” (Life would not be about “Jesus” – true IESOUS would be.. each “root” word “meaning” truth each “person” has with each egg “orb” with each brain – or “Revelation” – with “truncated icosahedron” we could..

understand “dodecahedron” then.. could “learn” truth &.. “apply” that with.. “understanding”)

– we have “been” &.. would be.. beyond what &/or “how” we “think” we “see” &/or experience as.. “humanoid” form (The open awareness has vibration that “ring” energy to.. wave energy “solid” with.. each “face”) &.. we have “group” within “Rome” with.. their “control operation hellaciousnessorinvasiveness(in.. America with.. “Britain” &.. “Canada” &.. “Russia”)?

* One daywith D.M.research” &.. P.Y. with meditative helpI awoke within the energy stateafteryoga meditation – &.. “foundenergy body, form, standing, &.. withquietI..

experienced in(-)com(-)pre(-)hens(-)ible&.. viewed spinbefore energy body clear whitish form that.. “seemedtomergewith it(-)self” (like.. wave line waveryI wasnt realizingeachdiagonal&..horizontal“)so.. from within center (me) was TETRAGONOS existent

2 (with.. 4corners” &/or “quartersopen eachlike.. wavey inter(-)sectwith.. that rotation“) &.. Nowordswere &.. nomoving” was.. from my(-)selfbeing with.. “awe

* With 1 more energy state awakening with myquietstandingwas..vastopen space viewable – &.. “shapeof.. clear whitish DODEKA form (12 withsides“), look tobriefleft side

Our “outer solar system” has.. “visit” with.. their “similar” existence (&.. we have.. evidence now), &.. their “system” form has.. the “geo(-)metrical” shape “truncated icosahedral” &.. have each – would be with each life “just” like.. sun &.. planet &.. “nebula” waves (&.. the “root” word “research” has.. “description” with the truth) – I’m not “sure” if.. this would still be here or.. I “wonder” if.. that “planetary system” has “passed” with their “re(-)ported rotational orbit” now “happening” (“just” 1 “astral visit” or.. space flight “re(-)moved”), &.. S.C. “found” more

We may.. understand 1.) “ANUNNAKI” 2.) “NEPHILIM” 3.) “NIBIRU” Not with.. their “basic English” word “translation” – with “language” like “Aramaic” &.. “Hebrew” (with “root” word with true “English equivalent”), possible NI BI=BE RUA – “disturbance of spiral with vibration in(-)to sound &.. solid as ring” – &.. NIB IR RUA – “egg (& fruit) generation creation form inner vibration in(-)to solid as ring” (&.. that later “truncated icosahedral”), &.. NI PHI=PEH LI IM

“expression (of) open vibration me energy” (like.. “human” being with.. the “physical living” state existence) – &.. ANU EN=AYIN NA KI – “We (are) presence (of) natural light-energizing”

NI BI=BE RUA would be the “electro(-)magnetic wave(..)” expression (of) vibrat(ory) “ring” energy &/or NIB IR RUA would be.. the “fruit” (“truncated icosahedral”) “field” (of) energy

&.. within the energy state – long before – I have “seen” the “beings” &.. “ships” like “balls” of..

light that move “fast” within “air” (“playful” with.. people), &.. “beige blond” being with.. her

“arched eyes closed” in &.. with “hook nose” (with her “arched” eye “brows” &.. “prominent

cheeks” – with.. the “serene” look – &.. then with “voice” as.. “two voices” – “mind” being with

the possible.. brain “lobes” wave), &.. “blond(e) hair “couple” with.. their “alert” &.. “mindful

observation” (&/or being &.. “passengers” &.. “ship”), &.. “canine head” being with.. look the

simple “quiet heart” with “smiling” eye (his viewing with viewee “Incredulous”) then.. “head

ease” with “dropping back” (“eyes closed” &.. “glee” &.. “silent laughter” with.. open “heart”)

&.. not “only” would this be.. real “science” (with the energy body within the energy state),

this would be.. real “Star Trek” – within the energy state each “elder” would be: J.D.K. would be with “haggard, sweatish, hair” &.. on a.. kind-of “tear, hastening,” he is.. “good demonstrating involvement, early morning,” then, &.. L.S.N. would be.. within bed &.. has “cool, normal, hair” light with “sweat” &.. kind-of long in “back” of.. “neck” (he has natural “presence” &.. “rest”), &..

inside his heart he communicates the open heart (his love) with “Dee” &.. he “speaks” with the “good warm smile” with.. “eyes” with open being (he would be.. “happy”), &.. the “good doctor” has to.. “free” from.. possible loving “clasp” &.. “does” look to.. right side like.. he doesn’t know that I would know (I think he knew that), his left, &.. “Leo” (eye “down” with “humble” release)

&.. the 2 have “perspiration” with(-)out this possible.. “air conditioning” – “classic guys” with..

their “mere presence” &.. look with each “face” within energy “found” with “visiting” planet above (that “chartreuse” kind-of.. “spirit” look with the obvious “face” – with that large &.. long side “face” with.. “eyes” – &.. with the “angular face” right with “green” &.. “blue” at.. right side

– then.. the “green tone pair” &/or each “observer” with.. open “eyes” looking within space, &..

“elder face” view within space, &.. “telling face” &.. “lion face”), true “news” (each.. “episode”)..

&.. before that, with one previous “visit” (“around” 6), D.K. was quiet, standing, &.. within that “pretty nice place” – like.. “spiffy, brand new, digs” with.. “road vehicle” or.. “ship cabin” – &..

he simply brought hands up as if to say – “be(-)hold” (with.. that look to.. right side, his left)

all the “neat, un(-)packed, stuff,” &.. “pretty crowded within here, don’t you think?” – &.. that “smile” with open “eyes” with open heart (&.. Yes – “stacksa, futuristic-looking, things” within “entire” open “bay door” kinda view), &.. before this he was being “washed” – “sudsy” – within real (“quaint, tried” &.. true) “wood tub round,” &.. before this he was, within the energy state,

too, walking out(-)side with bright heart (open eyes looking) &.. I had brought my arms up &..

