One quiet day, from a shelf, I brought forth “(..)Analytical Concordance” – there were the “Aramaic” & “Greek” & “Hebrew” words “printed” – “written” – before the “English” ones.

AL, EL, OM, ON, PHI, PI & RA, I found, were root words with sound vibration making the words & phrases, & with dictionary, then, I reviewed each root word & phrase – I realize each & every possible new “meaning” (existing from the beginning) with describing our light energy..

AGAPE – (e)g – egg – always (..)circle-ring-band

AGGELOS – (e)gg el(ectric)-alive-energetic opening

AGGELOS HEPTA EKKLESIA – (e)gg el(ectric) opening.. seven with key – indicator – always

AGORAZO – bring ra(diation) – “(..)energy as electro(-)magnetic waves” – life-sphere 

AIONOS ZOE – always egg opening life-sentience-sphere-field-spirit(uality)-force

AKOUO – hearing [sound-tone-resonance-expression egg always]

ALETHEIA – (sphere-field) [(..)of accompanying light (..)energy] 

ALLELOUIA – All el(ectric) “expressing surprise(..), sudden realization(..)” 

ALPHA – with side-corner-quarter (with “each of four equal parts(..)”

AMEN – (Om) – [Sound-Tone-Resonance-Expression] – (in) 

ANABAINO – by-in (sphere) [sound-tone-resonance-expression] (egg) [always]

ANASTASIS – in [wave] 

APOKALUPSIS – of-with light [energy] (wave) in-on

ARCHE – “a curved structure(..)” always [a light-clear “release(..) electric(..)” always] 

ARCHE LOGOS(-) PROS THEOS – “a curved structure(..)” always [a light-clear “release(..) electric(..)” always].. [Expression-Appearance-Resonance-Spirit].. with The Opening

ARCHE TELOS – “a curved structure(..)” always [a light-clear “release(..) electric(..)” always].. perfect-fulfil(l)-accomplish opening

ARNION – Air – [Energy] – [Sound-Tone-Resonance-Expression] Egg

ARNION BIBLION ZOE – [Energy Resonance-Expression] Egg creation.. life 

ASTRAPE – star always (..)circle-ring-band or star-luminous-radiant-bright ra(diation) – “(..)emission of energy as electro(-)magnetic waves” – (..)circle-ring-band-sphere-orb 

ASTRAPE BRONTE PHONE – star always (..)circle-round-orb.. thunder-reverberation.. voice-expression or star-luminous-radiant ra(diation) – “(..)the emission of energy as electro(-)magnetic waves” – (..)circle.. thunder-reverberation.. voice-expression 

BAPTIZO EN HAGION PNEUMA – (absorb) life with.. (Pure) Egg Spirit-Consciousness-Essence 

BASILEIA – (field wave great-huge-enormous)

BASILEUS – (field wave) smooth-unbroken-calm-serene

BASILEUS(..) DIKAIOSUNE – (Field Wave Unbroken-Calm).. (&) light with that

CHAIRO – light [energy] Omega

CHARIS – light [energy-power-spirit] in

CHRIO – “expressing(..)” Omega [Om egg always]

CHROS – bod(y) 

DENDRON – tree [dendrite – “a branching process of a nerve cell(..)”]

DEOMAI – now-then [tone-resonance-expression] always

DIAGNOSIS – by-for-with (k)no(wing wave) in

DIKAIOSUNE – for light with that

DODEKA PULON – twelve gate egg

DODEKAPHULON  – twelve (like-related) egg

DUNAMIS – set-put [tone-resonance] in-on

EGEIRO – eg say-speak (egg state-power-energy)

EGERSIS – (egg) [energy wave] in-upon

EIRENE – that [energy expression] [energy expression]

EKKLESIA – of key-indication that always

EKSTASIS – of-on-in [wave] 

ELEUTHEROS – el(ectric) good [wave] opening

ELPIS – el(ectric ring-band-sphere-orb)s

EUAGGELION – good (e)gg el(ectric) if egg-sphere(..)

