The Living Being (Truth With Our World)


Life would be.. with you (each “face” with.. “home”), &.. be you (&.. your “face” would be.. the “ENVELOPING” with.. the light energy being &.. The open) life would be.. within &.. “real”

&.. baby hawk with right with flight with.. slight angle &.. with further/more &.. flight right

&.. hawk with flight right within distance beside 1 light polevisible &.. above trees with.. latergoingfurther right with flight then.. “going aroundwith.. above “trees&.. free(-)way” (& buildingwas visible withinfront” – below – &.. laterfacedwith that direction)


* “Moving” from “house” to “house” – 1 of.. “child years” &.. loving “attachment” to.. 1 of.. 21 “years” &.. “great beauty” to.. 1 of.. 10 “years” (so.. “alone” &.. not “alone” – “especially” up(-)on “realizing” that.. “beautiful flower” has.. “face”) – then.. that is the way I “felt” (with.. the later activity with “recording” the evidence – loving that – &.. “presenting” that as.. all my “heart”)


I am.. “spiritual person” – from.. being the baby – &.. my first “memory” would be.. within “crib” &.. looking up(-)on “green plant” – “planter” up(-)on “window sill” – with “quiet” being – all was “quiet day” light – then (within “midst” of.. “vibrant green” leaves) I saw large, long, “teeth” within wide(-)grinnish” mouth (“bodiless smiling” would have been.. with or.. within “plant” &.. then “voracious, emotive, stretch” of.. its mouth was.. visible “near(-)by”) &.. my arm was.. taken inside (“putting” its mouth “around” my.. “fore(-)arm” I.. “cried” for.. “help”“terrified” of.. “such happening &.. was brought.. Into her arms – this “next wonderful” life with.. me – walking with.. me &.. carrying me with her), &.. that was “first” of.. “multiple” energy state awakenings with awareness within life to – “pretty much” – The “present day”)

&.. littledark bird with right with.. lower level within not fardistance &.. standing up(-)on fixturewithin possible water basinnot large” &.. “not quitefacing my direction..


* She “picked” me up from.. the “crib” &.. then “walked” int(-)to “hall(-)way” &.. in(-)to open living room (I had look with “quiet” open day light – open space – &.. “lone green plant”)


Then.. when “older” – within the energy state – I “found” my walking quiet within “garden” – with.. “green growth” &.. “shade” very “pervasive” with.. “trees” – with.. “thin wire gate” &.. “ordinary, low, fence” (white – simple – like.. me) – “quiet heart” just moved forward in the love that I am – &.. later, within possible “round, tube, enclosure,” there was.. “table” with.. “stacks” of.. ‘zines, what I have “collected” this life (&.. when reviewing that – later within life – within the energy state, too, I.. “found” that.. “advertising poster, print-up,” with.. “Frances” &.. “1919” &.. “sewing machine” – I love simple life &.. could “help” people – &.. I could feel “brief emoting” with.. “heart”) – I asked about the “name” &.. “parent” said that she would be “grand(-)father’s sister” (&.. “ol’ Jim” must have.. “found beauty” with.. “German ancestry”)

&.. duck (possiblegoose“) – that groupwith.. right with.. standing withingreen grass(besidebuildings” &.. “cars” &.. “parking lot&/or with.. “walk(-)way&.. water basin) within variousplacespair” &.. “few &.. possible 1 or.. 2 &/or couplewalking (&.. like that)..


* I have “found” – with “help” – who I was, am, would be (I “collect” &.. “stack” &.. “collect” &.. “stack” – “good quality products” that simply “need” not be “over(-)looked” – &.. my “parent” has communicated the way I would put my “head” in a.. “pantry” &.. “pull” the “baby food jars out” &.. “stack” each then.. “unstack” – “better than blocks” &.. “pull pots” &.. “pans out,” &.. “pull clothes” from the “dryer” – “(..)put them behind(..)” me “detail-oriented” &.. “productive”)


&.. that “good heredity” would be.. from this life with.. my “grand(-)father” &.. the 1800s “migration” from “ol’ Europe” (&.. “Germany”) to.. “Texas” (&.. possible “Tejas” that “good” energy – “pronunciation” te-Hahs) – we (&/or that.. “group”) could have been.. leaving from what later be(-)came “driven group” in that.. “next century” &.. their 1940s, &/or “Roman” &.. “military build-up” Not “sitting right” for us (this “fe(-)male” side would be from “Little Elm”) – yet, “similar” with.. simple “trees” (like.. “brains” with.. the simple “mind”), Jimmy could have.. “enjoyed” an.. “humble French girl” (“based” up(-)on my “name”), &.. I have seen him (within the energy state) with.. that “god-d*** big gun” resting up(-)on his “shoulder” (he was a.. “scary sight, unpleasant,” eyes “animalistic” – with.. “teeth bearing” like.. that “plant”)..

&.. hawk with high flight center with.. Tobin Michael Alland (with.. right with.. car going aroundwithcurvy street &..straighteningwith.. further right) with.. 1 moving forward (aftergoing around“) with.. direction I go &.. 1 moving forward with.. direction Im facing!

&.. later large white egret with right up(-)ongrasswith water with.. facing direction I go..

&.. when young I would be.. resting within bed &.. feel this body (&/or the awareness) “falling out” of.. physical form within bed (&, then, I had no “idea” of.. “astral travel” &.. energy body except, later, this energy being appeared standing right beside “huge reddish-brown rock wall,” so.. I would “jump up” &.. “flowingly ascend straight up” like.. within vast water &/or space – “noted” was.. that “vast barren plane” – &.. I would “descend” in “slow release back down” “quiet” &.. “serene” – then.. “up” very high, viewing “top surface” with.. “rocky bits,” then.. “back down” that.. “slow glide”), &.. within the energy state I would appear standing &.. “run” forward to.. “hand-spring” – “around” &.. “around” with(-)out “doubt” with.. “knowing” not “thought” (“Spirit” does “heal” the “mind” of.. a “young boy” from.. previous life with.. J.S.)

&.. duck (possiblegoose“) – eachwith right with.. standing up(-)on &.. sitting withingreen grass&.. later head feather egret not visible white with right within field with.. facing away

&.. within the day – up(-)on “play(-)ground” with.. “day(-)care center” – there was.. the brown “epidermis” woman with “glasses” &.. long “mid(-)night” hair (&.. under the oak she would sit, looking quiet, &.. hold “color pencils,” &.. “manila folders” with.. the “children” were.. drawn up(-)on with.. her “decorative artistry” &.. probable “knowing” – I simply “asked” to look with “mine” &.. she “gave” me that – &.. colorful “angular lines” with.. expansive spiral were.. seen expressive &.. having form of.. “bird” – her “creative” awareness &.. energy “understanding” would be, I say, the “Rain(-)bow Electric Bird”), &.. later within “elder” life (with.. energy state awakening) was.. this circle-ring with.. standing “elder” (having “whole head(-)dress”) with.. people sitting “around outer edge” &.. watching &.. “listening” (I went to sit with the people)

&.. egret with right with.. standing up(-)onedge&.. water with.. waterretention&.. large egret (with.. “feather mix“) with.. right with.. stand within side bank with.. water retention

* I said, sitting with.. this “person” sitting“This is real church” – &.. I was “leaning” in to.. express that &.. this “person” beside me kept looking forward (&.. I had been standing &.. looking within that distance &.. had seen the “elder” within “circle” on ground – “street” to 3 up), &.. that would be “present” within the “astral” (&/or distance beyond distance with.. my look within this energy state &.. within the “neighbor(-)hood” from “porch” with “front door”)

&.. duckgroupwith right with standing &/or sitting (in their group“) up(-)ongreen grass

1 quiet day – from.. “shelf” – I brought “(..)Analytical Concordance” forth &.. there were these “Aramaic” &.. “Hebrew” &.. “Greek words” having been.. “printed” – written – before “English” word today (“AL&EL&OM&ON&PHI&PI&RA– I view – were “root” word with sound vibration “making words” &.. phrases – with “dictionary” I have “reviewed” each “root” word & phrase & “realize” their true meaning with “describing” Our true light energy), &.. this would be my work (&.. each “picture-plate”) &.. credit goes to each person with each picture

&.. that hawk with left (with.. the long progressionabovestreet“) to right with flight &.. on

I’m not saying the “Greek” word “research” I have “collected” with “reviewing” the “root” word of.. “discovered original” (“recognize” within period of.. 2[6] years) would be.. “best” – we have actual Open Awareness &.. multi-form light energy wave “understanding” of.. “creation” that “seems” to have been “covered over” with “Bible” &.. “Christmas” (their “Roman empire control operation” – What about.. having Awareness now instead of.. “year-end sentimentalities?”)

&.. the hawk with left (with.. that lengthy&.. low flight abovehouse“) to.. right with flight

Richard C. Hoagland & Drunvalo Melchizedek have given people their work – with help – with “understanding” of.. “graphic depiction” – D.M. (above) – I have brought forward with “review” with.. “realizing” this “reality”“mirroring” &.. what I have termed “picture-plate” (& above would be the “identical” found with.. “public picture” search with “internet” – with.. “Nature”)

&.. egret not visible white with right with.. almost facing Tobin Michael Alland &.. little white egret with.. standing distance up(-)on bank with water basin &.. facing Tobin Michael Alland

&.. hawk with hawk withtree” – “acrossthestreet” – &.. level straight/true with.. that view

* “Melchisedec” would not be “limited” to “English language” word &.. “gender” &.. would be “understandable” with “Greek” – “Hellene” – MELI – “honey” – &.. CHION – “snow” – &.. SEIO – “shake” – &.. DE – “now” – &.. EK – “in” – &/or [me energy] &.. [light] &.. “vibrate” &.. “now” &.. “in” &.. “[me energy light] vibrate now in,” &.. I have “seen” life within energy state – within “chair” – with.. light energy wave being &/or within his entire energy state form (&.. I would be.. “unable” to “describe” it with(-)out being “fresh-from-memory” &/or “root” word – each)..

&.. unknown bird2with right with flight abovebuilding” &.. “parking lot(1 above thebuilding&.. 1 above theparking lot&..much closer“) with.. facing Tobin Michael Alland

“Hey” – You “sweet, sunny disposition” – what is this above?  Egg of.. light energy with “face” (with.. “picture” evidence – this would be what each being has form with.. before “biological energetic” form &.. “astral-physical” form &.. what you have inside your brain &.. head, you)

&.. large hawk with flight left with.. center middlewith Tobin Michael Allandwith.. the brief wait(you) – &.. straightwith.. Tobin Michael Alland to.. right &.. with further right

“Bible wordage” like.. “church” (&/or “churches”) &.. “gospel” would seem to be in “place” of.. EKKLESIA (EK KLAIO SEIO AEI &/or EK KLEIS I AEI) &.. EUAGGELION (EU AG GE L AEI OON) – with energy (&/or wave) vibrate always &/or with energy I always &.. waves bring forth (&/or carry) world energy always egg &.. hasn’t “explained” light energy with.. The open awareness with.. “orb” (“Good news” your real form isn’t “human”) – you’ve.. “understood” that each true you with energy field (egg “orb”) would be from.. The Living Being &/or The open awareness &/or True you (&/or from sun “civilization” would be light “ball” being)..

&.. hawk with right with flight with.. mini curving abovehouses&..trees” &.. later hawk with flight right withgoing aroundwith.. Tobin Michael Alland &.. later hawk with left with flight to.. (“lambs” &.. “Lamb” &.. “lamb” &.. light energy &.. “Omega” have “mention” – “few”) &.. later large white egret with right with standing within water with ditch with.. facing away &.. previoushawk with right with flight then.. toward &.. to level straight/true with Tobin Michael Alland &.. forward toward &.. near Tobin Michael Alland (with.. being above field)

&.. hawk with center with.. distance with.. Tobin Michael Alland with.. lightcurvingright

Understand that.. with(-)out energy state awareness &/or “technological help” that existence as would be would not be.. “noticeable” &.. each “fact” – “element” – was, then, put to.. “story” (“hexagonal” &.. “pentagonal” – 6 “sides” &.. 5 “sides” each – “faces” would be with.. “truncated icosahedral” form – 32 with.. 12 “pentagonal” &.. 20 “hexagonal faces” – with.. “33” this “face” – open awareness) – look with the “orb” picture &.. low right side (&.. that is the “shape” with.. “miniature” – “relatively speaking” – “orb” existence life &.. being that has “multiple faces”)

&.. hawk with some distant flight left to right then.. forth &.. “curvywith.. direction I face &.. later brown tone Birdwith right with.. standing within water with.. facing direction I go &.. thus distant white egret with right with.. standing within water with.. facing my direction &.. later then unknown bird with right with flight with this going around – &.. nearer

ARNION would be air energy egg &/or clear-whitish energy egg (form existence) with the wave energy expansion as.. “ring” to.. “curve” with.. spiral “going around” &.. then “multiple” egg “group” (“notice” the “truncated icosahedral”32 “sides” – form “elongated” &.. “evident side-ways”“notice” that “half face” being &.. “realize” that.. true “creation” would be.. The open awareness with.. vibration &/or each “face” expression) – 1 whitish “pure non-human movement” little being would be.. each “nebula” &.. “star” &.. “planet” &.. “land mass” &.. “element” (&.. “human” &.. “animal” being “said” the “LAMB” this “creation” each “face”)?