“held” him within “grasp, hold” (“harassed” here) – I had said, before, He’s the real “captain”

&.. with “Leonard” first “visiting” he appeared within the “bath(-)room” &.. had that look with..

his “young self” (with.. open &.. possibly “pained” yet.. “energetic eyes”), &.. he brought “hand” up &.. “placed” that.. then – “firm enough” &/or “serious/weighty”up(-)on “wall” &.. simply “gave” that (“ominous” look – I “felt dread” &.. “said NO” &.. couldn’t “bare” he “unhappy”), so,

later (within the energy state), I.. “found” him “walking out(-)side near comic book stand” (the “extra” long – “extended” – “wood box(-)car size-type place”) was.. “present” (he would be very “good” with “the arts” – “movie” – &.. “appreciated youth” with.. “camera” &.. “great, heavy-set,

girls” – like.. his feeling – yet “felt” former “site comic” or “comical” – went with.. “quiet” walk) –

then.. I “wrote typey” about previous 2000 “site” that.. “lead” to.. “Atlantean King movie role”

&.. with “visit” I simply appeared standing &/or moving within that “room” &.. he was.. now within that white “t-shirt” – he standing – &.. walking forward with.. the “eyes” observing &..

“interested” (I.. simply “knew” &.. that is.. how, then, we appeared each.. “time”), &.. then “next” appearance was up(-)on possible “ship” (or.. “facility” or “under(-)ground base”) &.. he went with.. “running dash” in(-)to “arms” of.. 2 standing “males” (plenty were standing within open “room wide”) that.. now “held” him “side(-)ways” – laying &.. looking with.. “smile” with..

most “good heart” (the sort-of “mild-tired” look &.. “accepting” within “eyes”) – the “hilarious amusement” (with truth if I wasn’t – or was – standing with open, quiet, look with.. feel) – &..

now the “boys” could have been “Showing” him “around” that “new(-)found” energy “reality”

&.. with my standing with.. looking forward then.. I was able to see – “opposite” where I would be &.. right in center – “reptilian” being with 2 “different” standing “males” (both with.. “hands” up(-)on “fore(-)arms” – 1 on.. each side with that being with center) – “across” the “room” &..

simply with “eyes” open &.. looking (with.. each – their “whole” large “group” of.. “personnel”) –

that being “bristled” with.. inner “emotive up(-)set” &.. “crescendoed” with communicating (&..

looking with.. my viewing).. “SATHIS” (“head vibrationally shaken,” visual appearance, energy,

of.. 2 “similar heads,” 1 on each.. side, at.. central “resolute negativity, glower, noggin”)

&.. “Leonard” would love “performance, show” (after “visit” 3 with.. “around” 3 days after that..

“news” of.. his “Passing”), &.. my “wish” Earth “clear” of.. “reptilian control” was.. “re(-)flected”

&.. within the energy state he would be within that “seat” &.. “quiet” with look with.. “groups” (each “crew member” with.. that previous “ship” &/or – I “think” – possibly each “male” that..

could have been “reading” the previous 2013 “site version”), now he would be.. “delight” (light open heart), &.. he would be this.. way – “friend” – with.. this very “few” within “seats” (1 with..

look to &/or with.. right), &.. he &.. “Alda” would be “visiting” (standing within “early morning”

or.. evening “dark”) – 1 “tall” woman (having look with.. “evaluation” &.. possible “worry”) then

“got” that.. “mind-runnin’ worrier” &.. “placed” his form within “near(-)by rock” (“energetic”

yet “effective” from.. standing to.. “fast” &.. within her “whole” light white “night(-)gown”),

&.. L.N. would be.. left standing with.. my “quiet” &.. standing “observation” from distance

&.. with “visit” 7 we have.. standing “out(-)side” – like.. before – &.. L.N. has.. view up(-)on Tobin Michael Alland with.. my look with.. him (He would be.. kind-of “serious” &.. “such” would not be.. my “thing” – I had not “picked up” what he communicated, yet.. the “tone” in(-)stead) – We have “day” light “sensitivity” yet he would be “more” the “commander” &.. love could be “more” the true “science officer” (&/or with “Show(-)man” &.. “schau(-)man” – “interestingly enough” – I have “heard, read,” it “said”) – &.. we “both” have that.. lovable giving “tenderness” like “tribble” (&.. with possible “reflecting early visit” with J. &.. with not having to look – this would be “helping” to.. understand my(-)self yet.. “revealing” him &.. that would be “why” I have “said” – later – to “give” him “captaincy”), &.. ST:TVH &.. “score”

* D.K. “re(-)flection” of.. what he “thinks” could.. “re(-)ference” Tobin Michael Alland

&.. we “realize” the NI BI RU energy wave expression &/or possible egg (&.. “fruit”) planetary form has.. “multi(-)color” – “vibrant” – &.. “numerous” waves of.. communication with 1.) the egg “head” (with.. first “face multiple”) – with.. “top”the “primary” (“head” of.. the “half face multiple”) form with.. “surrounding geometric” &.. “animal” life form 2.) the “male” form with.. awareness being open (with “external eyes”) &.. “different” kind of.. “berth” 3.) the above 90° look with “youth” 4.) the “below” 270° look with.. “different” kind of.. being (“note” that “huge” existence – “mantis” form “rising” from.. “crown” &/or “fore(-)head” of.. yellow-green “male”)

&.. our “world” has.. “experienced” being “affected” by.. “scared” – “sick, decaying” – “envious” being with “carnal taste” (“trying” to “fill” inner “empty”) – “it” would be “preying” (&.. probably “reflects” what “it” has “experienced”) – &.. we see “such group” within “news” (&.. “it” would be of.. “inexperienced external fixation” with.. “vagina” – “pointy” with.. inner “strength leonine” – that would not be “young” people yet.. “im(-)maturity” – “vulnerable group” has &/or “needs energetic head cover” like.. natural “hair growth” &/or “motor(-)cycle helmet thrill ride” with.. “religious head(-)dress” or.. “sports helmet,” each “un(-)natural” like.. “war” &/or “braids,” &.. “such” would be from.. “huge male group” with “externalized fixation” with.. “nest egg” &/or “race” for.. “caches, military term,” &/or “hoards” or.. their “stock(-)pile, military history, ego“)

&.. what about “huge half face” above – possible “male” – with “half face multiple” below &.. what about large “reverse half face” – possible “fe(-)male” with “half face multiple” (“him” their possible “muscle”“buff”with energy wave “pattern” &.. possible “big/enormous hair” with.. “reverse” view – “her”), &.. is “her face” actual “half” form “figure” (“arm” extension “down” – like above the “arm” extension “down” – &.. could that be.. “huge half face” below)?