GENNAO ANOTHEN – earth-[sphere] in truth-fact Omega from above

GENNAO EK(..) PNEUMA – earth-world in truth Omega of.. Spirit-Nature-Mind

GENESIS – earth-world [sound-tone-resonance-expression] (wave) on

GENNESIS – earth-world-creation in [sound-tone-resonance-expression] (wave) on

GNOSIS – (k)no(w wave) upon

HAGION PNEUMA – “Expressing(..)” Egg-Sphere(..) Spirit-Life-Nature

HAGIOS – “expressing(..)” earth-world-cosmos-sphere opening

HAIMA ARNION – [liquid Energy Resonance-Expression] (Sphere..)

HAIMA IESOUS KHRISTOS – [liquid] If-that inward ear Use is opening

HAIMA KAINOS DIATHEKE – [liquid] light-radiance mind in [tissue]

HELIOS – [“tail end”] – [“a spiral curve”] – that opening

HEPTA ASTER – seven (“extending radial” – “radiant point”)

HEPTA CHRUSEOS LUCHNIA – seven (individual waves) opening (bulb) light [(..)vibration-energy] always

HEPTA LAMPAS PUR KAIOMAI ENOPION – seven (bulb energy) light [sound-tone] always within “(..)portion of space” – “(..)proper or natural position” – egg-sphere(..)

HEPTA PNEUMA THEOS – seven [wave energy].. The Opening

HODOS ALETHEIA ZOE – the things “a natural (power..)” on-with if-that goddess – [accompanying light energy] – (existence-soul-sphere-field-freshness-spirit) that

HORA – the “(..)energy as electro(-)magnetic waves”

HORAO – the [“electro(-)magnetic waves”] Omega

IAOMAI – if-that [sound-tone] always

IASIS – if-whether always (wave) within

IESOUS – If inner ear or Into-In ear

IESOUS KHRISTOS – If within-inward ear Use is opening

KAINOS DIATHEKE – light mind in (..tissue)

KAINOS ODE – light mind [sound-tone-resonance-expression egg always] also

KAINOS ONOMA – light mind-brain-head egg-(sphere..) eye

KALOS SPERMA – [tone-resonance] opening (egg)

KARDIA – light air-sense-current in-within

KATHORAO – as [“electro(-)magnetic waves”] Omega [Om egg always]

KHRISTIANOS – Necessity-Use is in-each opening

KITHARIZO – light that of [“electro(-)magnetic waves”] (energy-spirit-power)

KRANION – light [“electro(-)magnetic waves” expression] egg

KURIOS – Sun – [“Energy(..) Electro(-)magnetic Waves”] – If Opening

KURIOS SOTER – Sun – [“Electro(-)magnetic Waves”] – If-That Opening (wave mind)

LEUKAINO – white light-glow mind-brain or white light-glow within Omega

LEUKOS PSEPHOS – white opening [brain(-)wave] light or white [brain(-)wave] light

LOGOS – [Expression-Resonance-Energy] or [Spirit-Life-Consciousness-Nature-Energy]

LOGOS GINOMAI SARX – [Spirit-Consciousness].. earth-people-cosmos-life-time-sphere with-on-as-within (om) – [sound-tone-resonance-expression] – [wave-current energy] on

MATHETES – learn of or [field] further within

MEGAS POLIS – (large) [assembly]

MELETAO – care-responsibility that for Omega

METAMORPHOOM – with the form Omega [energy] 

MONOGENES – [one energy]

NEOS OINOS – [tone] opening Omega if with opening

ONAR – egg air or [sphere energy]

OURANOS – ah ra(diance) in-within opening

PANTOKRATOR – (Light) in the Omega [“energy (..)waves”] the [sphere-people-cosmos]

PARADEISOS E(K) THEOS – (light) [energy] now equal within The Opening

PARAKLETOS – (Light) [Energy Circle..-Band..-Frequency..-Wave(-)length..]

PERISTERA – (band movement form) “(..)energy as (..)waves”

PISTEUO – (band)s (& ..sound-tone-resonance-expression egg) [always]

PISTIS – (..)circle-ring-bands (positive-clear)

PNEUMA – [wave energy]

PNEUMA(..) THEOS – [wave energy].. The Opening

POTAMOS – [energy] of [ring-band-frequency] opening

POTAMOS(..) HUDOR(..) ZOE – [energy] of [ring] opening.. [wave].. life-sphere

PRESBUTEROS – (information-essence) reserve opening

PROINOS ASTER – morning with star or [dawning-awakening] with [light]

PROPHET(E)S – (beyond) with more-further in

PROSKUN – with [“(..)electric current”] (energy)

PROTON – (opening) egg-(sphere..)