&.. hawk with flight justright with.. high with.. distance with..staying then.. further right &.. “previouslittle white bird with right with.. right side with ditch &.. facing my direction &.. later hawk with flight just left to.. center with little ring to.. right &.. further right (The open awareness with.. energy “ring” expression within open space – like “drop” expansion within open field of.. water – would be.. “creation” with this each egg of.. light &.. “orb face”)

&.. “dark” &.. white duck2with left to right with flight above trees” &.. “wire” &.. “street

* Within the energy state, long ago, beyondhearingtheloud rushingvibration within my brain (likedeafeningwater roar“), standing, energy form wasbroughtto.. “gradual, slow, risein(-)tovastlight blue &.. the possible open sky – “ring multiplewas, then, seen 1.)ringat left then.. 2.) possible sevenringswithin middle (each aligning with like center) then.. 3.) identical rings” (like.. withbroken pieces“) at right (“shrinkingin with..disappearingwith.. no more), &.. I could never understand, then, what I was viewing or.. why, like.. possible egg (yeah, &.. like.. “door” &.. “tunnel” &/or “passage way” &.. “closing” –fe(-)malekinda view)

&.. baby hawk with distance with center to right with.. long flight aboveneighbor(-)hood

* Even thus with energy form – laterI.. simply looked up withindarkof.. “closed eyes” &.. later could seequiet presentation of.. spiralwithin brainwith Natural look, expansion inmultiple curves – “round” (with.. “tailish outer curvewith.. little waveytapervisible), &.. the softwhite light began to.. appear (each littlepointappearing with.. “slow movementenergy from each side &.. “gradually goingcentral), &.. “quietlightgrewin one whole (&.. soon after spiral I was viewingfourth ring with 1 tri(-)anglewith extending beyond rim“) 

&.. “unknown birdcenter with Tobin Michael Alland &.. right &..U to.. right behind tree” 

&.. each “nebula” has that “truncated icosahedral pattern” truth [“elongated” &/or not] – with “hexagonal” &.. “pentagonal” – like.. the “orb” (with.. each “half face” with.. The open awareness), each living being “whole” [&.. that could be.. the way each living planet would be – each “face multiple”before their “so(u)lidification” to.. what could be.. “land mass”]

[hawk2with right with flight with.. “going aroundwith.. 1 facing Tobin Michael Alland]

&.. white egret with right &.. stand within field &.. water with.. facing Tobin Michael Alland

You are, with truth, being with.. energy body within “phy(-)sical” form body &.. you have actual “tree-form” – within the BRAIN the “spiralling” energy form exists, BRAIN “vessels” that “branch” forth just like a.. “planetary tree” body (&.. in 1995, the “National Geographic presented picture” of the “human brain scan revealing likeness” of 1 “planetary tree” – brain central “tree”) – &.. with “meditation” we “access” the true “inner” living being within brain “organ” (&.. this happens with.. “unconscious rest”) &.. we “realize” light energy (&.. we “re-charge” &.. “re-energize” with.. “spine” – with.. brain – &.. we have.. true “beauty”), &.. within would be you with.. form of.. actual egg of.. light energy “orb” (like.. “nebula” with “face”)

&.. hawkwith.. eachwing extensionwith.. hawk with.. right up(-)on thelight(-)pole

&.. hawk with beyond center with.. Tobin Michael Alland (with look up) &.. flight right &.. with curve aroundforward &.. “backtoward Tobin Michael Alland with.. then circle

* 1 would be awareness &.. later with egg &.. “astral” form &.. “ph(i)-(cy)c(le)” form

&.. that hawk with right with.. that flight being high above thisneighbor(-)hood

&.. true “tree” with true “branches” would be true “brain stem” &.. true “brain vessels” with open awareness with.. each “face” (&.. understand how.. form “occurs” within existence &.. understand that word KRANION “skull”“specifies” that with possible KAIO RA NE OON – “meaning” the “light” &.. [vibrant] &.. [energy] &.. “egg” with.. being “inner” to “outer” form)..

&.. hawk with flight right with height with.. long smooth way abovetreeswithclear blue

(brown duck &.. hawk &.. hawk &.. large hawk have..givenprevious help with.. “thought“)

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What if.. we had a.. “world” that would be.. existence from.. The open awareness (energy &.. light “vibratory”), with.. “flower” &.. “tree” having “faces” (with.. you being “able” to look within the distance &.. “see” the “fact”), with.. “land mass” that would be “found” as.. that with.. “face” &/or “figure” form (with.. “half face multiple” – each – having form “humanoid” with “animal”), with.. “cloud beings” looking up(-)on &/or with.. people (with.. “discovering” their “world” was.. &/or would be.. “truncated icosahedral” like.. “diamond” sun &.. living “nebula” life &/or that our “flat Earth theory” &.. “round” – “spherical” – “Earth” would “both” be.. “correct” with that) &.. that “visit” to.. &/or with.. energy state “group” with.. energy state “vehicle” was.. “common occurrence” (&.. that awareness of.. this would simply be.. “maturity”) – we have this “now”

&.. hawk with flight right beyondfree(-)way” &.. “trees &..buildingthen..going around

(hawk &.. white egret &.. egret not visible white &.. white egret has.. help with difference“)

* “Yogi” has.. “given” people “help”true “yoga work” – with.. “meditation” – with that.. “understanding” to.. “quieten breathing” &.. “see” how “inner” vibration would be with this egg of.. light energy “orb” &/or that.. brain central eye (&.. up(-)onlaying downwith.. then lightfountbeyondcrownwithastralform, then.. thenextenergy state movement Irememberwas going around roomwith..stretchinglike.. “Reed Richardsfromcomic book” – like awarenessreadyfor release fromastralbeing &.. brain, &.. then Ifeltthatastral(-)physicality bunchingup in 4folds” – like.. “coat” – &..fear roseas.. “leanforward like.. “pour outwas.. about tohappen, occur,” then awareness went forth &.. Ah!, that was likediving&.. open space, &.. bright light allaround” &.. “wholelovegratitudeme)

&.. hawk2with high flight right with.. distance (with.. 1goingtoward Tobin Michael Alland with.. 1goingfurther right to.. behindtree brancheslike astral-physicalform)

&.. what would you “think” about each “land mass” having “face” with.. “half face multiple” (that could be “elements surrounding face” from The open awareness) – each “place” has &.. would be.. that (“realize” that each “face” with “feature” could be.. “found” with their “mirror image” – “ear” &.. eye &.. “mouth” &.. “nose” with.. “huge face” – &.. each “little face” could be “noted” with.. central “stack” one “face settle” up(-)on “next” with “cosmical spring” forth &.. “sedimentizing” in(-)to what is.. “thought hard, solid, ground”) – &.. that this could be what the Actual “world” existence would form – “energetic” – as.. “creation” (with.. “human, tree,” life)?

&.. hawk with flight right with.. visual behind palm tree2to.. visual behind pine tree

(white babybird” – 2baby hawk &.. large white egretgave helpprevious &.. withextra“)

* Within the energy state my energybodywas.. “broughtup withinair space (within the middleroom“) &.. I could see fast movement of.. specksappearing &.. disappearing– “re(-)placingwith high speed (“timewave view with.. “boxes“) – &.. could understand eachthingwould be.. brief” (&.. my energy form was.. “broughtup through house, room,” &/or “window” &.. up withinairout(-)side, &.. I could seeblack electric wires rise &.. descendin.. possible wave tension&..settlewithin the day – &.. the energybodywas.. “brought near” &/or up &/or forward to.. be with &/or facethat..sun with.. longtributarieslike.. “solar roots” &/or “branches winding around” – like.. that would be.. “creation“) – in one later energy state view Iwatchedenergy (“cars&.. light &.. people) out(-)siderun opposite” 

&.. white egret with right with.. that stand withedge with ditch end &.. facing my direction

You “know”that “entire surface” of.. a “planet” would be.. &/or be with.. “face” (“half face” &/or “half face multiple” – each – be(-)cause this would be, or was, of.. living being) with The open awareness (&.. that was “first noticed” when I was.. “reviewing” their “Martian planetary surface” – “different pictures” with “black” &.. white “tone” – &.. “huge face” the “entire length” of.. “section” of.. “plane” was obvious – “faint” &/or distant &.. “evident” – with further “faces”)

&.. hawk5with flight left to right with.. 2 with flight left to right (&.. 1 backcenter)

The open awareness (with the “half face multiple”) could be what “ion geometries” express from (possible “Greek” – “Hellene” – with.. AEI OON &/or “always egg” energy being) with later “appearing” to be.. what we “think” we “see” as.. “ground/land” (with.. the being “rising” from that.. “mass” beyond “shell, cover,” &/or “casing” – as.. “ghost” &/or “spirit through wall”)

&.. duck2 (possible 3) – with right with.. standing &/orWalkingforth up(-)ondrive

* With the Being (&/or being) &/or The open awareness “arrives” energy (&/or “el”) &.. egg “atom” &/or “group” of.. “Atoms” (life/spirit/vibrancy “evolves” in(-)to what later would be with.. “truncated icosahedral” form &/or each “face” &.. “figure” this.. visible “creation”)

&.. duck with right with.. that standing &.. thatwalkforward with.. facing direction I go

&.. we have.. form with.. possible “rabbit body” (“noted” with the “mineral” with “half face multiple” &.. above “head” with.. “feline” &.. to right side – left with “energetic face multiple mineral” – with.. “upper half” with that.. “crown” &/or “fore(-)head” with “fish-like half face” &.. with “top female-like feline half face”), &.. with “rotating” the “picture” (“different” angle thus.. “degree” &/or level with Being) would be.. the “humanoid face” looking like.. possible Kath-mama with.. “head-ware” (the “whole rock” form has.. “detectable face” &.. this would be.. “creation”), &.. beyond “fish-like half face” would be.. that visible “primato(-)logical face” (“energetic face multiple mineral” with “mineral” with “half face multiple”) &/or “mouth” &.. “nostril” (below &/or side of.. “mouth” &.. eye with.. their “top female-like feline half face”)..

&.. brown duck2with the flight left to right with.. abovehousing” &.. thatstreet

&.. “note” the “blend” with “face” – you could see “little face” side by side &.. above &.. below (like.. “little marsupial face” &.. “bird face” with “beak” &.. “wood-chuck face” – with look away “opposite” – &/or each with.. that left side with the “mineral” with “half face multiple” 2) &.. as “multiple” like.. “primate face” with.. “top female feline face” (with the side of.. “mouth” the eye with.. the possible “puppy dog” &/or “canine” side view – with “snout”) with previous “plate” – &.. that each “figure” (“note little paw” with “leg extending” with.. “animal” form “risen” from that.. “fore(-)head” – with.. that “tri(-)angular feline chest”&.. ‘tween “double” eye with that large “face” with.. “canine” – “note” a.. larger possible “face” below) &.. each “half face” has.. expression with.. “creation” energy “healthy” (“mentally sound”) if.. with “up(-)right” being

&.. brown duck2with flight left to right with.. “heightabovestructure” &.. “street

&.. with simply “noticing” we could view “half face” &.. “half face multiple” with “tree” (from distance &.. within “pictures”) – look with each “huge face” like.. “male” &.. “fe(-)male” – &.. the open awareness &.. living being could be.. “found” to be.. “busy” &.. viewing “humanoid” life that would be.. “surrounding” (&.. that “extends” to.. “branches”like the leaves – &.. I have “given” true “picture” evidencebefore – with that, with.. possible “male” being “face” with, as, the “branches” &.. “leaves” of.. “tree” – Natural “naked beauties” with.. “fe(-)male” being life would be.. “appreciated” &.. “observed” &/or “guarded” &.. “watched”) – truth is.. I have “seen ethereal face” looking from “trunk” of.. “oak” (within the energy state), could be that..

&.. hawkpossible 2with distant flight with right above ditch &.. “greenwith.. “trees” (“bothvisible with.. “first1 briefwith.. 1 obvious with.. curvingwith.. further right)

&.. this would be from “tree” with “picture” that I have “found” before, not with “presentation” until “now” (the previous “picture” I was.. not “able” to “find” – I had.. “removed” that from the previous “version” with “site” up(-)on “thinking” the “features” were “faint” – &.. this “new one” with “soft” light energy would be above &.. beyond) – the “branches” with leaves have eye &.. eye “lid” (&.. “pupil”) &.. look with a.. possible “squirrel face” within center, &.. below that this “fellow chip(-)munk face” with “nose” (eye &/or “nostril” with “face”) &.. “mouth” &.. “cheek” (actual “chin” &.. “eye-brow” would be.. visible, too, with.. the “face” with central “fore(-)head, crown” with the larger “face” with this, &.. each visible “face” with “reverse”), &.. I have “seen” each “art” with that (“older” W.D. &.. “King’s X’ Gretchen Goes To Nebraska” &.. “Pocahontas”)

&.. duck4 or.. 5 (beside bank) &.. 2 or.. 3 (in.. center) – with right &.. within water basin  

* Look with “hexagonal” – this “whole tree” (“branches” &.. leaves) could be.. “truncated icosahedral” (with.. “seed” – egg – the energy has.. spiral forth &.. would be “geometrical” truth – this “tree” – like.. “cranium/skull” &.. brain with.. “channels” with.. brain “stem”) with obvious “Sciuridae half face multiple” visible – the “huge face” (&.. the “family” has “energetic relationship” with “tree” – that could be “spirit” &/or “physical” expression of.. being &/or “tree spirits” – &/or this “tree” could be.. “acknowledging” their “presence”)

&.. “goose” (or.. duck) – 3with right with.. further side with bank (&.. side by side) with.. “hugewater basin (like &/or as.. quietly, simply, looking forward) &.. facing my direction

&.. with “picture” with water with the “ocean” &/or beside “beach” would be the “standing” wave – we would “think” that that would be what that would be, yet.. I have “started noticing faces” like.. “riding” the wave (like “surfer”) – &.. with looking, lo’ &.. behold, the “little figure” at.. “top” &.. “half face multiple” “puppy dog-sorta half face” &.. “almost human half face” below that (the “crown” &.. “fore(-)head” with.. “huge face” with awareness) with.. “(c)reature from(.. l)agoon-kinda” with large “figure” (with.. “reverse” – “half face multiple” with.. possible large “figure” with.. being like.. “James Allen” with.. “little figure” below – &/or “potent” being actuality – beyond &.. with “world-wearied mom” &.. “dark dad” – could be.. “drink” of.. water – “per(-)haps” – “re(-)freshing” as.. 1 “positive” &.. “feeling” this.. “feeling” with.. “positivity”)

&.. hawk with flight high with right with.. distance (beyond.. “neighbor(-)hood, wires“)

* Within the energy state I have “found” him &.. he “writes” like.. “Gypsy Sun (&) Rain(-)bows,” with.. color pens,” &.. he has “electric guitar,” with “drums” &.. “studio-kinda practice room” (having “written” that “whole” song I have with him in “mind” – I “enjoy” the way he sings with each “note” &.. I have that, with.. “Alex de Grassi” &/or “Segovia finger-picking,” &.. “cosmic” awareness – &.. not having “recording” with that yet “wondering” If.. he “heard” that, he “gave mention” with song he has“can’t remember” what that would bewith communication“(..)you might have heard that” or.. “it” – &.. he has that “cool breeze move” that standing on the side of.. the “bass drum, horizontal” having been.. “harassed” by.. “ghost entity,” understand that I have, then, left with this &.. could “record” what I have, later, if.. possible)

&.. large hawk with long flight left to right (&/or “brief” – not able to view beyondstructure“)

“Chile” has.. “heard” &/or “known” my song with him &.. the actual truth &/or true “story” with the “passage-way tube tunnel extension reference” with.. him with “cylindrical drum”

&.. large hawk with right with flight to.. center view (with.. Tobin Michael Alland) &.. away..

&.. this would be.. actual evidence that I have “found” with.. viewing “video” that S.C. would “present” (look with.. the “big round eyes” of.. open awareness communicating this “reality” of, with, &.. as existence &/or what “seems” to be.. “cloud/vapor” yet.. would be.. being with.. “elemental” &/or “denser” energy “surrounding” the wave energy “reality” with “face”), &.. if, then, he has.. “neglected” to “reveal” this.. “research” then.. I “guess” his “bad attitude” could be.. “vested interest” &.. each like him would not be with the people with each “country” with the “planet” (&.. with “Roman religion virus” &/or “vax kills” – you’re not “serious” – really?)