Our “entire” true “creation” (“observable” existence) would be The open awareness &.. light energy with.. each “face multiple” (look within the open space &.. wave “surrounding” that living planet “some(-)where” within) – what this would be would be.. the “strong” &.. “creative world” like.. the “native totem” existence (that “presents” how &.. what “reality” would be)

We “rise” above “established artificial lack-of-true-intelligence” with.. obvious ACTUAL EVIDENCE“why” does evidence (above) look.. “cosmos bear facey” within space?  Are we “tired” of.. “Christian” &.. “Jewish” &.. “Muslim” – each – “patriarchal half(-)a**” (“lacking” the “matriarchal”) “Atlantean karma clown show” with “constant fake news programming” (&.. with “pondering” the “question” let us “re(-)view” each word “translation” with “Allah” & “God” &.. “elohim” – “All” & “ah” being possible “Al” (e)l “ah” would be.. possible “on high” or “the” or “with” &.. “el(ectric)” &.. “realization/awareness” then.. GAD “translated” as.. “coriander” &.. GODEL being “translated” as.. “greatness” &.. “description” of.. EL O HEM &/or “El(ectric)” &.. “circle/orb/ring/sphere” &.. “them/these/they” &/or “beings” with, as, light energy Being)?

* “God” would be.. obvious “word-borrow” &/or their “word-shortening” – “Bible wordage” – “written/recorded” &/or “printed” in “surface place” of.. actual previous “language” word “el” (“electric” &/or “electro(-)magnetic”) &.. “elah” (“electric” &/or “electro(-)magnetic” ah &/or “electro(-)magnetic” awareness) &.. “eloah” (“electric” &/or “electro(-)magnetic ring” ah &/or “electro(-)magnetic ring” (..)awareness) &.. “elohim” (“electric” &/or “electro(-)magnetic ring beings”) &.. “(j)ehovah” (possible ah egg or.. (t)he egg or.. “planet” or.. “projection” or.. “ship”) &.. not simply “Lord” &.. “lord” &.. “master” &.. Master” &.. “sir” yet “kurios” (sun energy open) &.. “theos” (the open) &.. “tsur” (one thee, thou – you – energy) – we have.. light energy being with The open awareness that would be “evident” with brain energy awakening &/or “orb”

&.. we have “cosmic, inter(-)stellar, outer space” communication happening (their right – left – “half face” with previous “cosmic bear face” – my “term” with the evidence – has their “animal” form – obvious – being “canine” or.. “primate” with.. “reverse” having actual “bear half face” with.. “fore(-)head” with possible “animalistic humanoid half face bulky” &.. there would be “tired” eye &.. “harsh” eye – “ghoul(-)like”“half face” visible with “reverse” having “different half face” – possible “fe(-)male” – with each with “half face multiple”) – the “whole, entire, creation” would be.. “Great/Huge/Immense/Tremendous/Vast” communication)..

&.. we have “puppy dog potent” with.. kind-of “anthro(-)poid/hominid/humanoid half face” (“strong, energetic, humanoid”) with.. “great feline half face” (“great feeling”) &.. we have our possible.. “kerub half face figure” with.. “feline chest” with.. “ram/sheep half face” below (“creator” with.. “spirit” energy) each with.. “edge/side/tip” of.. “nebula” – &.. “reverse”

&.. we have the “canine” &/or “feline” (&.. “energetic, heathy, feeling”) being beyond “little-mindedness” with.. “huge/massive appetite” – “reverse” – with.. “help” with.. “yogic breathing exercise” &.. could be beyond “angry warrior mode” – “reverse” (“notice” the “half face figure” with “lifting nostril” with “fore(-)finger” &.. “huge happy gleeful” eye with.. “half face” above) – &.. this is “real” (&.. not “English trans(-)lation” with.. “religious text,” we have.. “mind” – open awareness – with energy “vibrance” &.. light within the Wave – that got “turned” in(-)to “God is light” &.. “God is love” &.. we “realize” The open light energy &.. egg always circle/orb being)

&.. The open awareness“For our God (is) a consuming fire(..)” would be “kai gar hemon theos” is a “katanalisko pur” &.. this could be “light I because [with] egg (T)he opening is a light of.. [energy being] bright/luminous (“best understanding” with “orb” &/or brain eye)

With previousmeditation&..restwithin the energy state (previous previous home“) &.. in thelaundry room” – I was sittingup(-)righton theedgeof.. my bed withastral form with ring/circleenergyaroundtheheadthe ringenergy beingupabovecranium” – with possiblemultiple wave band soundthat was like.. “dialing stationwithradio(with.. visualaspectbeing visible with eachfigure &/or that language &..Writing in.. radial“) with look forth I was.. “ableto see in possible.. side eye above rightcrown” (I could have looked up to.. far as the eye could see with..curve aroundwith.. largecircle“) or with myquietI couldhearpossibleelectric statikos” &.. “shiftinglike 1straight line bar goingwithfrequency reading(Yet.. could viewjustthe right sideportionso.. obviouscircle“)

Your “Jesus” (“English translation” of.. “Greek”“Hellene” – word to.. “word-name”) could be “explained” with evidenceI ESO OUS would be.. “ego” &.. “within” &.. “ear” &/or you “eg(g) o(rb)” in [brain], &.. we have “orb” within each brain (then.. KAIO HO RHEO ISCHUS TA OUS would be.. “light the [wave energy] state open”) &.. true “Iesous Khristos” would be.. that “egg orb” in brain with.. light the wave energy state open (&.. like then sun “orb” energy) “notice” that would be energy being aware within &.. Not “religious figure externalizing”