SALPISTES – (wave) [ring-band-sphere]s (positive-clear)

SALPIZO – (wave ..)circle-ring-band-sphere (energy)

SEMEION – notice egg or [energy sphere]

SINAPI – (wave) to [ring-band]

SOPHIA – (wave) [“a spiral curve(..)”] always or [wave ring-band-sphere-orb] always

SOZO – (wave) life(-)time-sphere-field-circle-ring-band-frequency-wave(-)length

STAUROS – [distress] opening – [column – “spinal column”] 

STEPHANOO – at (light) Omega [Om egg always]

SUNEGEIRO – with (egg) if-that [wave] or with (egg) [energy]

SUNEIDESIS – with that (view) in on

TETRAGONOS – (4 angle-side) opening – (4) [energy-spirit]

THEOS – The Opening

ZAO – life-energy

ZAO HUDOR – life-energy-field [wave-movement]

ZOON – life (sphere..) 

(24) PRESBUTEROS KATHEMAI, PERIBALLO EN LEUKOS HIMATION – 24 [resonance-expression field] opening as me always, with [form with light energy] the egg-sphere..

(144,000).. PHULE.. HUIOS E(K E)ISRAEL – 144,000.. (related).. [waves from] that [light] energy

(144,000).. PHULE.. HUIOS E(K E)ISRAEL – with always more egg-[sphere] (forty four) [electric] (sphere-field energy) [waves vibration] within.. (related).. [waves from] that [light] energy

“Israel” – If-That [“electro(-)magnetic waves”] – [light] – energy-spirit-life

“Michael” – One light energy-spirit-life

“Sion” – (Wave) egg














Astra-Experiences: Our Energy

Quiet: My 1st memory being a baby, aware of a window area, day-light – a quiet window sill. Looking: A plant of green leaves within vase.  Quiet, awareness, light, full green leaves, aware, quiet – then grinning, mouth stretching wide, high, long white teeth, intense grin. My fore-arm.. within it’s mouth. Biting, pulling me into itself.. crafty, hidden, lurking.  A crying went out – my calling mother – “terrible” feeling it, mild fright – my being, later, taken into her arms, she has brought me up.. from the crib, within mothering arms – she has me, I’m with her (2nd & 3rd memory, 2nd experience astral-experiential). 1 energy state look most recent, I’m looking at words – “advertising” – & “Frances” & 1919?

When I was a boy, I remember being under a tree (great oak, I think it was) on a play-ground area with a native-looking woman.  She drew pictures on folders, the “manilla” kind, the ones with school children.  Warm, brown epidermis, long black hair – I enjoyed watching her, quietude.  Asking her what she drew, she gave the folder, mine, for me to look at.  Looking – angular line, colorful, gave picture of a truth.  Line “spiralled” onward as 1 “body” – the “wing” with a “head” of the bird-form (“Rainbow Electric Bird” – a pictograph & energetic knowledge, expression of a “high” state) – & “MOTHERS ARE ANGELS WHO HAVE EARNED THEIR WINGS” – & we know our previous form?

Egg-cell creative, tetra(-)gonalwings” – howbodiesexist? When young, resting, I would feel rise, sensation, with energy body release from physical body – I would still be within my body, yet, in truth, then – surprise – I would catch the side of my bed with hands?  On the bed, resting, I would then awaken within the energy state & jump high, my energy body rising high.. & beside a “stone” tower, rock formation visible, natural reddish-brown colors, & earthy.  Wonderful – high, exhiliration, & peace.. very high, the energy body rising above.  Looking, various bits of gravel, rock upon a table-ish surface, interesting – I think I was a mom in my previous existence (I remember a quiet “gate” area & stacks of magazines)?