&.. brown (&/or white) duck2with flight right above field to.. away further right &.. later white duck (possiblegoose“) – 2with right with.. distance &.. within water with large water basin &.. later darkobvious egret with right with.. standing up(-)on bank with water basin (&.. possible natural rain” &/orhelp&/or modification – “over(-)cast so.. didnt know“)

 You “see” – the “puppy dog” eye would be “truncated icosahedral” (with “hexagonal pupil”), &.. “body” of.. “fish” (“truncated icosahedral” with.. “hexagonal” below), &.. then “truncated icosahedral fe(-)male breast” with.. “hexagonal areola” (obvious “energetic force” &.. “feeling” that “drives” the “physical” form &.. experience, &.. what “creation” of.. “worlds” would be) – Our “solar system” (the “planets” &.. “moons”) would have that like.. “stars” &.. “nebulas” – &.. “most” obvious would be egg “multiple” light &.. energy with.. The open awareness that)

&.. large egret not visible white &.. right center beside ditch end&.. facing direction I go

Oneday” – with.. yoga meditationthecrystal diamond sphere(my.. “wording“) was.. “revelation starting around4 ft. beyondhead” (sitting within the energy state) &.. “pointof.. activitybe(-)coming LOUD Rending Vibration that began rotation aroundenergybody(“slowmoving), &.. “Circling aroundtheastralformwith eachrotationthen slight angle with each rising repetition” – wascrushing, loud,” vibration like ripping air” – “power/force” (“intensewithsplitting“) – &..energetic speed going” (withaccelerating“) so.. “fastthat.. my energy form wasgetting enclosedwithpowerful Spheroid Vibrationwith.. almost each openplaceat once” (I simply kepteyesclosed &.. keptfearof.. thisApokalupsisWave Energydownto a.. “dull roar“) – enveloping Powerful TEAReachplaceat.. onetime

&.. largeunknown birdwith center with.. right (myturningleft) with.. sitting withintree

(largest white egret gavethat help with.. being within little field &.. facing my direction)

Understand that.. therotationwas.. “growinghigh with.. increasing speedlike.. “perfect sphere aroundform &.. very bright light – “growingto.. lightest with brightest intensitywasnoticedbeyond eyes closed” (thisflashof.. light then.. blindingexpression around energy body“), &.. theclear spherewith.. energy bodywas.. rising straightwithin open space (possible 40 ft.) then.. moving straightforward with.. quiet, me sitting within (&.. with then view within center &.. later quiet standing – “going” to “glass(-)likeside &.. “testing” that actualstrength” that.. “held” me to.. “fore(-)arms” with.. “putting” them.. “through”I simply “noticed” this.. descending curvefrom.. top to.. extension with.. “cosmic space rocklookdark” &.. with natural form like “Sombrero galaxy” – side view – &.. “U.F.O. repeat patterns”)

&.. white egret with right with.. right &.. center with.. greenfield with.. facing direction I go

(large white egret &.. white egret &.. white egret &.. little white egret2have.. given help“)

* Melchizedek has communicated existence with mer kab a (my “spacing” with “lower case lettering”) – I “think” he “received” the “science” of.. that existence with.. possible (light) “cab” always (that “Greek” word MER &.. “English” word “cab” &.. “Greek” word AEI) from or with.. Thoth – &.. this is what, I think, we look like on the high “level” of.. existence (I have seen what he has communicated, too, would be “star tetrahedron”) – I had no “idea” this existed, except one word in.. their “Encylopædia Britannica” (I simply “read” their “description” &.. had “yoga meditation” then.. one “day” stood within the energy state with energy “body”), &.. we “realize exactly” what that “movie” (“2001: A Space Odyssey”) was communicating (Life with.. “calling” the “Bow(-)man” – to view our true “geometria” – with “male, fe(-)male,” vibrational “Voices”)

&.. hawk (center with.. Tobin Michael Alland) with flight with right above field &.. “building” &.. hawk with right side (&/or that brief left to) alight up(-)on that wood electric pole&.. later white egret with.. presence with.. distant right with.. right side with.. bank with ditch

* We have “read” of.. “chariot(s) of fire” (“technically” rekeb esh) that was.. “termed” possible “U.F.O.s” (&.. not “clear”), &.. understand “chariots of” – “like(..)” &/or “as(..)” – “thy glory” &/or “whirl(-)wind” – “technically” merkabah (of, like) kabod &/or suphah (REA KE EB ESH – “noise” &/or “friend, fellow, companion” &/or “thought” &.. “as, like” &.. “fruit” – would be the possible loud vibration as form/way &/or sphere energy &.. light with.. MEREA KA BAH KA BOD SUPH PHAHphenomenon/reality as, like, in the thing of form &/or vortex/spiral opening) – &.. understand D.M. has “given help” (I had “read” B.F. – later – then, later, his “books”) &.. I had.. “meditation” (I, simply, was not aware of.. what had “happened” – “technically” – yet.. I have “realized” the “point” had “rotation” in spiral “going round” &.. “found” word “minutes” later)

&.. hawk2with flight right (1 toward Tobin Michael Alland with.. facing my direction &.. away right &.. 1 goinginfacing Tobin Michael Allandwith.. away then.. “curving going aroundwith.. thatmoderatedistance with.. that Uwith.. right with.. facing my direction)

One energy state “visit” their was.. “older man” with.. “glasses” &.. “cap” (if.. I “remember” that right) having “visited” – “parked” on the “drive(-)way” – within what “seemed” like their “yellow box,” like.. “ski lift cab” &/or “ferris wheel standing cab” (&.. he had that.. “dis(-)pleased” look like I “knew” what is “up”), &.. he would “board” that, later, &.. “shot”“rising” – “straight” up (“around” 2 “seconds” that.. “cabin” about “barely visible” – like.. sky high “speck” – &.. “gone” within no “time” – possible “anti-gravity reality”) he was.. holding that “clip(-)board” (within “different” energy state “visit”) &.. he was “found” standing “near(-)by” their “stacks” of.. “wood crates” within “fencing” (with.. possible “astral” view within space – 5 obvious “von Braun-like double ring” space “stations” were visible &.. “close cords hung down” from within “dark” sky)

&.. dark birdwith right with standing up(-)on possiblerockor.. “stonewith.. bankedge” &/or beside (&/or rightnext to) water with.. right side with ditch with.. facing direction I go

(white egret &.. white egret have.. “givenprevious helpwith.. timing” &.. field &.. walking)

&.. the being we “think” we “term” with “word-name Mercury” could be actual living being having.. “face” (with.. ear &.. eye &.. “mouth” &.. “nose” obvious with.. “mirroring”), &.. each “animal” &.. “humanoid” form would be.. “different” with.. “central stack” with.. each “face” visible (like “com(-)plex” or.. “simplicity” of.. “multiple” life forms &/or possible previous lives experience), &.. we could “ask our(-)selves” why have we existence up(-)on the “geo(-)metrical” being within space or.. simply understand our natural truth like.. “parent” with “child” &/or “elder” &.. “little-bitty-truncated-icosahedral-form-awareness playing, learning, growing,” experiencing with.. “bio(-)logical” form within the “wonder” of.. True “order/organization”

 &.. hawk with right with.. sitting up(-)onwirewith.. right of.. pole– &.. facing away..

&.. with “noticing face” with.. “planet” – a “few” (awareness with.. “re(-)peating pattern”) – I “found” the “pic” with.. space with.. “planet Earth” (&.. with no “cloud cover” with “land mass” – as.. before – would be.. that “huge” possible “face” with.. that “size” of.. “essentially half” of.. the United States of America &/or what the “Nibiru planetary body research” had “provided” previous – I have been “wondering” if.. each “face” could have “flat plane surface” or could be actual “face pro(-)longation,” with.. the being looking beyond with each “feature” &/or with.. “truncated icosahedral” form, &.. thus, within the energy state, I’m “given Help” seeing this)

&.. hawk3flight center with Tobin Michael Alland to right (going aroundabovetrees“)

* Looks “alien/exotic” &/or “off-planetary” (“humans” didn’t “create” the “human race”)

&.. duck2with.. flight left to right with.. angle abovestreet” (“wires” &.. “structure“)

You “know” what the “entire land mass” of.. the “west coast” &/or “western sea(-)board” of.. “North America” (from.. “Alaska” with.. “Alaska Range” to.. “Rocky Mountains” with.. “Coast Mountains” to.. “Baja”) would be?  “Rooster” (&/or “Cocky”) with.. “lion bird” (&/or “camel-like creature”) “cat face collective” (with.. possible “aged humanoid” &.. “wide” possible “rodent”) “half face multiple” (&.. “basically” that “fourth” of.. America) with energy vibration of.. The open awareness (&/or what “appears” to be.. the “face” of.. the “song(-)bird” that would be.. the “harmonious” vibrational &/or “organized structural sound” wave of.. high Awareness)

&.. large rooster(with.. darkwith light browncolor“) with right with.. standing &.. later hawk with remote right with brief flight farther right then.. toward left with.. above green field (not.. “camel-like creature”) &.. later duckpossible 3with right (obvious.. 1 standing &/or 2 sitting) up(-)on bank beside water basin &.. later possible.. littler vulture with right up(-)onwire with.. facing (&.. side) direction I go &.. later white bird with flight right with.. “curveabove green with ditch (&.. was “thinking” that could be.. “Oscine” thus.. open wave)

This would be.. the high “resolution” with “picture” with.. this “termed” the “Fort” on “Mars” (look with “rotation” then.. view obvious eye “socket” with “pupil” with “ball”) – I have “found” at least 3 “references” with “cranium/skull” with this evidence (possible “Martian humanoid” &.. possible “primate” &.. “head” with “wet” with eye) yet.. would not be able to “provide” that with(-)out previous “computer,” the “way” I have before, with.. “adjustment” with “degree” (&.. obvious “mouth” with.. “lips” – below – &.. eye “socket” with.. “littler head” to.. side – that one was.. “found” not “happy, sadness,” possible “reference” to what could have.. “happened”)

&.. baby hawk with center &/or flight right to.. all theway(with.. distance &.. high above)

&.. hawkpossible 3with flight right (with.. 1 straight away &.. 1 at.. right &.. 1 at.. left)

&.. large egret not visible white with right with.. standing up(-)on left side bank with.. facing direction Im going (the “cranium/skull” with.. possible “Martian humanoid” – not able &.. “cranium/skull” with.. possible “primate” was.. “remembered” – “head” with “wet” could be)

&.. duck2with right within water with.. large water basin with.. facing Tobin Michael Alland (“littler head” has.. what looks like.. 3 watery “places” with.. “lower lid” with.. eye)

&.. what could that.. “anatomical reference” with.. “structure” be (possible “primate skull” – doesn’t look too “humanoid” – with.. “length” of.. “mouth” &.. “lip flaps”) – with.. “face” with “fore(-)head” &.. “Face” with “fore(-)head” with that (like.. within each “primate body” form could be.. the “astral” form each has with.. “inner(-)most” form within “head” with that, like.. “cute hidden little orb” with.. what could possibly be.. all these “little truncated icosahedral orb beings” simply “growing” within “worlds” with.. “different animalistic” &/or “humanoid” forms – “playful” &.. not “bored” – &.. I’ve seen “literal” white “race” – their “bone structure” with obvious “reference” looks “equivalent” to what I have seen with.. their “flatter non-nose nostril stretch,” with each side, to.. &/or as.. “cheek-rise” to.. “ear” – within the energy state)

&.. brown duck with flight right with.. high angle with.. abovestructure” &.. “trees” &.. “street

&.. large egret not visible white with right with.. standing up(-)on bank with.. water basin with.. facing direction I go

&.. “dark duck” – 2with center with flight forward with.. Tobin Michael Alland with.. “briefleft (would be.. “humanoid” – not “animal” – &.. had “thought” that could be “reptoid” form)

&.. possibledarkduck – “group” – withbriefright then (withturnright) left with flight abovestreet” &.. “wires” (“lower cheek bone” – “lengthy” – with.. “bone ridges” or.. “teeth”)

&.. duck2with left with flight (“first higher” &.. “second lower“) with.. aboveparking lot” (“half face” as/or with “orb” within “fore(-)head” &/or brain with.. the “astral head” &.. “half face” as/or with the “astral head” within “fore(-)head” &/or brain with.. the “physical head”)

&.. duckgroup” – possible 20with right up(-)on water with.. “hugewater basin with.. facing my direction

&.. duck2with right with.. sitting up(-)on bank beside water basin (“cute hidden little orb”)

&.. brown duck2 –  with flight right with.. angle abovetrees” (&.. later 1 visible with right)

&.. hawk withbriefleft with flight then (withturnleft) right then (withturnright) left with.. high abovetrees” (not all “truncated icosahedral beings” would be.. “little” – like.. “galaxy” &.. “nebula” with.. “star” &.. “planet” &.. “moon” – &.. thus have “various” form)

&.. hawk with flight right with.. “circlingwith.. distance (abovehousingwith.. “trees“)



* We could “think” brown (“meaning dark” brown &/or what was “termed black&.. each brown “epidermis person” with “such label” &/or experiencing its bad effect”) “race” would be from.. “primate group” (I have “read” &.. as would be obvious “noting aggressive, bestial, behavior” &.. look) – that would be true (not the “specific” evidence above) – yet.. the egret &.. brown duck – 2 – went, each, left (&.. communicates “no, off”), so.. I “remember” I have seen actual white “epidermis group” within the energy state (after “reading” of.. “Martians”) &.. this “group” has all white “epidermis color” with no “hair” up(-)on “body” (&.. that doesn’t “mean” you would be “black” or “white” – “referencing color” of.. “epidermis” – if.. with “race” up(-)on this “planet Earth”) understand each “person” has white “truncated icosahedral” form

&.. hawk with center with flight with.. Tobin Michael Alland to.. left with.. “wide curve going aroundto.. “backbehind (or.. possibly above) Tobin Michael Alland with.. then right with.. later curvethen.. angleopposite(I have “thought” &/or we could with(-)out “failing facts”)

&.. hawk2with flight right (1 up to.. “wood pole” &.. 1 further on to.. up(-)onwood pole

&.. large hawk with flight rightwith.. distanceto.. within trees beside tracks



&.. possible “half face pair” (“clear” with.. edit” – “lighting”) – within “front” with their “fourth” planet – with “rotation” at.. 90° would.. exist with “cosmological etching” with.. quite the view (light “epidermis” being with.. open “eyes” &.. look up to.. central “alien” &/or their “littleness” of.. “spirit” with.. “sorry great fear coming” from.. “around crown” – with.. “around” 7 “faces” – &.. possible “wo(-)man cradling” baby within “arms” each “head” visible – &/or “couple”“man” sitting with.. “arm” with “hand” up(-)on her “hip” &/or “thigh” &.. “wo(-)man” standing with.. “arm” with “hand” up(-)on his “shoulder” – of.. “looking” within “eyes” of.. “significance” &/or “other” would be visible in or on the “surface” of.. “Mars”) – that could be “thought” form (&/or “memory”) of.. “former truncated icosahedral” being we “think” would be.. “planetary”

&.. white egretgroupwith right with flight with.. their angle with.. “goingin toward.. Tobin Michael Alland yet.. behind tree &.. later white egret with right with.. sitting with.. right side with ditch with.. facing direction I go &.. large egret not visible white with standing right with.. right side with ditch with.. facing my direction &.. later brown duck2with that.. long flight left to right abovebuilding” &.. “housing” (“face” with “littler face” with.. “parent” with “child”)

&.. hawk with flight right high withgoingforward to.. slightcurvein thenbackto further with right with.. thenwide curve backin to center toward &/or with.. Tobin Michael Alland

&.. with later “presentation” with.. “Ron” (like.. previous “presentation” with.. B.H.) would be “found” possible “hominid” (I have “found” each “animal” form &.. various “humanoid faces” &/or each form with.. “pyramidal structure” B.H. had “review” with) looking not too “happy” &/or with.. angle up(-)on possible “molten mass” (what “Ron” &/or R.C.H. “thought” could be.. “glass structure” &/or possible “dome” – the lower possible “molten mass” with.. “half face”) – with.. 90° “differential” we “note” possible “figure” with.. possible “hominid” with.. possible standing (“upper” form – what looks like.. “head” &.. “chest” &.. “back” – visible) – &.. we have “heard” each re(-)port that “Mars’ surface” has had.. “planetary catastrophe” with.. “war” &.. “destruction” (possible “Roman religion tale” of.. “devil/daimon” would have.. existence)..