* We have.. the “Greek”“Hellene”“letter” I that would be.. “iota” &.. “English equivalent” with this would be.. “bit/atom/particle” (that could be.. the “general size” with the “truncated icosahedral orb” being within brain) – I had “noticed” that I “took” the “letter” &.. had “found” the “given English” we “know” then with this (“ego” – “Iesous” could be.. “bit/atom/particle” in brain &.. that “works pretty much similar” to &/or with “egg orb” within brain) – &.. this would be “different” way of.. “saying the same thing” (with “Greek” – “Hellene” – word “ego” then “I”)

Your “religious-minded” – “affected” – “groups” would “assume” or “wish” you “quoting” with “scripture stuff” – with or with(-)out knowing you were being “controlled/regulated” with their actual word “construction” or “programming” – &.. “such” would be “okay” (&.. is that all that you have)?  You have.. “digital” &.. “English construing/rendering/simplification” &.. “printed” word form – “reality” would be.. wave(-)form (The open awareness with.. “circle/ring” with.. active “rotation/spin” into wave egg – energy – with.. “multiplying” into each with.. form into your “truncated icosahedral orb” with.. later PROTONPROI TA OON – &.. “early the egg”)

“Okay” – “electro-magnetic” waves could exist “around” &.. as “energetic” form with.. life &.. “circle/ring” energy &/or “electro-magnetic” wave “around” brain or “head” with Life (&.. their “I am the way, the truth, (&) the life(..)” could be “egg orb” the “size” of.. “bit/atom/particle” within brain [is] the [awareness] (&) open, the above space/point/life/soul that always, the exist[ence] – that of.. living &/or beingHODOS &.. ALETHEIA &.. ZOE being “the” – the open awareness – &.. (&) &.. open – HO DE OS – with.. “above” &.. “space/life” &.. “that” &.. “always” with.. “exist” &.. “that” – AL ETH EI AEI with.. ZO EI), &.. we have.. “Egypti[ndian]” kinda wave energy &/or this light energy being (like.. “Star Trek” &.. “Nikola Tesla”) with.. the evidence

&.. “note” this “truncated icosahedral orb shape head” like.. the nebulas&..stars &..

planets&.. moons(the orbfrom.. the eggmultiplewith.. egg with.. open awareness) –

&.. energy above, &.. N.T. with.. energy form.. “humanoid” (“rotate picture” 90° &.. “realize head” &.. “torso” &.. “limbs”)light energy with.. the humanoid form (with.. each face“)

&.. “per(-)sonwith.. large gold puppy dog” &.. “leashwith right &.. stand with “corner

&.. thus – with “(..)no man cometh unto the Father, but by Me” – OUDEIS &.. ERCHOMAI &..

PROS &.. PATER would be.. “found” (with.. the “Greek”“Hellene” “book re(-)source” that I have) with that simply.. not now in, up(-)on, thatOU DE EIS – &.. [vibrate within] always

ERO KOME AEI then.. [light] open PROI OS – then.. energy then [vibration] &/or energy (&) [vibration] – PAIO TE ERO (not aware with light energy being til active light(-)energizing)

&.. he &/or “who(-)ever” had &/or “took” the “picture” had (“known” or not) evidence then

“as(-)tounding half face” &.. “half face multiple” (open awareness with light energy &.. this wave after wave) in 1899 &.. within “Colorado Springs labora(-)tory” (the “Her(-)storic”)..

&..turtle with right up(-)onstructurewith.. [waterchannel“] with.. facing angle up

&.. whitepuppy dogstanding up(-)on the wood table with.. gold puppy dog sitting up(-)onseatingin.. “front” – each rightwith.. “yardwithinfence” &/oren(-)closure

&.. whitepuppy dogwith right with.. sitting withinyardwith.. “fencing, en(-)closure

&.. you “want some more” with.. “Nikola Tesla” (with.. “fe(-)male” being – with.. “harnessed electro(-)magnetic wave(-)length” being – with.. “half face multiple”)?  Each “current” &/or wave of.. light energy has (&/or would be with).. true “purpose” &.. this would be.. Obvious with.. each “face” with each “feature” (“animal” &/or “humanoid” &/or “off-planet” being)..

* Light energy being “be(-)tween” each “similar wood” &.. “metal” – “hard” – “structure” with..

“electro(-)magnetic field” that could be.. “found” with “Nikola Tesla” with “picture” evidence

We see “how” the “animal” &/or “humanoid” form “takes shape” with “electro(-)magnetic” wave – each (the “multi(-)form”) of.. &/or with.. the One whole – with.. egg with.. “face” with..

“stacking” up(-)on (that would be.. what “figure” would be, with.. “head” &.. “chest, body,” &.. “arms” &.. “legs” with.. spiral “out(-)ward, de(-)tectable, just” like the Sun we “feel” &.. see)

&.. with “upper” view with.. “half face multiple” (“N.T. half face multiple with figure 2”), of..

the “picture-plate” below (“N.T. half face multiple 2”), we have that obvious “half face” &/or “healthy figure”central – with.. “arms” being “muscle” “channeling wave(-)length” light energy – with.. what looks like.. “body-gear” &/or “clothing” with.. “animal face” – each – &..

the expression of.. energy (with each “current”) would be.. about “face” &.. “figure” (&.. the “reality” of.. “faces around” that “observing” &.. “jovial” – would be.. visible), &.. we could understand that what looks like.. “dark” space (with.. side) would simply be.. energy &.. has that “equi(-)valent” with.. “half face multiple” with.. “figure” (this.. “edit clear enough” – with..

his possible “pet” with “snout” &.. eye &.. “ear” of.. large “animal” with “face” – with “picture”)

&.. the “cosm(-)ic” truth looks like.. “Egy(-)terrestrial” &/or “extra(-)gyptian” with.. “half face multiple” (“different picture,” &.. “vertical” with.. “trans(-)mitter”) – that is this beyond (that is the “foundation”), that is what you would be standing up(-)on (“land mass”), that is what the “human, animal,” form would be – &.. we’d be “big ol’ happy celebrating” we can’t “get over”

&.. N.T. (with.. his “light bulb” &.. possible “sheet” behind him &/or “standing wave” beside him) would be with.. “standing half face multiple” wave like.. “yogi” with.. sitting “posture” &..

with “fe(-)line” &/or “lion heart” (C’m’on, what kinda “crazed lack” of.. true “reality” would we not-really-be-living when this would be.. the true “reality”)?  That truth would be.. with him

&.. this “half face” has.. “half face” with.. “fore(-)head” &/or “crown”“big” ear with.. “cute little face” (&.. we could understand that “reason” would exist for.. “character” like.. “Gizmo” &.. “Yoda” within “movies” or.. “documentation” – with.. “little super(-)natural” being truth)

* “Well-known movie characters” from the “early” ’80s (with possible “per(-)son” &/or “group” with.. their “re(-)ferencing” actual living being having.. existence within the energy state)..