With experience, such great distance, high in open air to ground level, the energy body would, again, rise with jump, high in the air, & lower to ground level – again & again, rising & descending.  High energy!  When young, I would awaken within the energy state & run forth – my energy body would.. “flip flop” with my having sprung forward, again & again. Without “doubt” or “worried” being, hand-spring would happen – & that being with teeth might have been.. “Jim” (possible former relation), his last name.. “Springer” (that simple, his name, the sub(-)conscious memory, just like my previous name & having previous existence in France – the last time I saw J.S. – in the energy state – he had his gun in hand, with “seethe”)?

Movie? “Brave” (“red head” pic & “spirit”) & “How to Train Your Dragon” (“Bear” & “flyer” – “astral”) & “Avatar” (“Krishna” & love – “neighbor”) & “WALL-E” (“boxes” – “paragraphs” – & “Tay”) & “Ratatouille” (“cooking” & “Leo”) & “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” (“VIRGO” energy) & “Finding Nemo” & “Bruce Almighty” (C.R.H. & “Human Form”) & “Lilo & Stitch” (“George” – “Boston Terrier”) & “Monsters, Inc.” (“brain” eye) & “Atlantis(..)” (“research” & love) & “The Matrix” (T.A. with “meditation”) – have been created communicating with experience, writing & typing since 1999 – 2000 (& “arts degree” & “yog(ic) training” & “creative” people) – $8,045,418,111













Astra-Experiences: Our Energy

We’re True Beauty – Discover

My discovery with “Greek” root word research has revealed communication with light energy – you are, with truth, a being with energy body within physical form body. You have a tree-form – within the BRAIN the spiralling energy form exists, the brain’s vessels that branch forth just like a “planetary” TREE BODY.  In 1995, National Geographic presented the picture of a brain-scan revealing likeness of a tree – a brain central tree.  With MEDITATION, we access the INNER organ (& this happens with rest, unconscious).  We may realize light-energy.  We may recharge, reenergize, & realize with the spine (with a brain), true beauty.

In one 1980s edition, Britannica presented two pictures of what appear to show “crystal cut” pattern of “cross” form & “yin yang” form.  So, our various “religion” groups have origination with energy & nature – patterns I have realized, shown within light blue, maybe open sky, were rings – truth – I understand being light energy.  I viewed one ring at left, one with seven rings (rings within each other), central, then the same (with rings appearing with broken pieces), at right, after being brought up within the energy state (& later.. I thought, open door, tunnel, & then closing).  This is what I receive help with, have maybe, sun energy, with emanation, with each wave dissolving later – Creation..

After viewing ring appearance in the air, my energy body – form – was standing. Looking up with quiet, arrangement of spiral form was viewed, with natural look, wave – a spiral expansion, seven curves round, with natural wave taper in lower left – & LIGHT began to grow.  Our tree brain – Our Ancestors KNEW – what of ancient spiral carving on rock, or picture we draw (or looked at) being children, with sun-face – art we view – pottery we see – wood-cut – you know?  Our sun makes face – I have viewed satellite picture images.. that show wave.. forming feature with a face (eyes with heart, nose, mouth with real smiling) – quiet sun vibrance, wave, obvious if we look, realize?

One day.. I awoke within the energy state.  After yogic meditation.. I found my energy body, form, standing.  With quiet I watched spinning, rotation around my energy body, incomprehensible, white form that seemed to “merge” into itself.  I was viewing angle – shape.. “tetra(-)gonal” – from within center, large structure, lines appearing to wave.. up & down (clear-translucent energy rotating), with no words – no movement – from myself (& with one other energy state awakening – a “black” space was visible with a form of clear-translucence, DODEKA(-)PHULON whitish, same energy faint-colory & rainbow-looking, & such form wasn’t around the energy body, yet distant – quiet, aware)?