&.. “goat” – 3with right with.. standing with.. “certain distance(&.. “eating“) within field 

&.. with possible “chest” &/or side with.. possible “figure” with possible “hominid” (above 1st “picture-plate”) would be.. possible “reptilian half face” &.. “head” within possible “half” brain (like.. “turtle” within “shell”), like.. “Gorn” – “reference, repeating pattern” – with.. “Star Trek” (actual “reptilian beings” exist &.. I have “seen” their “red group, flowing movement,” within that “cave” or.. “carved-out stone” space “under military base” above “ground, land,” &.. that later “big barrel-chest reptoid” with “green-brownish” look with each “scale” – that.. being actually has.. “big round yellow eyes” &.. look of.. “caring interest” like.. what do I “think”)

&.. hawk with flight right with.. possiblecirclebesideelectric wires” &/or “apartments

* I have, would be, the “caring Interest” &.. that “reptoid” could have been “reflecting back” (with “observation”) the “way” I have look (that “entity” was.. standing right – my view – beside actual being with “canine head” &.. “humanoid” form – “presence” – with his later “smiling” – you “KNOW” – &.. I was.. later “squinting eyes” with “unbelieving” look &.. yet the open “heart” with.. his “eyes” like.. this then.. “head falling back” with.. “silent laughter” with open “heart”)

&.. white duckpossible 2with right within water (beside bank) with.. “hugewater basin

&.. further “half face multiple” would be “found” with obvious [left] up(-)on (or.. as) “surface” (we understand “land mass” with “planet” has form with open awareness with.. each “face”) [ above “half face multiple” with, as, the “planetary surface” is “found” by “rotating picture”]

[egret not visible white with right with.. standing up(-)onwood post topwith ditchend” &.. facing my direction (&.. wood structure” – “noticeable with look &..head, neck, tuckin)]

&.. hawk2with left with flight then (with.. myturnleft) right with.. “going around” (with above possibleneighbor(-)hood” &.. “trees” – behind visiblestructure– &.. with distance)

&.. with possible “solidified molten mass” (with.. possible “projection” within that.. center) would be.. not-so-obvious yet.. “detectable face” (left viewing possible “molten mass”) with.. each “feature” (“exotic” with “animalistic” ear with.. “feral” eye &.. “horn” &.. “wide nostril”)

&.. baby hawk with flight left to right then.. forward (facing) toward Tobin Michael Alland

 * 2015 “movie” (with.. 1953 “book” with.. “Arthur C. Clarke”) “references” obvious existing being – Not “science fiction” – with obvious “ears” &.. “eyes” &.. “horns” &.. each “nostril”)

&.. hawk with flight right with.. going aroundbehind longstructure” &.. “risinghigh

&.. that possible “energized rock” &/or “wave-energized” form would probably be.. “around” 100 to 150 “feet” high (&/or beyond, what could be.. “cute animal character” &/or energy – not “pleased” with “horn” form below that &.. above &/or behind “head” of.. “humanoid face opposite” – with.. “half face multiple” truth simply “note” that.. open “eyes” look forward with “face” with.. “exquisite detail,” possible “memory” &/or “record” that could be “known”)

&.. “darkduck2with right within water with ditch (with.. theirgoingforth, away), &.. later brown duck with flight left to.. “briefright (&/or center with.. Tobin Michael Alland)

&.. egret not visible white with right &.. standing up(-)on side bank &.. facing my direction

* Having “record” could “mean” that.. “planet” would be.. “library” (“Hoagster said thing” like.. he “can’t wait to see the libraries” “planet” would be “library” &.. each “planet” would be.. “information” center – &.. each “record” up(-)on that “former truncated icosahedral” form &.. “present gravitized-round world” could “bear details/facts/figures/knowledge” with.. what “happened” in the “time/space” experience that is) – my view would be that no “matter” what

&.. hawk with flight left (above trees with then.. “street“) to center (above &/or behind electric wires“) with.. that angle forward with.. then right to.. above &/or withintrees

Within the energy state I have seen (&.. among other “available pictures” we have) “base” on our “moon surface” – “building” or.. “structure” (with.. long “rectangular” shape within “dark”) with.. “astronaut suit-like material” (light “fabric/texture color”) for “walls” – &.. that was after viewing bright white “moon rock” within the light of.. the sun (later – viewing within “dark” of.. open space – a.. “ship” was visible with “disk” with “elongated span” – that “low-rise craft hull” with extension the “length” of.. “middle hull” &.. “half” that, or.. “sleek”&.. “corbel curves” held to “hull” &.. “span” – not of.. “regular U.F.O. disk-shape” look – &.. with view inside were 2 actual “humanoid male beings”“middle(-)weight class” – with their “identical body(-)suits” with.. sitting at that.. “ship control panel” with.. “flat desk-like surface” with.. long “stretch”)..

&.. duckpossible 5 with right within water with water basin (3 further &.. 2 facing away)

(possible egret &.. little possible egret – “both withindusk&.. hawk have.. “given help“)

Have you seen that.. “picture plate” with.. “Pluto” “smiling” with.. bright open eye look – above?  We have, per(-)haps, this “best” evidence with.. “half face multiple” (with.. “different picture”) – we understand living “planet” with “noticing” the “different” look that would be.. “present” &.. that this being has.. “face” – with.. each “feature” visible – not “different” from.. you &.. each “person” we “think” we “know” at.. “present” (&.. that could be.. “Awesome”)..

&.. duck (or.. “goose“) with right with.. standing up(-)on pave(-)ment &.. besidetree” &.. brown duck2with flight left to right abovestreet” &.. “wiresto.. abovetrees” &.. whitebird” – 6 (with 5 flight left to right with 1 above &/or center with Tobin Michael Alland) &.. baby hawk with right with.. sitting up(-)on wire with.. facing away (“Simplified language”)

&.. each “moon” has.. “vestige” – “sign” – of.. former “original” egg with.. “hexagonal” (like.. each “orb” &.. planet &.. sun &.. “nebula”) within “truncated icosahedral” – “(..)on” – form

&.. “roosterwith right with.. that walk forward &.. facing away from.. Tobin Michael Alland

&.. life would simply Not be.. what we could be “led” to.. “believe” with.. “schools” of.. “lack” of.. true “thought” &/or “seeming official sources” – we could “see” that truth with.. simple “observing” – &.. the “space-faring group” that “built” (&/or awareness with “expressing”) that.. obvious (as.. would be “re(-)ported”) “Moon dome structure” has.. “known” (&/or would be) of.. the existing “reality” as would be with.. each “half face multiple” with “feature” (&.. “close observation” would “find” that the “entire surface” &.. possible “structure” &/or true “thought” – open &.. “creative” – would be.. with “faces” at.. each angle &.. “direction” – “multiple” – &.. our true “creation” would be.. The open awareness &.. energy “ringing out face” &.. “spiral” – of.. “course” – in(-)to “whole figure” – what we “think” would be “animal” &.. “humanoid” life)

&.. dark birdwith right withintree&.. flight in(-)tonext treewith.. roosterwith.. right within tree” &.. later with flight UP to.. “different” &/or “next tree” (or.. “different branches“)

(possible dark &/or possiblehenwithingrowing dusk &/or within shadow withtree“)

We have a.. people with their “dome technology” &/or “thought” with The open awareness “knowing” &/or being the truth with.. that possible “orb face” (with awareness) &.. possible “astral face” then.. obvious “physical” form with.. “arm” (that “bent” extension) &.. “chest” &.. “shoulder” (“half face multiple” with 6 to.. 12 “animal” &.. “humanoid faces” – “up(-)right”) – “shorter whole figure” &.. “little figure” would be.. “found” (“opposite” &.. “half face multiple involving” their possible 6 to.. 12 “animal” &.. “humanoid faces”) – &.. that would simply be “observing” the “top half” (this “entire structure” or “thought bubble” has.. “multiple faces”)

&.. large egret not visible white with right &.. beside ditch endwith.. facing my direction

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&.. understand the Sun has.. “proven” to be with “hexagonal” (first egg side with each egg side “around” – 1 &.. 6 – &.. 1 of.. 32 “hexagon” to.. “pentagon sides”) – this “means” existing “truncated icosahedron” form (with.. “round” look that “outer corona”), &.. what is “thought” active “plasma” energy “plumes” have.. each “half face multiple” &/or each “face” with.. this “reality” being what obvious “creation” would be (with The open awareness &.. “ring” energy “summary” I.. “realize” with.. this “Greek”“Hellene” “research” &.. “picture” evidence &.. energy state awakening) – &.. “latent truncated icosahedron” would be visible with “picture”

&.. duckgroup” – 5with flight right with.. that long forward to.. further curving &.. right

* 2016 would be.. the “given year” with.. “hexagonal” visible with.. “satellite technology”

&.. large white egret with right with standing with right sideat that edge” – with ditch

* I’m “saying” that would be.. “hexagonal” (with.. sun wave energy with each “edge” not visible “straight edges”) &.. “truncated icosahedron” (&.. each “hexagon” &.. “pentagon”) be(-)cause this could be visible (each “outer edge”) with “graphic” energy “key” – “twelfth picture” – above

&.. duck2with right with sitting with right side with greenbank with ditch (“just visible)

You “know” – 2 “dark hair males,” not.. “smiling” &.. with “black robes,” were “seen” within the energy state with my “visit” (I “guess both” had.. “called” with.. possible previous “reading”), &.. having “mentioned both” with.. Previous “site” (their standing – “watching” – &.. later sitting) I.. “experienced” their “likeness mimicked” (“Holly(-)woodified, Wachowski(-)ized, (..)Twins”) with “second movie termed The(ir) Matrix(..)” (he &.. he – “dark hair dudes” – had.. “taken” MY true “initial Stories” &.. “put” That within his – their – “movie, mixed” with.. his “club experiences” – “get a load” of..  their “half-way watchable Thomas Anderson” &..The Architect” &/or their having “copied, mimicked,” my “initials” &.. “Greek” word “research” &.. the “office job” with that “cubicle” &.. “grand(-)parents’ orange sofa chair” &.. “…s” then &/or “Trinity” &.. “temple”)

&.. hawk3 (2 &.. 1 high) with flight with.. “heightwith right with.. 1arrivinglater

(white egret &.. hawk &.. hawk &.. large egret not visible white & duck &/or baby egret)

&.. Standing within that energy state – [with what I had “thought” was] the “drive(-)way” – I.. could see what could be.. possible opening &/or “door(-)way” of.. “ship” &/or possible “craft” (with.. later view of.. “blond” hair being – open “eyes hard” &.. “tight”  [“harsh”] with.. look), &.. “day” or.. so later, or within a week, there I was – within the energy state – within “foyer” – looking – with “risen stark dread” (yet.. “determined” quiet “presence”) – “blond” hair being with “huge, round,” form &.. [“interest”] was.. looking in.. “down(-)ward [slant” &.. up(-)on] the window (&.. later, with.. having “returned” to.. “physical” form “resting” within the bed – that.. “dark” &.. “early morning” or.. “next day” – I could “feel” the energy state form “taken UP” &.. off the bed &.. being moved out(-)side – within “arms” – &.. I “ran” – “fast” – to.. “check” on..)

&.. hawk with possible left &/or level straight/true with distancewith.. Tobin Michael Alland to right with flight with.. “weave” &.. “winding around roadwith.. mygoingforth

[&.. “agedpossible hawk with left onelectric wirewith.. facing my direction &.. later hawk with left to right with that flight abovestreet” &.. flight forward &.. with facing my direction &.. later hawk with right with flight &.. hawk with right with flight with.. facing my direction]

You “know” – he was.. “good enough” to.. “visit” (I had.. “given” kind-of.. “vocal challenge-of-sorts”), &.. each “time” I would.. “pull back” &.. simply not “get involved” (I “pair” up, not “team up” &/or “go gun(-)crazy” as.. was “pro(-)jected” with “movie” – “years” before.. I had “found” 5 “beings” with.. black clothes,” within that energy state, &.. had left after “negative attitude” toward their “ominous-yet-not-violent drab presence” with.. their “group pro(-)jecting hitwith what “felt” likenegative beam” right in(-)to my “chest, heart,” &.. “such” was “changed” in(-)to “humanoid-like agents,” &.. 1 “day” I had “noticed brilliant ball” with “blinding” light &.. “non-stop powerful” wave, thus “ship” – &.. I was “writing” my truth on “forum” in ’98 to.. ’99)

&.. brown duck4with flight right (“one after the other“) with.. facing my direction &.. later duck with right within water with.. “huge” water basin (&.. distant 1 or.. 2 right up(-)on bank)

(large white egretlater&.. baby white egretbefore – &.. later hawk have.. given help“)

* 1 “red booth-looking carriage” was actually (within open air) “lowered” from that, this.. could have been where that “phone booth idea” was from (If not previous K.R. “show”) – I had “opened” the “sliding back door” at the previous previous previous “house” (the previous story was within previous previous “house”), went out(-)side, &.. later went “back-ward” back in&.. MY “friend” with.. his “brothers” (with their “mother”) were.. “referenced” (previous “stories”) as.. “crew” (&.. “Oracle” – her “help”), &.. I had “written” of.. “meditation” (not “red, blue, pills”), the 2 “spinning bar techno things” be(-)came their “squiggly technology thing” with.. 2 “scenes” (had “re(-)ported” their “entries”), &.. white &/or “metal rabbit” (their “tattoo”) &.. the “Yogi”)

&.. “goose” – 2with standing right up(-)ongreen grass(with..picking“) &.. later brown duck2with right with flight with.. then wider going aroundwith.. going further right

(hawk true with left with flight within distance &.. above hasgiventhe previoushelp“)

&.. “days” (or “weeks”) then I was.. standing within the energy state &.. “rolling green” field vast with.. “lushness” would be.. far as the eye could see (&.. there is.. “Eilleen Regina” with.. her leaning forward &.. looking upon the “rich hue” &.. beauty I would be), &.. “Puppy” would be here, &.. I view that opening with.. “structure” &.. went within (&.. then the “tall” – “huge” – “blond” hair “female” with.. plain brown cloth would be.. visible with.. Her “dance”), &.. then after experiencing that possible “fellow” human being with.. “dark” hair with.. “inter(-)loping, meddl(ing),” there was the “group” with.. each “male” standing – “tall” with “variety” &.. with “Viking” kinda-like “clothing” – with.. “elder male” with.. sitting quiet – within their midst – &.. HIS communication“Don’t Do That”would be with.. “Tenderness” &.. “GRAVITY”

&.. hawk with right with flight to.. further right with back toward Tobin Michael Alland