“Monoceros” – “Understanding” with.. “Greek/Hellene” – would be.. possible MONO KAIO

ERO OS (possible “one” &.. “light” &.. [energy] &.. “open”) we have the “great” energy &/or

“power, spirit, strength” with.. brain “volume” &/or “size” (&.. “body/expanse” with.. “head”

of.. that “serpent” &/or “wise” being “aware/shrewd”“intelligent” “sharp”) then possible

duality” with.. “bovine” – possible “slow” &/or “ignorant/oblivious/unaware” – with.. “feline”

– possible “(physical) beauty” &/or “opposite sex” (&.. “body/expanse” with.. “head” of.. that

“animal” being), &.. “up(-)side down” view has.. “huge alien/exotic” form with.. “littler reptilian

running it” beside “warrior” with “militaristic bent” – “helmet” – &.. “not-so-cool-‘stache” with..

“red-horned, buff, beast-of-a-man” with.. “spaced out ogre-wolf devastation, waste,” below

* A possible “fox” above “shows” the truth with being able to.. “throw off pursuit” &/or “mere brute force leading” to.. “its” or their possible “huge pile” &/or possible “explosion” of.. energy

What had “Gene” – “Rod” (&) “Berrie(s)” – “known”“beings” with him – with “bulby” center “alien” brain form with.. “lion face” previous&.. the “orange-brown feline face” (&.. why does their “Pike” – with.. J.H. – have the “prominent eyes” like the “bovine face” &.. why does “Laurel” have “look” with.. “hair” like that “feline face” has with.. “color” &.. why does “Susan” have “green tone” with “long wavy hair” like that.. “lion face” &.. why does “Meg” have “huge cranium” &.. “circlet-spot” like the being – “realize” their open “collar” with “color” &.. “shape” with “head” with “bone structure” being this “exact relation” with.. each “face” wave) – “first episode” (“pilot” having “(..)never aired during(..) original run” in 1966 – “dumb executives”) would Be.. “re(-)flecting reality cosmic” (&/or simple “play” – “pre(-)sentation” – with.. “Help”)

We have “recent” evidence not really “understood” so.. let us understand the “basic reality” (Above would be.. “picture” with.. “truncated icosahedral” – 32 “sides” – “cranium” with “face” within space – 20 “sides” of.. “hexagonal side edge” &.. 12 “sides” of.. “pentagonal side edge” – obvious, &.. is that what that “big year 2012” would be about, our “understanding” the truth with the existence?) “mind” has “wish saying” that “body” would be with.. “spher(ical)” form (we have “Earth” with.. each “planet” being “gravitized round” – light energy wave &.. “shape” active – &.. we see “round” – the “outer corona” – sun), &.. “guess” what “shape” a “planet” &.. sun would.. be (like.. this “feline face multiple” with.. wave a.. “great spirit” &.. living being)

(Ol’ S.C. would “talk” of.. “sphere” with.. “first describing” the “new” energy “body” &.. later “Understood” the true “truncated icosahedral” form that would be.. then “spherical”)..

“Okay” – we have.. eye with.. “pupil” &.. “eye-lid” (&.. would that be.. “nose tip” &.. “nostril”), &.. would that [eye] be.. with “FORE(-)HEAD” (with.. “EAR” &.. “MOUTH”) with.. obvious “SIDE CRANIUM” VIEW (“chin” &.. “jaw” &.. “neck muscle” visible) with.. “upper” left “cranium” egg “brain” like.. that “frontal” &.. “occipital” – “back” – &.. “parietal” – “upper” – &.. “temporal”)?

* I “think” that.. the side “cranium” view would be.. obvious with.. each “indentation”

I “think” that the sun has.. sun “civilization” – these “beings” must “visit” the “Earth” &, in fact, the “entire solar system” could be.. “creation” from &/or with.. the sun – &.. each “truncated icosahedral orb” being could be.. like that sun &.. “associate planet” &.. “ruin-scattery moon”

“Enjoy” the “fact” – &.. each “face” – that S.C. has “drawn” from the available evidence – has “provided” with.. his “work” – &.. that he “thinks” he “calls” the living form “bad boy” &.. “d*** object” &.. “(..)monster” &.. “ugly face” (he “seemed” to.. have been.. “denying” – his word – this “collective” evidence – with.. each “half face” – &.. he “feels” that this could be.. “scary” – word he possibly.. “heard” &.. “borrowed” – &.. said “Nibiru myth” with(-)out “understanding” the “sound” truth of.. wave egg &/or “fruit” form this vibration to.. “solid” with.. “ring” energy)..

* “Extra(-)terrestrial, off-planet, planet-size” life – “larger” – would be communicating from space &.. with “solar system” for “now” – visible with “satellite” beside “outer solar system” – aware of.. what I say (active with.. “caring” – “helping” people – with.. obvious “mirror back”)

&.. this “half face multiple” has.. possible “face feature”each (with.. the possible “reverse whiskers”) – with.. the “half face” with.. “fore(-)head” (with.. “half face” with.. “fore(-)head”), &.. “reverse” has.. possible baby “version” (possible “cub face” &/or “kitten” with.. possible large “round head cranium” &.. sitting “Indian style, lotus position,” with “out(-)stretched arms”) – would that be “half face” with.. look up, too (“huge nose” the “mouth” &.. “nostrils” above)?