MEGAS POLIS & TETRAGONOS & DODEKA PULON – “great city” & “four(-)square” & “twelve gates” – large “assembly” (with) 4 sides & 12 gate-egg (12 pentagonal)

I realized large “assembly” & 2 4-side tetra(-)gons (1 “up” & 1 “down” – 24-side)

24 PRESBUTEROS KATHEMAI PERIBALLO LEUKOS HIMATION – “four and twenty elders sitting, clothed in white raiment” – 24-face information ke(pt) as me(..) array(ed with)in (clear-translucent white) array

We understand this being LARGE ASSEMBLY (& angle – form – shape).  A “city” & a “town” – “community” – would be a “body” – “assembly” (with “tetra(-)gon” & angle, energy, form, shape – TETRA – “four” – & GONIA – “corner, quarter” – & “angle” – or each “quarter” – “fourth” – side).  We realize DODEKA (12) & PULE – a “gate” – & OON – “egg” – or a 12-gate egg. 24 PRESBUTEROS (or PRESBEIA – or “message” – & TEREO – “keep”) is “information” & “ke(pt)” – & KATHA EME – “as” with “me, myself” – & PERIBALLO – “clothe, array in” – & LEUKOS – “white” – & HIMATION – “garment, clothes” – “raiment” – “ARRAY” (& we “have” 24-face “elders” & information having existed before birth, that allows one to be).

Maybe a light egg was around “tetra(-)gonal” form with energy body, yet I wasn’t looking beyond the immediate field of view – was there a being with a “dodeca(-)hedron” form, visible? I wasn’t looking beyond forms of large whitish-translucent energy field, with previous view.  Awe.  What appeared to be a “line” – “straight” & “wavery” from “intersecting” with other “diagonal angle” – with side of a shape, like movements within each other – so, with truth, I know 2 4-side tetra(-)gons – “tetra(-)hedrons” – were present. “Reflecting” light hasn’t been communicated – RADIANCE.  We may “reflect” that “beliefs” & “religion” weren’t communicated, either – with “discovery” & “understanding” we realize light & one actualizes love..













We’re True Beauty – Discover

Help With Helping Ourselves

Hands are warm, fresh with meditative warmth. The name of the site is Ourania. Having watched your play & movies, loving good music, & having read book with encouragment & inspiration – I have also written my energy state awakening with experience & research I enjoy. With meditation there have been “discoveries” &, so, with direction & guidance, I have been able to understand root-word research that I have been “realizing” since the mid-1990s. The beings giving me help with their lives, with their writings, are Yogananda & Drunvalo. I “share” what I have discovered.. with help they have given me to understand. I have met both in the energy state.  I have met Babaji.  I’ve met “Krishna” – He is real..

He, in fact, looks the same with “paintings” I have seen presented with him, quiet eyes, feature with his face, blue epidermis with black hair to lower neck, with the “crown” he has. Visiting him, he let blue color dissolve like water evaporating, & natural human look was apparent & his being with humanity. I’ve met Thoth & he has the ibis-head, a small one on two shoulders. He has lean body, long, light epidermis. He, true, is with calm, he is quiet, & on the day we meet I tackle him, & I might have been “bothered” with brother-in-law – “frustration” in our physical “world” – then appeared – later – in the energy state. Thoth, in fact, looked upon me, quiet, with a little turn of his bird neck, beak – both of us on the ground!

Realizing he wasn’t my brother-in-law with loud mouth, the hands & arms.. went up from his form, from around him to up in the air, with my two eyes, open and looking wide, looking incredulous – they both look similar, height & stance? I had appeared within the energy state, distant, his back facing me – him. Kind-of rush of emotion. He just looked at me, with interest, with my laying there – arms held around Him. I “think” that was he – “Thoth” – & I may have had thought of he – with Drunvalo – with their kind of written information.. & the energy they have? “Humorous” – good. Color with the site, I think, is blue, a “similarity” with their appearance, & with.. the name – realization.. & electro-magnetic awareness..

Having sat within bed, reviewed my research with Aramaic & Hebrew, with Greek, I “think” OURANOS reveals what I understand. Instead of my communicating the exact word, I have variety (& with “title”). I “posted” such with the site, January 2012. After some months (looking around the internet), I view the sites with the same word-name – or with my word-name. OUA is “ah” & “ah” would be “sudden realization” & RA (would be) “RAY” with reference to “radiation” with reference to “energy.. electro(-)magnetic” & NOUS is “mind, understanding” – KNOW “sudden realization” with “energy.. electro(-)magnetic” awareness. Realize light energy, & awaken light & energy being (energy body.. & sun-being)..













Help With Helping Ourselves