&.. we have.. “Disney’s Atlantis(..)” with.. my word “research” (&.. “Michael” with.. bright light “sphere”), &.. “Disney’s” (&.. “Pixar’s”) “Monsters, Inc.(,)” with “brainy” eye “Mik(..),” &.. “Disney’s Lilo & Stitch”  – “piecing together” – &.. “Sky(-)dolphin” (“ship”/”internet name”) &.. “single” eye (&.. “Michael”) – with.. my “No(-)body gets left behind” &.. VH “ship” – &.. “Universal Picture’s Bruce Al(-)mighty” &.. “Eye(-)witness News” (&.. “place of birth” in.. “New York”), &.. “Universal Picture’s The 40 Year-Old Virgin” &/or my “sun” in.. “Virgo” (&.. “Venus” in.. “Leo”), &.. “Disney’s” (&.. “Pixar’s”) “Ratatouille” &.. my “cooking” &.. “L(eo)” &.. “finding rodent” (&.. “care” with that), &.. “Disney’s” (&.. “Pixar’s”) “Wall•E” &.. “boxes/para(-)graphs” (&.. T.), &.. “20th Century Fox’s Avatar” (my “story” with “blue Krishna” &.. “Greek” – HODOS ALETHEIA ZOE – with.. “Zoe”)

&.. hawk with length of.. flight right with.. behindpine tree” (to.. above little tree“)

* “Krishna” later “brought” me to be with Him (He looks “just” like the “paintings” with Him with.. “gold hat crown” &.. simple “dark hair” &.. “quiet eyes” &.. “blue epidermis” with.. “vast out(-)door scenery” with Him) – I “appeared” sitting with him sitting with.. my Open “eyes” with.. Him viewing me &.. later communicating “brief tone” (He could “tell” that.. I – sitting “opposite” at.. “table” – would be within my “heart” then.. His “blue color evaporated” from His “humanoid” form &.. the Natural “India male” form was the “color” with look He has I understand His communication would be.. “HUMANITY” &.. “good” energy “just shrinking, melting,” the way I was &/or could be &/or would be.. possibly sorta “over(-)whelmed, now” away, with..  possible “focus” on that “gone, disappeared,” let me “rest” with “heart release”)

&.. largerooster with right with.. standing up(-)onground &.. facing direction I go (&/or look down“) &.. later hawk withbriefright with.. centering (with.. “brief curve“) to.. left &.. later hawk with flight right above green with.. distance with.. facing Tobin Michael Alland &.. later hawk with flight right abovestreetwith.. center with.. distance &.. later white egret with right with.. “lone standing within center ditch with.. distance with.. facing my direction

&.. “Dream(-)Work’s How To Train Your Dragon” with my.. “hand movements” with my “Bear” (with “color” with.. “eyes” with “intelligence”), &.. “Disney’s” (&.. “Pixar’s”) “Brave” with “bear” &.. “blue” &/or “El(..)” with &/or as.. “spirit” with.. “RED HEAD” (with “picture found” at.. that “time”) – you have these within your “computer” &/or “digital” or.. “DVD” or.. “video collection,” right?

&.. hawk2with flight right with.. “some distance, height,” &.. angle to.. further right

* “Movies” were “star vehicle(“lacking relatable story”) – “waned” – at the “time” &.. I “felt” I would “provide” my “stories” with.. having energy state awakening (from ’96 &.. “wonderful” – “interesting/compelling” – “discoveries” with.. “meditation” &.. “release” with the energy form)

&.. duck2 with right up(-)on water with water basin (“near closest side) with.. facing away &.. later brown duck with long flight left to right abovebuilding group” &.. “parking lotwith.. “cars” &.. “trees” (then.. that duckgroupwith further right with.. distant within that distance)

We “realize” the Sun has “faces” (the “truncated icosahedral orb” &/or form would be with.. The Open awareness with.. each awareness with this) – the being “face multiple” &.. “elder” &.. “exotic” – &.. this “prominence” has.. each “face” with &/or as.. that “whole, entire,” space field &/or light wave (&.. we understand, then, what “creation” would be) – I “think” that kinda looks “similar” to.. what that “Face on Mars” could be (obvious “face multiple” with the open awareness) with.. “reflecting cosmic” truth &/or “referencing” with “re(-)plicating” that (with.. possible “builders” as.. R.C.H. would communicate) – &.. the space right beside that has that

&.. hawk with length of.. right (hawk call then.. my turning” right with my lineof.. sight) with flight to center with.. Tobin Michael Alland &.. then not visible beyond abovestructure

&.. each being has.. “gear” like.. “sword” &.. “shield” (with.. central being with, also.. brown “hat”) &/or possible.. “leather clothing” with.. “straps” &.. simple “cloth” – that would be.. view before what I “heard” (1 “fellow” has, also.. “dark curl brown” hair with light “epidermis” &.. he has look to “left” – with my view – with.. his possible looking straight forward to opening with.. “ship”) – &.. then I “felt” the “huge, tremendous, force” vibrating like.. “voluminous body” that “must” be “huge craft” (&.. “rising fast,” with.. my looking up(-)on ‘Gina &.. “Pup”she had.. been walking forward with.. looking up(-)on the “grass” &.. was now standing right beside the “craft” with him with.. “rising” up &.. “down” &.. up &.. “down” with.. “front paws” – I could Not “go” with(-)out – each look at, with, Tobin Michael Alland – Love &.. “re(-)turned” here)..

&.. hawk2with right with flight with.. “going around” &.. above treeswith.. blue sky

&.. Eilley &.. W’up’ had.. both been looking up – open “eyes” &.. “enlivened” expression – at &/or with the “powerful mass” of.. that “ship” (they “must” know with the out(-)side view of.. “hull” – I.. “wonder” what that “looks” like) “rising” (I.. “wonder” what that “looks” like, too), &.. later, within the energy state &.. within “room” – Wupperton had.. “eyes” open &.. was under the blue “laundry basket[,]” [he “near” the bed with.. that “up(-)side down,”] with.. heart open with.. “happiness” &.. his “rise” with.. “front paws” (“going” up he “wished” to go, be, like me &.. I couldn’t leave with(-)out love), &.. he is.. my “Good boy” (‘Leen could have been looking up &.. “around” when I wasn’t, [she “care(-)ful” with.. “land” the “hill-valley terrain,”] &.. this would be.. the “things” of.. [our] true Nature [with.. my “presence” &.. their “humanity”)]..

&.. hawk2with flight right &.. each curve with.. Tobin Michael Alland (1 asbrief” left)

[&.. hawk with.. thelittle swooping curve left to right with flight &.. further right &.. hawk with left way in distance &.. hawk2with right with flightgoing around“] – my nature

[&.. hawk with flight right with.. “going around” behind long “structure” &.. “rising” high]

&.. dove with right with.. sitting up(-)on “lamp post extensionthen.. flight forward facing.. Tobin Michael Alland with.. angle with.. “goingforward toward.. Tobin Michael Alland

&.. I’m not “sure” if.. their “group” would be.. “Anunnaki” &/or “Nephilim” (I have “root” word “description” below) – the “Elder” simply “gave” possible.. “summary” to.. “help” each beyond what I was.. “encountering projected” toward my existence from.. before &.. her “dance” was.. “reflective” of.. “woman” experiencing my “release” (with.. “phi(-)male”) from “such” or.. that, with her each “grunt” with “head turned” to “side” &.. each “hand” (“snaps” with “fingers”) &.. “arms raised” (I’m.. remembering what I have seen – can’t “relate” the “exact occurrence” – &.. have “presented” so much more, actually, to.. what I have before with.. this – “equal” ‘RE, too)

&.. hawk with right with flight &.. above field &.. behind “(..)tower structurewith.. “blue sky

* “Beautiful” B.E. “appeared” &/or “gave” her 1 “little dance move” with standing &.. open “eyes” (up(-)on “reading” that) &.. my standing viewing (her “husband” wasn’t too “happy”)

&.. (within the energy state) whiteround birdwith center (with brief distance) to.. right

We could now understand this “existing humanoid face reality” with.. sun wave – simply “recognize” our lives &.. the way each egg of.. light being life form “soul” has.. life – &.. what about the “cat”“feline” – or “lion half face” with “fore(-)head” (&.. “half face up(-)side down, present” above the “crown”)?  Would that, too, be.. “half face multiple” with.. “equal size” (5 – possible 6 – “faces” with “half face fore(-)head”) &.. how “cool” – not “ignorance” – would we be?  Why in “helios” would you be with “group” not “describing” true being (light &.. love)?

&.. hawk with flight left with.. “curveto.. forward with.. that right &.. “goingMY direction..

&.. the “reason” why “media” with “U.S. group” would be “talking” energy state “vehicle” &/or “U.F.O.” – of.. “recent” – would be be(-)cause of.. this true communication – with previous &/or “present site” I have (I am “understood” with.. simple truth &.. “helping” &.. “exciting” – this I have “received” with each “witness” communication before Tobin Michael Alland – &.. with my energy state “visit” – each – &.. true “witness” – each “real ship”)&.. previous “group” – with “media” – with true evidence before (“Ancient Aliens” would be “production” that “began after” previous “site” – with middle 2000 – &.. this “after” each “movie” you “probably” have within “[adequate] DVD collection” – their “creative” has “picked” up truth &.. put this within “show”), &.. understand “Buck Rogers” &.. “(..)Trek” &.. “(..w)ars” (below, is that “mantis” being “face”)?

&.. hawk 2with right with flight going around” &.. above (&/or with.. “neighbor(-)hood“)

&.. hawk2with flight right with.. heightgoing aroundabove neighbor(-)hood houses

&.. brown duck 4with flight left to right aboveelectric wire” &.. “buildingswith.. street

“NIBIRU” would not be “belief/ideology” &/or “myth(..)” – this.. “describes” the “basic entire process” that could be “creation” &.. we have “letter” 24 “X” (2 “inter(-)merged tetra(-)hedrons allow” &/or would be with.. “dodeca(-)hedral” form &.. “truncated icosa(-)hedral” form like.. the above “dodeca(-)hedral” form &.. “truncated icosa(-)hedral” form we have with evidence “happening”) – &.. “Planet X” would be.. “extra given term” that could “best” be “understood” with.. “star tetra(-)hedron” (24 “sides”) “alignment” with.. each egg &.. “geo(-)metrical” form

&.. hawk with flight right with.. longslight angletoward Tobin Michael Alland with.. later away to.. “curveleft &/or “back aroundwith.. long flight with that equal/equivalentright

(hawk3 – &.. “unknown bird” &.. large hawk &.. duck2with previoushelp” with “help“)

MEGAS POLIS &.. TETRAGONOS &.. DODEKA PULON“great city” &.. “four(-)square” &.. “twelve gates” – would be “large assembly” with 4 “sides” &.. 12 “gate” (12 “pentagonal”) egg – 24 PRESBUTEROS KATHEMAI PERIBALLO LEUKOS HIMATION could be the “four (&) twenty elders sitting, clothed in white raiment” &/or 24 side “information keep” as me(..) “array[ed” with]in [clear/translucent] white “array” (“picture graphic” &.. “meditation gave” me “help”)

&.. “duck” – “group” &.. 5 with right up(-)onsurface &/or within water with water basin

(hawk2 – “saying edit” &.. then hawk with each “going around&.. each right gave help“)

* (24) PRESBUTEROS KATHEMAI PERIBALLO LEUKOS HIMATION & “four (&) twenty elders sitting(..) clothed in white raiment” would be.. “Greek” “Hellene” – “record” with.. “English”

&.. duck (possible.. “goose“) grouppossible.. 5with right (withingreen grassdistance)..

What is “happening” would be.. that S.C. would “mention” his “favored phrase” – “Planet X” – &.. “try dis(-)missing” the “given word-name” that would be “NIBIRU” (Life would not be about “Jesus” – true IESOUS would be.. each “root” word “meaning” truth each “person” has with each egg “orb” with each brain – or “Revelation” – with “truncated icosahedron” we could.. understand “dodecahedron” then.. could “learn” truth &.. “apply” that with.. “understanding”) – we have “been” &.. would be.. beyond what &/or “how” we “think” we “see” &/or experience as.. “humanoid” form (The open awareness has vibration that “ring” energy to.. wave energy “solid” with.. each “face”) – &.. we have “group” within “Rome” with.. their “control operation hellaciousnessorinvasiveness” (in.. America with.. “Britain” &.. “Canada” &.. “Russia”)?

&.. hawk with right with flight with.. that distance &.. height with.. circle abovehouses

* One daywith.. D.M.research” &.. P.Y. with.. “meditative Help” – I awoke within the energy stateafterYoga meditation – &.. “foundenergy body, form, standing, &.. withquietI.. “experienced INCOMPREHENSIBLE &/or watched spinning/rotatingbefore.. energy body clear whitish form thatseemedtomergewithit(-)self(like wave line wavery” – I wasntrealizing eachdiagonal&..horizontal“) so.. from within center (me) was TETRAGONOS existent” – 2 (the 4corners&/orquartersopen eachlike.. wavey inter(-)sectwith.. that rotation“) – &.. Nowords were &.. Nomovingwas from my(-)selfbeing with.. awe

&.. possible baby hawk withbriefleft “lesson” to right with.. flight above (beyond) “trees

&.. white egret with right with.. standing withingrasswith.. that field &.. facing direction I go

* With 1 more energy state awakeningwith myquietstandingwas..vastopen space viewable – &.. “shapeof.. clear whitish DODEKA form (12 with sides“), look tobriefleft side

&.. hawk (possibleunknown bird“) with flight to possible center with.. “goingleft then.. right

Our “outer solar system” has “visit” with.. their “similar” existence (&.. we have evidence now), &.. their “system” forms have that “geometrical” shape “truncated icosahedral” &.. have each – would be with each life “just” like.. sun &.. planet &.. “nebula” waves (&.. the “root” word “research” has.. “description” with the truth) – I’m not “sure” if.. this would still be here or.. I “wonder” if their “planetary system” has “passed” with their “re(-)ported rotational orbit” now “happening” (“just” 1 “astral visit” or.. space flight “re(-)moved”), &.. S.C. “found” more

&.. white egret with right with right side theretention” – “keeping/guardian(-)ship” – “pond” &.. “quieton thegreen grasswith.. “slow walk” – in my directionwith facing my direction &.. hawk (possible unknown bird“)2with right with flight with.. above ditch with.. theirbothfacing Tobin Michael Alland &.. with 1 thus..moving with.. “curvature with.. right

We may.. understand 1.) “ANUNNAKI” 2.) “NEPHILIM” 3.) “NIBIRU” – Not with.. their “basic English” word “translation” – with “language” like “Aramaic” &.. “Hebrew” (with “root” word with true “English equivalent”), possible NI BI=BE RUA – “disturbance of spiral with vibration in(-)to sound &.. solid as ring” – &.. NIB IR RUA – “egg (& fruit) generation creation form inner vibration in(-)to solid as ring” (&.. that later “truncated icosahedral”), &.. NI PHI=PEH LI IM“expression (of) open vibration me energy” (like.. “human” being with.. the “physical living” state existence) – &.. ANU EN=AYIN NA KI – “We (are) presence (of) natural light-energizing”

&.. “unknown bird” – 2each with.. big round flight with left with.. later then.. “justright

NI BI=BE RUA would be the “electro(-)magnetic wave(..)” expression (of) vibrat(ory) “ring” energy &/or NIB IR RUA would be.. this “fruit” (“truncated icosahedral”) “field” (of) energy