&.. ol’ S.C. had.. “found” this possible “new planetary body” (&/or obvious “new truncated icosahedral”) form (with further “picture”) with energy field wave “surrounding, trailing,” with “release” (&/or ‘”brand new body” with.. that energy field wave “effect”) – I have “found” (with.. “mirror image”) that would be actual living being with each “face” (“half face multiple”), &.. actual “half face multiple” (with each “face”) has.. existence right beside that (each light &.. energy wave within space has “face” &.. each “feature”), &.. that would be “interesting” (the living being has.. “face” that would be like.. what we “term” the “canine” &/or “feline” &/or “humanoid” so “aged” &.. “wizened” that.. this would be.. look “animalistic”), &.. “cute, too” 

&.. “new planetary body” being with “truncated icosahedral” form with Being &/or “group” with that has.. “reflected” up(-)on “recent events” within Our “world” (“Cob e taken down” &.. “alive” with “original” form &.. “dark” & light existence &.. observingU.S. explosiveness&.. “dark” form “beast-like” &.. “spirit” within &.. “noting” that “darkness tries” to “win” by “force”)

* We have “witnessed” their “sucker(-)punch” – I have “read” – &.. I have “experienced” their “sucker(-)striking” (within the energy state) &..sucker(-)suggestion(“bad advertising“)

“Beauty” with.. the “plate pictures” – like.. “paintings” (I have.. “read”) – would be.. the being &.. wave form within space with.. me “finding specific features” to.. “edit” &.. bring forward “picture” with (I have “degree” with “Arts” &.. could “appreciate presentation”) – I simply “give” S.C. “picture credit, initial,” with.. being “fair” to.. his “work” of.. “tracking” &.. “accessing”

&.. S.C. kind-of “lost” his “mind” (“fear&.. “resort” toattack– his.. within the energy state – “occurred” after his “providing” that “raw data” &.. then my “discovering” the communication – If.. I had not “presented” the further evidence (with “meaning”), that would not be.. “known” within “public awareness” (he was.. “a(-)sleep” – “unaware” – &..with(-)holding evidence)..

* He isn’t “presenting” the “whole” evidence that would be.. “available” &.. isn’t “publically reviewing” (&/or is.. “with(-)holding“) communication as.. “valid” as.. his “facts” &.. “figure”

&.. “I love you this much” – says this “truncated icosahedral” form being (with.. possibility “reflecting” up(-)on life) – &.. “note” the possible “badger face” &.. the possible “fox face” (&.. each “half face multiple” – loving “animal eyes” above &.. “reverse” with.. “brown” being &.. “afr(-)o” with.. possible “primate” energy “surrounding” with.. “genetics” with.. their “race” could we understand “physical epidermis” people are not that “black” or “white” &.. that to havesuch color labelshas kept “mental slavery&.. inner “struggle” going, &.. we could understand that all of.. this would be.. One &.. the “same” Living Being energy?) Could we “sense” Our “cosmic” being communicating (&.. how “wide” is this – S.C. – would you say)?

Actual “new planetary body” would be.. communicating (“bigger” than your “planet” – yet.. with the “planet” – &.. beyond your “script, non-shows, news media, ignorance, construction,” expressive &.. simple) – not on their “news” (yet, don’t “worry” about it)?  We have “ability” to.. view each “face” within the wave4on the side &.. 1 “opposite” (&.. “half face multiple”) experience the “reality” &.. life (that “cares”)!  “Ecstatic” being within space with “truncated icosahedral sun” (You have.. “base(-)ball game,” well, what about.. truth – the “undeniable, wonderful, cosm(-)ic” existence – ‘Cause this “ball” ain’t “goin’ no(-)where”) – that “technically spherical” being has “feline” &.. “primate” look, with.. “up(-)side down dark” brown “dude”

&.. we have the “new planetary body” 12 with what looks to be large “face” being “all up inhis/her “business” (So if.. possible “problem” has “seemed” to be with “certain” being “singled out, well,” we “need” to.. “be(-)gin” to.. understand “why”), &.. “know” what.. “happens” within this “world” is “never” the “fault” of.. one “per(-)son” (“co(u)ard” would be.. “behind-the-back”)

&.. “new planetary body” 13 would be.. visible with.. “top” &.. side (within “plate corner”) – wave energy “around” that has “half face multiple” beyond the form &/or with that (each eye with each “face” would be.. visible within space) – &.. this would be.. “cosm(-)ic feline” with.. eye/view/vision simply “en(-)countering” &/or “suf(-)fering press(-)urefrom.. “dark hair per(-)son spewing darkness” from.. “mouth” – “seen” with.. “re(-)verse” (&.. not the true energy &/or true being) – with little dark hand” up(-)on side of.. “snout” &.. that “cat orb”

&.. large white egret with right with flight with.. above that.. “grasswith.. side of.. “roadwith.. facing direction Im going (with.. later little white egret with.. facing my direction)..

&.. duck with.. “feather colorationof.. “dried grassyet.. with dark ontop” &.. whitebreasts” – 4with right (2 with.. sideedge” &/or within water &.. 2 up(-)ongrass“)

&.. 1 possible duck with.. 3 up(-)on bankgrasswithfrontwater basin &.. 1 duck with.. “swimming” &/or “floating within water &.. toward my direction (&.. duckgroupfurther up(-)ongrass“) with.. each briefright &/or center (with.. duck further up(-)on grass“)..

&.. whitebirdwith.. brief left then (with.. myturnleft) with.. that slight angle right

&.. baby duck with right with.. “swim” &/or “floatwith.. possiblecirclewithin water

* Not “Mr.” S.C. yet.. possible “media per(-)son” with his “dark hair group pro(-)motion(you “know” – “crazy tread(-)mill actor guy” – their B.G. – “re(-)ferencing” G.W.B. – could be.. “used” of.. “re(-)cent” – “com(-)merc(-)ial de(-)sper(-)ation” – to.. “re(-)ference” obvious M.Z. – he &/or “it” has “guilt” toward Tobin Michael Alland) – after MY “initial” 2000 “site, work,” their later nab(-)grabby face book en(-)sued, following” my (or.. the) true “picture” evidence &.. seeing “ex(-)citing collection” with “picture” with people I have true like with (&.. “now” people have like with.. “posting” their “Creative Work”) & throws money” to.. “suggestion, pushes, ignores races” not his “specific dark” (&.. My word “multi(-)verse” would be.. “uni(-)verse” &.. “(m)eta(-)verse” – his – could be.. their further “mimicry” not the “reality” with the evidence)

&.. possible duck2with right within distance &.. “backwater basin &.. “front fount