&.. hawk (possible unknown bird“) with right with flight with.. later slightdiagonalaway

&.. within the energy state – long before – I have “seen” the “beings” &.. “ships” like “balls” of.. light that move “fast” within “air” (“playful” with.. people), &.. “beige blond” being with.. her “arched eyes closed” in &.. with “hook nose” (with her “arched” eye “brows” &.. “prominent cheeks” – with.. the “serene” look – &.. then with “voice” as.. “two voices” – “mind” being with the possible.. brain “lobes” wave), &.. “blond(e) hair “couple” with.. their “alert” &.. “mindful observation” (&/or being &.. “passengers” &.. “ship”), &.. “canine head” being with.. look the simple “quiet heart” with “smiling” eye (his viewing with viewee “Incredulous”) then.. “head ease” with “dropping back” (“eyes closed” &.. “glee” &.. “silent laughter” with.. open “heart”)

&.. hawk3with.. theirbriefflight left to wideright with.. this then theirgoing around

&.. not “only” would this be.. real “science” (with the energy body within the energy state), this would be.. real “Star Trek” – within the energy state each “elder” would be: J.D.K. would be with.. “haggard, sweatish,” hair &.. on a.. kind-of “tear, hastening,” he is.. “good demonstrating involvement, early morning,” then, &.. L.S.N. would be.. within bed &.. with “cool, normal,” hair light with “sweat” &.. kind-of long with “back” of neck (he has natural “presence” his “rest”), &.. inside his heart he communicates the open heart (his love) with.. “Dee” &.. he speaks with the “good warm Smile” with “eyes” with open being (he would be “happy”), &.. the “good doctor” has to.. “free” from.. possible loving “clasp” &.. “does” look to.. right side like.. he doesn’t know that I would know (I think he knows that), his left, &.. “Leo” (eye “down” with “humble” release)

&.. hawk (possibleunknown bird“) with flight right with.. L shape with.. “veer to.. right side

&.. the 2 have “perspiration” with(-)out this possible.. “air conditioning” – “classic guys” with.. their “mere presence” – &.. look with each “face” within energy “found” with “visiting” planet above (that “chartreuse” kind-of.. “spirit” look with the obvious “face” – with that large &.. long side “face” with “eyes” – &.. each “angular face” with right within “green” &.. “blue” at right side – then.. the “green tone pair” &/or each “observer” with.. open “eyes” looking within space, &.. “elder face” view within space, &.. “telling face” &.. “lion face”), true “news” (each.. “episode”)..

&.. whitebird” – possible.. 5with right with field (with.. 4 with.. cows with.. 1 not.. “close“)

&.. before that, with one previous “visit” (“around” 6), D.K. was quiet, standing, &.. within that “pretty nice place” – like.. “spiffy, brand new, digs” with.. “road vehicle” or.. “ship cabin” – &.. he simply brought hands up as if to say – “be(-)hold” (with.. that look to.. right side, his left) all the “neat, un(-)packed, stuff,” &.. “pretty crowded within here, don’t you think?” – &.. that “smile” with open “eyes” with open heart (&.. yes – “stacked, futuristic-looking, things” within “entire” open “bay door” kinda view), &.. before this he was being “washed” – “sudsy” – within real (“quaint, tried” &.. true) “wood tub round,” &.. before this he was, within the energy state, too, walking out(-)side with bright heart (open eyes looking) &.. I had brought my arms up &.. “held” him within “grasp, hold” (“harassed” here) – I had said, before, he’s the real “captain”

&.. duckgroup” – 5with right within water basin (3 with.. slight angle with.. going up from my direction &.. 2 with.. slight angle with.. going away – “parent” &.. “youth” &.. “young pair“)

&.. with “Leonard” first “visiting” he appeared within the “bath(-)room” &.. had that look with.. his “young self” (with.. open &.. possibly “pained” yet.. “energetic eyes”), &.. he brought hand up &.. “placed” then.. that “firm enough” &/or “serious/weighty” up(-)on “wall” &.. simply “gave” that (“ominous looking” – I “felt dread” &.. “said NO” &.. couldn’t “bare” he “unhappy”), so, later (within the energy state), I found him walking “out(-)side” &.. “comic book stand” (the “extra” long – “extended” – “wood box(-)car size-type place”) was.. “present” (he would be very “good” with “the arts” – “movie” – &.. “appreciated youth” with.. “camera” &.. “great, heavy-set, girls” – like.. his feeling – yet “felt” former “site comic” or “comical” – went with.. “quiet” walk) – then.. I “wrote typey” about previous 2000 “site” that.. “lead” to.. “Atlantean King movie role”

&.. largebirdwith right with.. sitting up(-)onelectric wirethen.. flight

&.. egret not visible white (&/or withinshade“) with right within middle water ditch with facing my direction

&.. hawk with flight right with.. littlecurveforward then.. “wide curve aroundfurther right

&.. large hawk2with center with flight with.. Tobin Michael Alland

&.. little white egret3with right (with.. “closestone facing my direction &.. 2 facing Tobin Michael Alland) – with standing then.. first with flight &.. “next” &.. “next

&.. duck with right with.. stand on bank with.. “nuzzlingwithinfeathers” &.. beside water

&.. duck3with right within water with.. water basin with.. facing Tobin Michael Alland

&.. little white egret with right with right side withingreenbankbeside ditch

&.. little possible duck with right within water with.. ditch with.. “goingwith.. slight angle with.. facing my direction

&.. with “visit” I simply appeared standing &/or moving within that “room” &.. he was.. now within that white “t-shirt” – he standing – &.. walking forward with.. the “eyes” observing &.. “interested” (we simply “knew” &.. that is how, then, we appeared each.. “time”), &.. then “next” appearance was up(-)on possible “ship” (or.. “facility” or “under(-)ground base”) &.. he went with.. “running dash” in(-)to “arms” of.. 2 standing “males” (plenty were standing within open “room wide”) that.. now “held” him “side(-)ways” – laying &.. looking with.. “smile” with.. most “good heart” (the sort-of “mild-tired” look &.. “accepting” within “eyes”) – the “hilarious amusement” (with truth if I wasn’t – or was – standing with open, quiet, look with.. feel) – &.. now the “boys” could have been “Showing” him “around” that “new(-)found” energy “reality”

&.. large egret not visible white with standing right then.. flight left to.. beyondpartitionwith.. standing facing my direction (I simply “knew”) &.. large white egret standing with right with.. climbingup bank &.. on very topstanding with.. facing away – &.. white egret with right with.. possibly, too, at top with possiblecrouchbehindrock” &.. facing my direction

&.. with my standing with.. looking forward then.. I was able to see – “opposite” where I would be &.. right in center – “reptilian” being with 2 “different” standing “males” (both with.. hands up(-)on “fore(-)arms” – 1 on.. each side with.. that being with center) – “across” the “room” &.. simply with “eyes” open &.. looking (with each – their “whole” large “group” of.. “personnel”) – that being “bristled” with Inner “emotive up(-)set” &.. “crescendoed” with communicating (&.. looking with me viewing).. “SATHIS” (“head vibrationally shaken” &.. then visual appearance, energy, of.. 2 “similar heads,” 1 on each side, at center “resolute negativity, glower, noggin”) – &.. “Leonard” would love “performance, show” (after “visit” 3 &.. “around” 3 days after that.. “news” his “Passing”), &.. my “wish” Earth “cleared” of.. “reptilian controlwas.. “reflected”

&.. unknown birdwith right with flight (with.. “Some curving“) aboveschool playing field

&.. within the energy state he would be.. within that “seat” &.. quiet with look with.. “groups” (each “crew member” with.. that previous “ship” &/or – I “think” – possibly each “male” that.. could have been “reading” the previous 2013 “site version”), now he would be.. “delight” (light open heart), &.. he would be this.. way – “friend” – with.. this very “few” within “seats” (1 with.. look to &/or with.. right), &.. he &.. “Alda” would be “visiting” (standing within “early morning” or.. evening “dark”) – 1 “tall” woman (having look with.. “evaluation” &.. possible “worry”) then “got” that.. “mind-runny worrier” &.. “placed” his form within “near(-)by rock” (“energetic” yet “effective” from.. standing to.. “fast” &.. within her “whole” light white “night(-)gown”), &.. L.N. would be.. left standing with.. my quiet &.. standing “observation” from.. distance

&.. duckgroupwith right with.. “fewstanding up(-)on bank beside water with.. water basin

&.. brown duck2 withfastflight with brief right (&.. beyond) with.. facing my direction

&.. with “visit” 7 we have.. standing “out(-)side” – like.. before – &.. L.N. has.. view up(-)on Tobin Michael Alland with.. my look with.. him (He would be.. kind-of “serious” &.. “such” would Not be.. my “thing” – I had not “picked up” what he communicated, yet.. the “tone” in(-)stead) – we have “day” light “sensitivity” yet he would be “more” the “commander” &.. love could be “more” the true “science officer” (&/or with “Show(-)man” &.. “schau(-)man” – “interestingly enough” – I have “heard, read,” it “said”) – &.. we “both” have that.. lovable giving “tenderness” like “tribble” (&.. with possible “reflecting early visit” with J. &.. with not having to look – this would be “helping” to.. understand my(-)self yet.. “revealing” him &.. that would be “why” I have “said” – later – to “give” him “captaincy”), &.. ST:TVH &.. “score”

&.. egret not of visible white with right with.. “crouching down” &.. facing my direction &.. white egret with right with.. left side bank with ditch (D.K. “reflection” of.. what he “thinks” could “reference” Tobin Michael Alland) &.. possible whitebirdwith right with right side

&.. brown duck2with flight right abovebuilding(&..street“) &.. facing my direction

&.. we “realize” the NI BI RU energy wave expression &/or possible egg (&.. “fruit”) planetary form has.. “multi(-)color” – “vibrant” – &.. “numerous” waves of.. communication with 1.) the egg “head” (with.. first “face multiple”) –  with.. “top” – the “primary” (“head” of.. the “half face multiple”) form with.. “surrounding geometric” &.. “animal” life form 2.) the “male” form with.. awareness being open (with “external eyes”) &.. “different” kind of.. “berth” 3.) the above 90° look with “youth” 4.) the “below” 270° look with.. “different” kind of.. being (“note” that “huge” existence – “mantis” form “rising” from.. “crown” &/or “fore(-)head” of.. yellow-green “male”)

&.. hawk (possibleunknown bird“) – 2with right with flight (1 with centralringform with most obvious circlingas to.. have attentionthen.. further to waiting1 &.. each right)

&.. our “world” has.. “experienced” being “affected” by.. “scared” – “sick, decaying” – “envious” being with “carnal taste” (“trying” to “fill” inner “empty”) – “it” would be “preying” (&.. probably “reflects” what “it” has “experienced”) – &.. we see “such group” within “news” (&.. “it” would be of.. “inexperienced external fixation” with.. “vagina” – “pointy” with.. inner “strength leonine” – that would Not be.. “young” people yet.. “immaturity” – “vulnerable group” has &/or “needs energetic head cover” like.. natural “hair growth” &/or “motor(-)cycle helmet thrill ride” with.. “religious head(-)dress” or.. “sports helmet,” each “un(-)natural” like.. “war” &/or “braids,” &.. “such” would be from.. “huge male group” with “externalized fixation” with.. “nest egg” &/or “race” for.. “caches, military term,” &/or “hoards” or.. their “stock(-)pile, military history, ego“)

&.. “black” (&/or “dark“) “bird groupwith right &.. standing under treeswith.. “green grass

&.. what about “huge half face” above – possible “male” – with “half face multiple” below &.. what about “huge reverse half face” – possible “fe(-)male” – with “half face multiple” (“him” their possible “muscle”“buff”with energy wave “pattern” – &.. possible “big/enormous hair” with.. “reverse” view – “her”), &.. is “her face” actual “half” form “figure” (“arm” extension “down” – like above with “arm extension “down” – &.. would that be.. “huge half face” below)?

&.. hawk with right with flight above with.. “different neighbor(-)hood” &.. facing my direction

Our “entire” true “creation” (“observable” existence) would be The open awareness &.. light energy with.. each “face multiple” (look within the open space &.. wave “surrounding” that living planet “some(-)where” within) – what this would be would be.. the “strong” &.. “creative world” like.. the “native totem” existence (that “presents” how &.. what “reality” would be)

hawk2with.. 1 right with flight (&.. 1 with center to right) &.. “back leftsometocurvethen.. right (&.. baby hawk with.. previous hawk 2 – “gave helpwith.. previous version“)..

We “rise” above “established artificial lack-of-true-intelligence” with.. obvious ACTUAL EVIDENCEwhy does.. evidence (above) look.. “cosmos bear facey” within space?  Are we “tired” of.. “Christian” &.. “Jewish” &.. “Muslim” – each – “patriarchal half(-)a**” (“lacking” the “matriarchal”) “Atlantean karma clown show” with “constant fake news programming” (&.. with “pondering” the “question” let us “re(-)view” each word “translation” with “Allah” & “God” &.. “elohim” – “All” & “ah” being possible “Al” (e)l “ah” would be.. possible “on high” or “the” or “with” & “el(ectric)” & “realization/awareness” with.. GAD being “translated” as “coriander” & GODEL being “translated” as “greatness” & “description” of.. EL O HEM being “El(ectric)” & “circle/orb/ring/sphere” & “them/these/they” &/or “beings” with, as, light energy Being)?

&.. hawk with left with right to U &..  flight aboveKIDS WORLD” &.. facing My direction to above head &.. “just right (You have “quit/le(ft)” their “junior” &/or “juvenile (..)institutions”)

&.. little white egret with.. right with.. center/middle with standing within water with ditch

* “God” would be.. obvious “word-borrow” &/or their “word-shortening” – “Bible wordage” – “written/recorded” &/or “printed” in “surface place” of.. actual previous “language” word “el” (“electric” &/or “electro(-)magnetic”) &.. “elah” (“electric” &/or “electro(-)magnetic” ah &/or “electro(-)magnetic” awareness) &.. “eloah” (“electric” &/or “electro(-)magnetic ring” ah &/or “electro(-)magnetic ring” (..)awareness) &.. “elohim” (“electric” &/or “electro(-)magnetic ring beings”) &.. “(j)ehovah” (possible ah egg or.. (t)he egg or.. “planet” or.. “projection” or.. “ship”) &.. not simply “Lord” &.. “lord” &.. “master” &.. Master” &.. “sir” yet “kurios” (sun energy open) &.. “theos” (the open) &.. “tsur” (one thee, thou – you – energy) – we have.. light energy being with The open awareness that would be “evident” with “brain” energy awakening &/or “orb”

&.. hawk with flight right with.. large wing expansion with.. forward to smooth curveright

&.. we have “cosmic, inter(-)stellar, outer space” communication happening (their right – left – “half face” with previous “cosmic bear face” – my “term” with the evidence – has their “animal” form – obvious – being “canine” or.. “primate” with.. “reverse” having actual “bear half face” with.. “fore(-)head” with possible “animalistic humanoid half face bulky” &.. there would be “tired” eye &.. “harsh” eye – “ghoul(-)like”“half face” visible with “reverse” having “different half face” – possible “fe(-)male” – with each with “half face multiple”) – the “whole, entire, creation” would be.. “Great/Huge/Immense/Tremendous/Vast” communication)..