&.. gold puppy dogwith right with stand withinyardwith.. “fencing, en(-)closure,” &.. withinnext sectionthat.. hengroupwith (&/or within) their own boxy housing

“New planetary body keeps” communicating (“Some(-)times” that looks “sketchy”) – brown “epidermis boy” with.. “dark” energy “rising” from.. his “head” &.. “spilling” from.. “chin” with..

up(-)on “neck” (When I was.. “younger” &.. “agitated” within “mind” – experience of.. B*** – I would “get” in(-)to.. “dark, mentally frus(-)trated, serious hurt,” &.. with the awakening with..

energy state awareness – brain “rest” with.. high “state” after “quiet rest” within “bed” – I have “seen” that.. “dark, etheric, strandy collection” above “head” – like.. “jumble, grumbly, cloud”

energy – &.. later “learned” to.. “keep” from being “up(-)set” I “re(-)ceived help” with.. brown “epidermis fe(-)male” before, too, &.. with “ability re(-)ceiving” communication from.. “French monk spirit helper” beside me she communicated.. “You have to learn to love your self”)..

&.. hawk with flight right with.. distance with.. height with.. beside &/or abovetrees

I’m not with &/or “understanding” the “re(-)cent” possible “new planetary body re(-)flection” of.. what could be.. “Happening” up(-)on planet (the “first picture plate” has long “hair elder” &/or “Savio(u)r” look being – left side &/or his right – with.. possible “lion/fe(-)line/cat” being above with.. look like.. “O Lord, now you have done it” – with.. “eyes” up &.. at.. side with.. he looking up(-)on that form – not “seen” within “picture” – of.. possible “bearded mimicry” with..

possible “thinning hair” &.. “black mass ’round head” – this “face” within space (each) with..

“serious observation” would be.. “way more” viewable than what looks like visual “art(-)ifice”

&.. “squirrels” – that.. 2with right with.. thatgoing around within that.. “front yard

&.. we see this living “new planetary body truncated icosahedral” &.. wave energy not so..

“understandable” with.. “scientists” (yet.. obvious being Communicating with.. the true open awareness &/or love &.. “re(-)flecting” up(-)on that.. “little” brown “girl” with.. “big” ol’ “bump car rock” up(-)on “back bumper” I had “done” that.. when I was.. her “age” &.. we have to..

experience that, communicated that, with.. “Don’t worry about it” – &.. that had “happened” with.. me, about a “month” previous, with me “tired, ex(-)hausted,” then.. looking “down” after Each “step” with “noticing, breaking,” &.. “going” in(-)to “un(-)conscious” – could not “be(-)lieve” that had.. “happened, good couple” &.. “public service helping,” then.. “knew” I really have to..

not let “dis(-)tracting, ghost entity inter(-)fering, happen, humor” with.. “cosm(-)ic” being)..

&.. “cattle” – 6with left with stand up(-)onlandbesidefence” (“new planetary body” would be.. visible by.. me with.. “understanding” obvious “truncated icosahedral” form)

(&.. hawkpossible 3 – &/or 2 with.. left with.. 1 with.. flight left to right abovestreet” with.. “new planetary body” visible “ob(-)servable” – with 1 “little” up(-)on that – within space)

(&.. duck with.. up(-)on water with.. water basin with.. facing direction Im going &.. large white egret with.. op(-)positeside &/or within that certain distance beside bank with.. walkforward within water each right – &.. facing that direction with.. possible angle)

&.. “graying black puppy dog with left (“pic”) within possiblecornerwithinyardwithin en(-)closure(Not obvious yet.. “understandable knowing truncated icosahedral” form)

(&.. “littlewhite bird with center then flight right with.. beyond &/or “through wires“)

&.. hawk5with left with flight with.. besideneighbor(-)hood” (with.. 1 to.. above that) – being not obvious (at.. “first”) &/or possibly not aware &/or “re(-)acting” &/or “dark” brown &/or “hard” vibration (could have experience of.. “Per(-)son” &/or “group” – within the energy state – “sending karmic bump thinking” song “lyrics” from.. “inter(-)net radio” was.. “mine”)

[&.. hawk with right with flight within distance with.. abovetreeswith.. further right then.. “curve some backthen.. further than before right then.. “curveaway with.. further distant]

[&.. gold puppy dogwith right &.. sitting withinback seatwith.. “car” (people In.. “front“)]

&.. baby duckpossible 3with left with flight (&/or centermy viewto.. left) – I have experience with.. “bumping” in(-)to that “back” of.. “wrecker truck” when I was.. “young” – similar with her – &.. with(-)out that experience (not “knowing”) that would be.. “bound” to.. “happen” (“youth” would – could – be.. “un(-)aware” of.. what could – would – “occur” ’til..)

[&.. white puppy dogsitting &.. facing my direction with.. further gold puppy dogwith.. “darklookpuppy dog” (“bothwith.. standing with.. facingback fence“) with.. each right]

[&.. whitecatwith gray” (&.. “black stripes“) with right with.. walk in(-)to opendoor“]

[&.. “cattlewith right &.. stand within distance up(-)onlandwithinfence, en(-)closure“]

&.. largeblack puppy dogwithin distance with.. “leashwithbrief right then.. within car

&.. “cattle” – 1 with.. 5with right with stand up(-)onlandwithinfencing, en(-)closure

&.. we have possible “new planetary body face” with “de(-)spondent” look (“Black” not with.. “epidermis color” yet with “bad(-)itude“) – lookin’ “down” (away) – &.. “out” (yet.. with possible “lion” energy [“care(-)taker, parent, cradling” being like.. “blanket”] with, as, the “uni(-)verse”),

&.. we “find” that.. being (from.. within) above (looking like.. “good” ol’ white “boy” &/or light energy with light “heart” being) – could be.. what the being would be from previous life&.. “half face multiple” [with].. the light energy “lion/fe(-)line/cat” would be.. right beside that..