&.. large hawk above road – “near” &/or with Tobin Michael Allandwith flight right with.. later slight anglebeing above fieldwith.. latergoingforward with.. direction I’m going..

&.. we have “puppy dog potent” with.. kind-of “anthro(-)poid/hominid/humanoid half face” (“strong, energetic, humanoid”) with.. “great feline half face” (“great feeling”) &.. we have our possible “kerub half face figure” with.. “feline chest” with.. “ram/sheep half face” below (“creator” with.. “spirit” energy) each with.. “edge/side/tip” of.. “nebula”&.. “reverse”

&.. white egret2with right (with.. large 1 standingcloserwith.. right side with.. ditch with.. facing direction I’m going &.. 1 standing further with.. left with.. facing my direction)

&.. we have the “canine” &/or “feline” (&.. “energetic, heathy, feeling”) being beyond “little-mindedness” with.. “huge/massive appetite” – “reverse” – with.. “help” with.. “yogic breathing exercise” &.. could be beyond “angry warrior mode” – “reverse” (“notice” the “half face figure” with “lifting nostril” with “fore(-)finger” &.. “huge happy gleeful” eye with.. “half face” above) – &.. this is “real” (&.. not “English trans(-)lation” with.. “religious text,” we have.. “mind” – open awareness – with energy “vibrance” &.. light within the Wave – that got “turned” in(-)to “God is light” &.. “God is love” &.. we “realize” The open light energy &.. egg always circle/orb being)

&.. hawk with right with flight &.. further right abovestreetwith.. “treeswith green grass

&.. The open awareness – “For our God (is) a consuming fire(..)” would be “kai gar hemon theos” is a “katanalisko pur” &.. this could be “light I because [with] egg (T)he opening is a light of [energy being] bright/luminous (&.. this would be my “best understanding” with the “orb” – with “brain” eye – &/or “encompassing” bright light “surrounding” open awareness with “re(-)leasing astral” form – “re(-)leasing” that “physical” field – &.. “realizing” being like the “truncated icosahedral” sun with “appearance” &.. being the being light &.. “gratitude”)

&.. hawk with right with distant flightwith.. reasonable heightabovetreeswith.. “neighbor(-)hood” – then.. with curve left with goingforward with.. direction Im going

With meditation(withrest“) within the energy state &.. with previous previoushome” &.. in thelaundry room” – I was sittingup(-)righton theedgeof.. mybedwithastral form with ring/circleenergyaroundtheheadthe ringenergy beingupabovecranium” – with possiblemultiple wave band soundthat was like.. “dialing stationwithradio(with.. visualaspect being visible with eachfigure &/or that language &..Writing in.. radial“) with look forth I was.. “ableto see in possible.. side eye above rightcrown” (I could have looked up tofaras the eye could see with..curving aroundwith.. largecircle“) or with myquietI couldhearpossibleelectric statikos” &.. “shiftinglike 1straight line bar goingwithfrequency reading(yet.. could viewjust the right sideportionso.. obviouscircle“)

&.. hawk with right with flight (with.. height“) with.. eachcurvein with.. facing my direction &.. hawk withnot toodistant right with flight with.. “goingin with.. “curvetoward &.. away (behindhousewith my view) from.. Tobin Michael Alland &.. later high right &.. later hawk2with flightgoing aroundcenter (with.. Tobin Michael Alland) behind grocery store

Your “Jesus” (“English translation” of.. “Greek”“Hellene” – word to.. “word-name”) could be “explained” with evidenceI ESO OUS would be.. “ego” &.. “within” &.. “ear” &/or you “eg(g) o(rb)” in [brain], &.. we have “orb” within each brain (then.. KAIO HO RHEO ISCHUS TA OUS would be.. “light the [wave energy] state open”) &.. true “Iesous Khristos” would be.. that “egg orb” in brain with.. light the wave energy state open (&.. like then sun “orb” energy) “notice” that would be energy being aware within &.. not “religious figure externalizing”

&.. hawkgroup” – 7 with flight right above &.. behind their landpossible.. site clearing” &/or possible.. “work buildingbefore this with.. “(circle) around &/or beside furtherwires

* We have.. the “Greek”“Hellene”“letter” I that would be.. “iota” &.. “English equivalent” with that would be.. “bit/atom/particle” (that could be.. the “general size” with the “truncated icosahedral orb” being within brain) – I had “noticed” that I “took” the “letter” &.. had “found” the “given English” we “know” then with this (“ego” – “Iesous” could be.. “bit/atom/particle” in brain &.. that “works pretty much similar” to &/or with “egg orb” within brain) – &.. that would be “different” way of.. “saying the same thing” (with “Greek” – “Hellene” – word “ego” then “I”)

&.. hawk group” – 4 with high flight right (with 1 with long smoothforward first then with.. slight curve with.. 3 then appearing with.. each going aroundthen.. behindtree“)

Your “religious-minded” – “affected” – “groups” would “assume” or “wish” you “quoting” with “scripture stuff” – with or with(-)out knowing you were being “controlled/regulated” with their actual word “construction” or.. “programming” – & “such” would be “okay” (&.. is that all that you have)?  You have.. “digital” &.. “English construing/rendering/simplification” &.. “printed” word form – “reality” would be.. wave(-)form (The open awareness with.. “circle/ring” with.. active “rotation/spin” into wave egg – energy – with.. “multiplying” into each with.. form into your “truncated icosahedral orb” with.. later PROTONPROI TA OON – &.. “early the egg”)

&.. hawk with distant right with flightgoing around [electro(-)magnetic wave] towerwith later circle/ringbeyond that with.. long flight with.. “goingforth with.. direction Im going

“Okay” – “electro-magnetic” waves could exist “around” &.. as “energetic” form with.. life &.. “circle/ring” energy &/or “electro-magnetic” wave “around” brain or “head” with Life (&.. their “I am the way, the truth, (&) the life(..)” could be.. “egg orb” the “size” of.. “bit/atom/particle” within brain {is} the [awareness] (&) open, the above space/point/life/soul that always, the exist[ence] – living &/or being – that of.. HODOS &.. ALETHEIA &.. ZOE being “the” – the open awareness – &.. (&) &.. open – HO DE OS – with.. “above” &.. “space/life” &.. “that” &.. “always” with.. “exist” &.. “that” – AL ETH EI AEI with.. ZO EI), &.. we have “Egypti[ndian]” kinda wave energy &/or this light energy being (like.. “Star Trek” &.. “Nikola Tesla”) with.. the evidence

&.. large white egret with right &.. left side ditch water &.. later hawk with flight right with.. “curve aroundtoward Tobin Michael Alland with further right with.. facing direction I go &.. later white egret2with right withcloselarge 1 with standing with right side with ditch with.. facing direction Im going &.. furthest 1 with.. stand left side with.. facing my direction &.. later hawk with flight right with.. abovehouseswith.. trees with.. facing my direction

&.. “note” this “truncated icosahedral orb shape head” &.. energy above &.. N.T. with.. energy form.. “humanoid” (“rotate picture” 90° &.. “realize head” &.. “torso” &.. “limbs”)

&.. duck – “group” – with right with.. close2 within water with.. water basin &.. my 90° (“turnwith look) possible 15 to.. 20 actualfacesup(-)on bank &.. elevation/rise &.. side

&.. thus – with “(..)no man cometh unto the Father, but by Me” – OUDEIS &.. ERCHOMAI &.. PROS &.. PATER could later be “found” (In the “Greek”“Hellene” “book re(-)source” that I have) with.. that simply not now in, up(-)on, thatOU DE EIS – &.. [vibrate within] alwaysERO KOME AEI then.. [light] open PROI OS – then.. energy then [vibration] &/or energy (&) [vibration] – PAIO TE ERO (not aware with light energy being ’til active light-energizing)

&.. white egret2with right with.. standing up(-)onpipeabove water with.. water basin withinlow level bleak environment(&.. large 1 facing direction Im going &.. 1 facing away)

&.. he &/or “who(-)ever” had &/or “took” the “picture” had (“known” or not) the evidence then

&.. large hawk with flight left with.. “curve aroundto right to.. further away to.. further right

“Monoceros” – “understanding” with.. “Greek/Hellene” – would be.. possible MONO KAIO ERO OS (possible “one” &.. “light” &.. [energy] &.. “open”) – we have the “great” energy &/or “power, spirit, strength” with.. brain “volume” &/or “size” (&.. “body/expanse” with.. “head” of.. that “serpent” &/or “wise” being “aware/shrewd”“intelligent” “sharp”) then.. possible duality with.. “bovine” – possible “slow” &/or “ignorant/oblivious/unaware” – with.. “feline” – possible “(physical) beauty” &/or “opposite sex” (&.. “body/expanse” with.. “head” of.. that “animal” being), &.. “up(-)side down” view has.. “huge alien/exotic” form with.. “littler reptilian running it” beside “warrior” with “militaristic bent” – “helmet” – &.. “not-so-cool-‘stache” with.. “red-horned, buff, beast-of-a-man” with.. “spaced out ogre-wolf devastation, waste,” below

&.. hawk with flight right with distance abovetreeswith.. then “goingwith.. angle down with back up with further angle up &.. with further distance on with.. further going away

* A possible “fox” above “shows” the truth with being able to.. “throw off pursuit” &/or “mere brute force leading” to.. “its” or their possible “huge pile” &/or possible “explosion” of.. energy

&.. egret not the visible white (with.. looking up) with.. white egret  – 3each with right with.. each standing with right side up(-)on the bank with ditchend&.. facing direction I’m going

What had “Gene” – “Rod” (&) “Berrie(s)” – “known”“beings” with him – with “bulby” center “alien” brain form with.. “lion face” previous – &.. the “orange-brown feline face” (&.. why does their “Pike” – with.. J.H. – have the “prominent eyes” like the “bovine face” &.. why does “Laurel” have “look” with.. “hair” like that “feline face” has with.. “color” &.. why does “Susan” have “green tone” with “long wavy hair” like that.. “lion face” &.. why does “Meg” have “huge cranium” &.. “circlet-spot” like the being – “realize” their open “collar” with “color” &.. “shape” with “head” with “bone structure” being this “exact relation” with.. each “face” wave) – “first episode” (“pilot” having “(..)never aired during(..) original run” in 1966 – “dumb executives”) would be “reflecting” the reality cosmic” (&/or simple “play” – “presentation” – with “help”)?

&.. hawk with right with close flight with.. then goingforth toward Tobin Michael Alland with.. latercurvey toward Tobin Michael Alland with.. then with distanceleft with then.. “backright with that whole exact lengththen.. “backwithintree” (then hawk with flight being from.. within thistreeto.. right with.. “backto.. center with.. Tobin Michael Alland)

(large white egret2&.. duck (possiblegoose“) “grouphavegiventhat previoushelp“)

We have “recent” evidence not really “understood” so.. let us understand the “basic reality” (above would be.. “picture” with.. “truncated icosahedral” – 32 “sides” – “cranium” with “face” being 20 “sides” with.. “hexagonal side edge” &.. 12 “sides” with.. “pentagonal side edge” – obvious, &.. is that what that “big year 2012” would be about, our “understanding” the truth with the existence?) – “mind” has “wish saying” that “body” would be with.. “spher(ical)” form (we have “Earth” with.. each “planet” being “gravitized round” – light energy wave &.. “shape” active – &.. we see “round” – the “outer corona” – sun), &.. “guess” what “shape” a “planet” &.. sun would.. be (like.. this “feline face multiple” with.. wave a.. “great spirit” &.. living being)

&.. large white egret with right with.. standing within water with ditch &.. facing direction Im going &.. later white egret with right with flight above ditch side &.. facing direction I go

(Ol’ S.C. would “talk” of.. “sphere” with.. “first describing” the new energy “body” &.. later “understood” the true “truncated icosahedral” form that would be.. then “spherical”)

&.. hawk 3 – with.. 1 with.. sorta center &.. high with notfarleft &.. 2 with flight right

(brown duck8 – &.. hawk &.. brown duck &.. egret not visible white &.. white egret)

“Okay” – we have.. eye with.. “pupil” &.. “eye-lid” (&.. would that be.. “nose tip” &.. “nostril”), &.. would that [eye] be.. with “FORE(-)HEAD” (with.. “EAR” &.. “MOUTH”) with.. obvious “SIDE CRANIUM” VIEW – “chin” &.. “jaw” &.. “neck muscle” visible (with.. “upper” left “cranium” egg “brain” like.. that “frontal” &.. “occipital” – “back” – &.. “parietal” – “upper” – &.. “temporal”)?

&.. baby white egret with right with.. right side with bank with long ditch &.. egret not visible white with right with.. left side bank with long ditch (facing direction I’m going &.. facing my direction) – I “think” that.. side “cranium” view would be.. obvious with.. each “indentation”

&.. white egret with white egret with each right with.. standing within verdant green field

I “think” that the sun has.. sun “civilization” – these “beings” must “visit” the “Earth” &, in fact, the “entire solar system” could be.. “creation” from &/or with.. the sun – &.. each “truncated icosahedral orb” being could be like that sun &.. “associate” planet &.. “ruin-scattered moon”

&.. large hawk with flight left to right  above street” – possible 19.5° &/or 20° angle &.. later hawk 2 with flight left to right above street” with..1 going around by.. “electric wire” &.. with 1 goingright &.. later white egret with right (stand with right side ditch &.. right with..)

“Enjoy” the “fact” – &.. each “face” – that S.C. has “drawn” from the available evidence – has “provided” with.. his “work” – &.. that he “thinks” he “calls” the living form “bad boy” &.. “d*** object” &.. “(..)monster” &.. “ugly face” (he “seemed” to.. have been.. “denying” – his word – this “collective” evidence – with.. each “half face” – &.. he “feels” that this could be.. “scary” – word he possibly.. “heard” &.. “borrowed” – &.. said “Nibiru myth” with(-)out “understanding” the “sound” truth of.. wave egg &/or “fruit” form this vibration to.. “solid” with.. “ring” energy)..

&.. hawk with right with flight with.. going aroundwith.. being above each house with..  being on side of..neighbor(-)hood(We have “off-planet, extra(-)terrestrial,” being the “size” of a “planet” – &.. “bigger” – communicating from space &.. with the “solar system” for “now”)

&.. hawk with circlein center with.. Tobin Michael Alland with.. hawk then right to left with flight (visible with “satellites” beside “outer solar system” &.. aware of.. what I say, &.. active)

&.. large egret not this visible white with right with.. standing with right side with ditch endwith.. facing direction I go (“helping” people with.. “caring” with.. obvious “mirroring back”)

&.. “bird” (possible duck) “groupwith center to right with flight with.. littleto.. longcurve

&.. this “half face multiple” has.. possible “face feature”each (with.. the possible “reverse whiskers”) – with.. the “half face” with.. “fore(-)head” with.. “half face” with.. “fore(-)head” &.. “reverse” has.. possible baby “version” (possible “cub face” &/or “kitten” with.. possible large “round head cranium” &.. sitting “Indian style, lotus position,” with “out(-)stretched arms”) – would that be “half face” with.. look up, too (“huge nose” the “mouth” &.. “nostrils” above)?

&.. brown duck with right within waterhugewater basin – &.. facing direction I’m going

&.. ol’ S.C. had.. “found” possible “Nibiru” egg (&/or “fruit”) “planetary” (&/or “new truncated icosahedral”) form (with further “picture”) with energy field wave “surrounding, trailing,” with “release” (&/or ‘”brand new body” with.. that energy field wave “effect”) – I have “found” (with.. “mirror image”) that would be actual living being with each “face” (“half face multiple”), &.. actual “half face multiple” (with each “face”) has.. existence right beside that (each light &.. energy wave within space has “face” &.. each “feature”), &.. that would be “interesting” (the living being has.. “face” that would be like.. what we “term” the “canine” &/or “feline” &/or “humanoid” so.. “aged” &.. “wizened” that.. this would be.. look “animalistic”), &.. “cute, too” 

&.. hawk with right with flight &.. circle (to.. further right &.. circle“) &.. beyondtree” (with.. mywalkingaway &.. “walking backto.. look) with.. later up from.. behind tree

&.. “new planetary body” being with “truncated icosahedral” form with Being &/or “group” with that has.. “reflected” up(-)on “recent events” within Our “world” (“Cob e taken down” &.. “alive” with “original” form &.. “dark” & light existence &.. observingU.S. explosiveness” &.. “dark” form “beast-like” &.. “spirit” within &.. “noting” that “darkness tries” to “win” by “force”)

&.. hawk2with 1 center withclosewith flight abovetreeswith.. Tobin Michael Alland with.. brief right &.. 1 with brief right with flight with (having gone) distance (my “summary”)

&.. hawk with right with.. electric wire &.. right with.. then that curvature someback in..

* We have “witnessed” their “sucker(-)punch” – I have “read” – &.. I have “experienced” their “sucker(-)striking” (within the energy state) &.. “sucker(-)suggestion(“bad advertising“)

&.. un(-)known dark bird with right with.. standing up(-)on bank with.. facing my direction

“Beauty” with.. the “plate pictures” – like.. “paintings” (I have.. “read”) – would be.. the being &.. wave form within space with.. my “finding specific features” to.. “edit” &.. bring forward “picture” with (I have “degree” with “Arts” &.. could “appreciate presentation”) – I simply “give” S.C. “picture credit, initial,” with.. being “fair” to.. his “work” of.. “tracking” &.. “accessing”

&.. hawk with left withlingeringwithin wavewindto.. center with.. Tobin Michael Alland with.. “goingforward not too brief” &/or withlengthinesswith.. then laterlengthyright

&.. S.C. kind-of “lost” his “mind” (“fear&.. “resort” toattack– his.. within the energy state – “occurred” after his “providing” that “raw data” &.. then my “discovering” the communication – If I had not “presented” the further evidence (with.. “meaning”), that would not be.. “known” within “public awareness” (he was.. “(a)sleep” – “unaware” – &..with(-)holding” evidence)..

&.. large egret not visible white with right with.. left with standing hunkeredin beside water with ditch with.. facing my direction (He isn’t “presenting” the “whole” evidence that would be.. “available” &.. isn’t “publically reviewing” communication as “valid” as.. his “facts (&) figure”)

&.. hawk with flight right with.. slight angle right toward, away from, Tobin Michael Alland

&.. we have “extra” with.. that new planetary body communicating.. you would not be.. “humanoid” (&.. would be “truncated icosahedral”) – “human” – &.. you would be “baby”

&.. brown duck with swiftflight left to right (slight angle upabove trees” &.. “street“)

&.. S.C. has “found” (with “help” with.. “satellite feed”) this “fellow” form “group” with.. the “huge truncated icosahedral” form he has evidence with (&.. we have “repeating pattern” with.. the previous evidence “showing” that similar “truncated icosahedral” form as.. “red” with.. each “white” form “surrounding”4 to 7 (or.. more) – &.. that “multi(-)color world” –  “truncated icosahedral” form – evidence – above – seeable with.. this “documentation”)..

&.. white egret with right with.. standing within ditch water &.. facing my direction &.. laterunknown birdwith right with flight with.. “circlewith.. forward with big circlethen.. to infrontof (with.. higher above) with.. Tobin Michael Alland (form within space &.. “unknown” truth with.. “huge truncated icosahedral” form like.. previous large 1 “knowable” with.. this)

&.. unknown bird” – 2with.. 1 with.. “center with.. Tobin Michael Alland &..bothright

&.. “I love you this much” – says this “truncated icosahedral” form being (with.. possibility “reflecting” up(-)on life) – &.. “note” the possible “badger face” &.. the possible “fox face” (&.. each “half face multiple” – loving “animal eyes” above &.. “reverse” with.. “brown” being &.. “afro” with.. possible “primate” energy “surrounding” with.. “genetics” with their “race” – &.. could we understand “physical epidermis” people are not that “black” or “white” &.. that to have “such color labelshas kept “mental slavery&.. inner “struggle” going, &.. we could understand all of.. this would be.. One &.. the “same” Living Being energy?) &.. could we “sense” Our “cosmic” being communicating (&.. how “wide” is this – S.C. – would you say)?

&.. large egret not visible white with flight left to right (&.. with slight angle) above houses

&.. we have.. “fellow” form “group” (with “new planetary body”) 2“whole new system” beside the “solar system” – visible with the “present-day technology” &.. then “help” with S.C. (“note” the “huge planetary body” with possible 5 “extra” – 1 “truncated icosahedral” form &.. 1 a.. “fourth” that “size” &.. 3 possible “dodecahedral” – &.. that the wave formeach – has.. “meaning”communication) – “while” R.C.H. “distracts” with.. “false news stories,” actual evidence would be happening (&.. for “years”) &.. “understandable” with True “story-teller”

&.. hawk with high flight left to right beyondelectric wires” &.. abovetrees” (by.. “tower“)

&.. we could “realize” form &/or wave “involves” The open awareness (“shape” with.. light energy &.. “shadow” within space would be.. &/or have.. “face”“group” 3 has &.. would be.. “surrounded” with “nothing but face” – &.. the “feline face” would be obvious with upper left “picture” above, &.. below that, left, too, would be.. “half face” of.. possible “primate”) – that.. awareness could be “referencing” what “seems” to “happen” (from clowns, gang, stalking, violating” as of.. “recent”), yet “cowardice addressed” &/or “given the time of day” would not be “happening” here (“for(-)get” about it) – &.. “note” that.. “muzzle” with.. open “eyes” (she “carries” her “cub” with love &.. “care” &.. you could, too – “your(-)self” – that “same” way)

&.. “vulturewith right with.. sitting up(-)onelectric wire” &/or “fixture” &/or “(..)pole

What of.. “off-planet group” (“affecting” the “German” people) &/or “religions” with.. “history” of.. “black” &.. “red” &.. white (what their “dark uni(-)forms” with “flags” &.. “robes” with “hats” experience has.. “shown” or.. what possible “culmination” of.. “physical limit, darkness, blood, seminal” – with(-)out energy state awareness – would be, then “leading” to.. inner “sting” like “popular drink” then.. “searing guitar blues” with.. Edward “painting” that – with each “color” – &.. “spanking ears” – “mirroring back” &.. “owning” what his “powerful mind” was “sensing”)?

&.. hawk with right with flight above tree groups with.. central with.. Tobin Michael Alland

“Earth” would be.. “said” within “Orion arm” with.. “Milky Way” (each possible “mere word-locater” with the “English language” has.. “meaning” with.. “describing” what we would be.. “experiencing” – possible “Greek, Hellene,” AER THEA &.. “air goddess” &/or energy being as.. “truncated icosahedral” form that.. ring energy “egg multiple” from.. light energy Being)

&.. possible duck (or.. egret) – 2with center to right with flight abovetrees” &.. “building

&.. with below “entity face” (&.. their “humanoid face”) within “ORION” (O RHEO OON &/or “ring” energy “egg”) we have “red horse” form with.. “elder” (with.. “red bovine” &.. “cat”) – life in the “physical world” experience (&.. “faith” &.. “hope” &.. “love” would be that “English” word “given” &.. having true “meaning” with.. their “original Hellene”PISTIS &.. ELPIS &.. AGAPE have “circle/ring” energy being &.. “electro(-)magnetic circle/ring” – form – &/or energy having that “greatest” – MEIZON with “me I live egg” – expressing “bring always circle/ring” &.. “orb”)

&.. white egret with flight left to right with.. distance beyondelectric wires” &.. above trees

(large egret &.. baby hawk &.. white egret gaveprevioushelpwith.. thatGreek language“)

* Understand “physical” being &.. “astral” form &.. the “original truncated icosahedral orb”

&.. white egret with right with.. standing within that greenfield with.. &/or facing to.. angle

&.. “realize” that.. “cosmic” brain being within space“cranium” within “Orion” like.. light energy egg – with.. that “crown” &.. eye &.. “mouth” (“face surrounded” with “animal” form), &.. “mouse figure” with “cute little pink jacket” with.. “rabbit” (&.. “both” within “face multiple”) – being within their “animal world” would be with possible “feminine” with.. “keeping check”

&.. duck (&/or “goose“) with right within water with ditch with.. facing Tobin Michael Alland

&.. behind “head” of.. their “elder” (“seen” within the “Orion constellation picture” evidence) would be.. “head” &/or “pink face” with.. “primate” &/or that “half face” with.. their “beautiful bear” (&.. “humanoid face” would have “watch” up(-)on &/or with obvious “entity face” &.. the “ability” to exist &/or “travel” within the energy state – “note” with “picture” evidence below)

&.. large white egret with right with right side with.. widemiddle with.. facing my direction

The “Milky Way galaxy” would “seem” like.. “milk” (&.. “merely” be.. “said” our “galaxy” with “planets” &.. space &.. “stars”) – The open awareness “ringing” forth this wave energy with.. “after(-)effect” with.. each “half face” &.. “half face multiple” sitting up(-)on wave (with.. each “truncated icosahedral” &/or “icosahedron star” &.. “planet” &.. “orb” &.. “nebula” – with “gals” – “happening” within space with.. egg “multiple”) &.. this is.. what that Living Being would.. “seem” to be (“ever-changing” form Awareness having.. “good old time-wave” then.. leaving)

&.. “mediumhawk with flight left to right above &/or beside electric wires &.. “trees

(“dark bird” &.. baby hawk &.. hawk up(-)on electric wirehavegivenprevioushelp“)

“Realize” [the] possible “[humanoid] half face” – “huge” – [below the] “feline half face” being actual “fore(-)head” [&.. “crown”] with.. that (&.. the “closed” eye inner “spirit” awakening – each open eye with each “feline/cat” with “fore(-)head” &.. “upper orb face” [at “top”] – with life like.. “huge alien/exotic” brain/head form) – [“realize” the wave egg with.. “first creation”]

[&.. hawk with flight left with that height” – long &.. slow to.. just left of.. view &/or center with Tobin Michael Alland to.. right &.. further right &.. right above building]

&.. white egret5 (4 with.. 1)with right with flight (with.. above field with.. further right)..

“Okay” – the 1.) “Legend” that 2.) “man” their 3.) “boy” Mr. “Serling” within the energy state with.. my appearance, I “think” Bill“father” – would be there, &.. R.E. communicates that.. “location” (within possible “California”) with possible “residence” &.. “work” (he has the “kind” of.. “cool shirt” with or with(-)out “logo” with.. left “side” &.. “pants” – “plain refreshing”), &.. he communicates “musical instrumentation” (Mr. “Rod Serling” on “bass”), &.. he “turns” &.. looks at me (&.. he has “dark curl hair” with “top” &.. “straight ’round head”) &.. his eye energy has the open &.. “round wide” look (&.. no “blinking”) with my “speaking” (he has the “direct” &.. “enjoyable speaking” with Being “precise” with “simplicity” with each “statement” – “feel” – &.. “standing” – Our “standing” – &.. then has “arch curve posture” with “back” &.. “legs steady”)

&.. baby hawk with right with flight with.. that curve goingright with.. above ditch

“Understandable” (&.. like with their “boxing” &.. “military days,” I have “read”), thus he “walks away” to a “car” &.. then would be.. “found” with “sitting” within “seat” (&.. “seat-belt” on), &.. I “respond” (“place hands” up(-)on him) &.. communicate “Similar” “I don’t care about any of those 3 religions(..), I care about you &.. what you have with.. that show every body loves” (as with “brother” &.. “friend” I.. “think” he has “Capricorn” sun energy – like my “brother” &.. “sister”), &.. with “cheek” I have “brought” forward I “touch” his “cheek” (we “quiet” &.. I “feel” the “warmth” he has), &.. that was “hug” &.. he was then.. “breathing” (&.. I “feel” his “quiet” energy “Best” as.. possible I have “ability” to – “attack” from.. “loserbefore), &.. with energy state “visit” I am within “body” (&.. I “hear” – “(..)Mr. Ty” &.. “(..)Tai brothers” our “phonetic tie”)

&.. baby hawk with right with.. flight wavy &..goingtoward direction with.. Tobin Michael Alland to.. not quite center with.. visiblebranchwithintalon” – &.. “goingwithintree

Really, &.. within the energy state (&.. “months” &/or “yearsbefore) – like with.. “circle/ring” existence foundabovebrain/headwas.. energy with.. chest &.. openexpansionrotationto circle/ringthe size of.. dinner plate– “tight edge wedgethen felt with outer rim” – “circumference” – energetic round openingthat was a.. hole/opening” (&.. like my heart center within the energy state &.. “early morning,” with.. “differentday, my.. energy being went forward in “rising speed” that.. “experimentation, knowing,” &.. pointof.. energygrewopen inrotating expansionto.. spiralextension” &.. didextendwithin lengthydistance to.. slinkylike, toylike, stretch“), &.. “angelicbeing would be.. real

&.. hawk with right with flight abovehouses” &.. going direction my way &.. later hawk with right with flight with.. “going aroundwith “(..)H6” &.. later large hawk with flight left to right abovefree(-)wayto.. electric wireswithtrees” – with.. the possible fieldwith.. “houses

Opencircle/ringvisible (with inner expansespace), my energy beingwith intentionwent forth with.. speed/velocity&.. could feel previousdrag/hold(being the energy state) – notpresentlater – “after speed increasing&.. then within that possible vacuumvoid” (highspeed/rush withinPassage(-)Way&..nothing Keepingformslowing down“), &..outerform of.. theneighbor(-)hood structure &/or city buildings” – laterwas visible like raysof.. “pattern extension spinning around” – first1 way (&.. “slowing” &.. “brief wait“) &.. “sweep in..opposite rounding speed– &.. energy being wasturningwith spiral &.. like experiencingvisualeffectwithfan speed turn, blend,” &.. “pin(-)wheel rotationinwind

&.. hawk with flight with.. that long center with.. Tobin Michael Alland with.. later right

(large white egret &.. white egret &.. brown duck &.. brown duck &.. brown duck aid“)

Within tube the energy form went forwardnofriction/resistance” – with [later] superhigh move/travel” &.. the energy form was thenwinding aroundwithin spiral curvature” – each curve/loop with.. slowingvisual (this way) &.. going around” (that way) with.. “next rotationwith.. visual spin (“rounding oppositegoing further &..winding back around“), experience like break” &.. “twistof.. direction (the energy form was.. “almost slammingthatfront surfacewith.. each abrupt turn&.. “slowing down,” I brought energy form to “Stop” – “utter quiet,” then, when before me was.. thewideview of..