&.. possible Black baby – “cat” – with right with.. “walk up(-)ondriveto.. “street” &.. on

&.. whitepuppy dogwith.. black puppy dogsitting up(-)ontable” &.. gold puppy dog” (each right) laying up(-)onbenchbefore &/or with that withinyardwith.. “en(-)closure

&.. hawk with flight right abovebuildingthen.. further right above building row

&.. gold puppy dog” &.. whitepuppy dog” &.. black puppy dogwith right with.. laying with.. “curvature with.. “row with.. left within corner yardwithinfencing, en(-)closure

&.. “cattle” – 1 &/or 2with right with.. stand up(-)onlandwithinfencing, en(-)closure

&.. “dark(-)ness con(-)tinued try’na win,” with “fear, hate, violence,” at.. “ex(-)penses” of.. Life bright, true, &.. true being could not be.. “de(-)feated” (If.. “dumb dark epidermal dude” – “truncated icosahedral” being “using” light energy for “in(-)flicting harm“) – You “ain’t” no “body, foo’,” look ‘cho “trunky ‘hedra’ se’f, black-‘n-thangs (“new planetary body face” 17)

&.. “big per(-)sonwith.. “big black” &/or brownpuppy dogwith.. longhair” &.. thatleashwith right with.. standing within front yard with.. “green grassor.. drive” &.. facing angle

&.. hawk with flight left to right within distance with.. heightwith.. then beyond view

&.. hawk3 (1 with left to center with flight then.. withcurve aroundtoward, facing, &.. 1 with.. “going round” – not.. “much” – &.. 1 hawk with.. “going round” – with.. that) – to right

&.. “cow” – “group” (“black&.. brown) – with right with.. stand up(-)on land withinfencing

* Look with “lion half face multiple” (that would be.. “fore(-)head” &.. “crown” with.. being having long “ears” like what is.. “found” within S.W. 2 “movie” – possible “re(-)ference”  &..

“(colorized) Sun exotic face multiple” &.. possible “(colorized) Sun prominence face multiple”

&.. “Nikola Tesla (with the light energy being)” &.. “N.T. face” or.. “N.T. face detail (with each

face)” or.. “N.T. half face multiple” &.. “N.T. light bulb half face multiple” or.. “N.T. light bulb

half face multiple (face)” &.. like(-)ly “Orion face & form multiple wave” &.. possible “Vincent

Stellar half face multiple” – possible Sun energy state “Orion” being beyond &.. not visible

&.. hawk with flight left within distance with.. “heightwith.. further left then.. “curveto.. right with.. toward &/or center &.. right (“lion half face multiple” with &/or in “front” of.. “crown” with.. “fore(-)head” with.. that “whole face” with.. that being having.. long “ears”)

(&.. duck2with flight left to right within that.. distance with.. above thatstreet“)

&.. duck2with right up(-)on bank with.. water with.. water basin with.. fount

&.. possible darkduck – “groupwithin distance with right up(-)on water with.. huge water basin

&.. hawk with flight right with.. above green grass” &/or “wireswith.. beside station

&.. gold puppy dogwith.. whitepuppy dogwith right with.. sitting up(-)on table withinyard” &.. fencing

&.. whitegoatwith.. brown colorwith right withinyardwithin fencingwith.. facing

&.. cow2with right with.. stand with.. right side up(-)onland withinfencing

&.. per(-)sonwith.. whitepuppy dogwith.. “leashwith right up(-)ongrassorwalk

&.. large egret not with visible white with right with.. left side with.. water with.. ditch endwith.. facing my direction (Sun energy state “Orion” being would be visible with.. evidence)

(&.. possible duck with flight right with.. abovegreen grass with.. facing my direction)

(&..dark gray puppy dogwith right with.. “walking” &/or stand up(-)onside(-)walkthen.. withhead turn“)

&.. “new planetary body 18” would be.. within visible “rays” with the Sun &.. “re(-)flecting” what.. has “hap(-)pened” up(-)on Earth with.. possible “war, vaccine kills, mass murder” –

each – with possible “beings” – each “face” – with each “sur(-)rounding” &/or within “head” – not.. “lone” – like.. “(P)ro(-)gress (R)e(-)port” (from.. “school”) – so.. let “Sh(eesh)” (V.S. from..

“Ros siya” &.. within “U(-)kraine”) “go home” (He has not.. “started” their “war&.. he “did” what.. “higher-ranking SOLDIER” had “toldhim), &.. Understand our planet would not be..

Roman re(-)ligion,” &.. S.R. would not be.. actual “name” yet.. “re(-)ference” to.. “Sen(-)ior” (G.H.W.B. – “Sr.” – or.. G.W.B. – “Jr.”), &.. you, R.C.H., would be.. “be(-)trayer” to.. “Sci(-)ence” (“ac(-)know(-)ledge” [the true “know(-)ledge” with.. “knowing” the] “new planetary body”)

&.. ducklargegroupwith right &.. stand up(-)on bank with water &.. hugewater basin

&.. darkduck4with flight left to right abovestreetwith.. theirdifferent heights

&.. “pigeon” (possibledove“) – 2with.. right with.. 1little birdwith.. further right

* You have standing right to.. life &.. Not “lookin down” up(-)on &/or at.. “ex(-)pense” of (With.. your possible experience [of..] previous “race re(-)cord” of.. possible “en(-)slaving)..

&.. baby white egret2 (1 facing directon Im going &.. 1 facing my direction) – with right within distance &/or “green grass

&.. reddish browncowwith right with.. stand beside &/or undertree” &.. up(-)on landwith.. “fencing

&.. we have possible “half face multiple” with.. 24° angle with.. side of.. Sun (24 would be..

about “elders” &/or each side with the “tetrahedron” form with.. 4 “sides” – 2 – that is.. The simple truth of.. “star tetrahedron” – “tri(-)angular” form “pointing” up &.. “pointing down”),

that would be.. high truth beyond “visibility” with.. your “phy(-)sical” &/or “astral” view (yet..

with “plane” beyond that would be.. visible) – &.. viewing that.. “new planetary body” being with.. “up(-)right” form yet.. “down(-)cast sensitivity” we have to.. understand the true being that.. “keeps” you “happy” &.. “whole” (with, too, the “new planetary body re(-)ferencing”)

&.. large duck (possiblegeese“) – 2with right with.. stand within distance besidehugewater basin

&.. darkduck (“parentwith 4babies“) with right beside bank &.. within water with water basin

&.. baby white egret2with right (1 with.. up(-)